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Falklands, most Britons believe it should remain a BOT, and if the Islands join Argentina, “35% would be upset”

Monday, March 4th 2024 - 21:39 UTC
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UK public opinion pollster YouGov asked Britons about their views towards Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Gibraltar and the Falkland Islands based on the question of ”How would Britons feel if parts of the UK left?, including the two Overseas Territories, Falkland Islands and Gibraltar, which have regional disputes, Argentina and Spain. Read full article


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  • Falklands-Free

    All these polls about what should happen to the Falklands is just a way for some to justify why Britain should retain them. However there are nearly 3,600 people living on the islands. What about what they want.
    What if we suggested Britain should give Wales to another country. What would the residents have to say about that I wonder. Truth is Britain is no longer truly British. They, like us ,on the Falkland Islands have become a minority in their own country. That is a dangerous situation to be getting in because real people no longer count.
    The world is in a mess and is causing so much change that is destroying people everywhere because some want glory for themselves. Dont ever forget that one day your very home could be on the line. Untill that happens to you then you will never understand the peoples lives that are affected.

    Mar 05th, 2024 - 12:30 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Juan Cervantes

    I dont know of anyone who thinks the islands belong to Argentina, clearly they do not,

    Mar 05th, 2024 - 12:59 pm - Link - Report abuse +2
  • Veteran

    Please ignore the YouGov poll. The future of the Islands is in the hands of the inhabitants not some Charlie on the streets in Wolverhampton. But, being Welsh, the idea of Wales being given away or even have closer ties to somewhere like the Falklands appeals to me.

    Mar 05th, 2024 - 07:25 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Monkeymagic

    16% think the islands should go to Argentina.....yep, that sounds about right.
    There is about 16% of the population of the UK that vote stupid, they loved Jeremy Corbyn, hate Britain, and support anything anti-establishment.

    84% don't think the islands should go to Argentina and support the islanders views.

    Not changed much in years

    Mar 05th, 2024 - 10:16 pm - Link - Report abuse +2
  • Malvinense 1833

    Malvinas/Falklands and its population composition.

    Mar 06th, 2024 - 11:02 am - Link - Report abuse -3
  • Bud Spencer

    Your posts get more and more desperate 1833, the population stands over 3,600 which is double that of 1982, it will continue to rise steadily, people from 66 nations now make it their home. they call themselves Falkland Islanders, as JC has said in another thread you need to get a life, this fanatical nonsense you post makes you look very sad indeed,

    Mar 06th, 2024 - 01:21 pm - Link - Report abuse +4
  • Pugol-H

    There is no mention anywhere, in any UN resolution or document, of what ‘population characteristics’ are required for the right of self-determination to apply.

    Also the article makes no mention of what the ‘population characteristics’ need to be for the right of self-determination to apply, nor where the UN has specified this.

    Indeed by any definition, if one existed, that could be applied to the Islanders would also automatically include Argentina because of its history.

    This argument is a complete fabrication on the part of Argentina with no basis in any UN resolutions/documents, or international law, opiate for the MalviNazi masses with no truth involved.

    It completely ignores the uncomfortable truth for Argentina that they are the implanted population and not the Islanders.

    Mar 06th, 2024 - 02:48 pm - Link - Report abuse +4
  • Juan Cervantes

    An Argie newspaper accusing the British of propaganda, lmfao,

    Mar 06th, 2024 - 04:59 pm - Link - Report abuse +1
  • Monkeymagic

    The islanders are not an “implanted population”, no such thing exists.
    The ethnic constitution of the islands is no different to most places in the Americas, predominantly European over the last 200 years.
    The only reasons why the islands are not an independent country are:
    1) Argentine bullying
    2) The population size

    There is nothing whatsoever that happened in 1833 that stops independence.

    The presence of a sovereignty dispute exists only because Argentina disputes sovereignty, not because there is any merit in the claim. A lot of countries support Argentina's claim because either they are trying to score political points, or because they have their own colonial ambitions. The countries that support Britain tend to be supporting the islanders.

    Malvi cannot understand that Britain does not want sovereignty of the Falklands, it wants the islanders to have self determination. Argentina has expansionist aims, Britain voluntarily gave up 1/3rd of the world. It is so alien to an Argentine to understand that territory doesnt equal power or wealth.

    Mar 07th, 2024 - 03:05 pm - Link - Report abuse +1
  • Malvinense 1833

    We say that the islanders are an established population because they arrived after the usurpation of another nation, they are descendants of those settlers, not because of an ethnic issue.
    Again, they are not an independent country because:
    1- They usurped the territory of an independent country.
    2- Argentina immediately claimed this shameful fact.
    3- You cannot build a country with the territory of another country and the United Kingdom knows it.
    What would you think if Argentina usurped any of Britain's islands, evicted its inhabitants, introduced its own settlers and then declared we will do whatever the Argie settlers decide?
    What would you say if the Argie settlers wanted to build a country with a piece of your country?
    I could tell you: Argentina does not want sovereignty, it only wants the self-determination of its Argie settlers.
    Of course, Great Britain does not want sovereignty, with self-determination, it would already triumph, it would achieve one of its many objectives, for example adding a new country to its Commonwealth.
    I do not agree with you. Great Britain did not voluntarily give up 1/3 of the world, but they did it due to diplomatic pressures, wars, fights of all kinds and every time they left they left the problem in the place it is just a matter of reviewing history .
    And Hong Kong wasn't ceded by a treaty, it was ceded because China became an economic and military giant.

    Mar 08th, 2024 - 12:54 pm - Link - Report abuse -5
  • Pugol-H

    Wrong again.,colony%2C%20which%20began%20in%201841.

    As for the rest, well that has all been refuted many times here, you offer no new evidence in support of your claims and where the evidence presented does not support your version of events.

    Also just to point out the most obvious howlers in your post:

    ‘arrived after the usurpation of another nation, they are descendants of those settlers’, this is an accurate description of you and most of the modern Argentinian population.

    ‘You cannot build a country with the territory of another country’, yet this is exactly what Argentina did and is still trying to do in the S. Atlantic/Antarctic.

    And the British Empire ended when the world economy changed and it became cheaper to trade with countries than to occupy them.

    Although ‘winds of change’ ideas and some independence movements (most ‘end of Empire wars’, were wars of succession fought after independence was already decided) played their part, the fundamental change that made the Empire system obsolete was a fundamental change in the world economic structure.

    Mar 08th, 2024 - 02:04 pm - Link - Report abuse +1
  • Bud Spencer

    Absolutely pathetic post 1833, stop lying,

    Mar 08th, 2024 - 02:10 pm - Link - Report abuse -1
  • Monkeymagic


    You have no clue of history

    If we wanted land we could have kept Canada and Australia both far bigger than Argentina...we don't. We want the people who live there to choose their future. Please tell me what wars we fought with either of these two?? Many of the countries of the Commonwealth including many island groups didn't want independence and Britain encouraged and helped them to take it.

    Your claim of Britain evicting Argentine population is a BLATANT lie, it has been disproven so many times and it makes you look like an imbecile when you repeat it. Malvi, you've seen the logs of Pinedo, nobody was evicted. Not even the militia who'd been there just 10 weeks, they wanted to leave, it was Pinedo who was trying to force them to stay....Not one person was forced to leave against their will. You know it.

    Hong Kong was ceded on exactly the 99 year lease expiration....

    So the Falklands were NOT stolen from Argentina.

    Whatever Argentines had lived on the islands had left voluntarily years earlier, and Britain never recognised Argentine sovereignty.

    So, if Argentina usurped British islands and evicted its inhabitants, what would I think.

    Well Spain tried it in the Falklands in 1767, Argentina tried it in 1832 and again in 1982.

    All three times Britain defended its rights.

    However, many many islands have claimed their independence from Britain, we have recognised the rights of islanders to do just that, dozens of times.

    Perhaps its time Argentina did the same.

    It seems you have believed a false history, and cannot accept self determination. That is fascism Malvi.

    Mar 08th, 2024 - 10:56 pm - Link - Report abuse +3

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