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Stories for March 15th 2024

  • Friday, March 15th 2024 - 20:46 UTC

    Brazilian State bordering Paraguay and Argentine under dengue emergency

    Local authorities will hold a rally on Saturday to boost awareness against the aedes aegypti mosquito

    Authorities in the Brazilian State of Paraná bordering Argentina and Paraguay have decreed a health emergency given the increasing number of cases of dengue fever in recent weeks as new deaths have been confirmed, Agencia Brasil reported.

  • Friday, March 15th 2024 - 20:22 UTC

    May Pact in doubt after Thursday's outcome at the Senate, warns Milei

    Milei said he was confident the DNU would get through the Lower House and remain in force

    Argentine President Javier Milei said Friday that Thursday's Senate setback casted doubts on the signing of the so-called May Pact he launched during his State of the Nation speech on March 1. The Upper House voted by 42 to 25 and 4 abstentions against Milei's most-encompassing emergency Decree (DNU) 70/23 which will nonetheless remain in force pending the Lower House's decision.

  • Friday, March 15th 2024 - 19:56 UTC

    Unidentified Brazilian woman dies after 24 years in a coma

    Clarinha died of bronchial aspiration on Thursday, but the news broke on Friday

    A mysterious woman who spent the last 24 years in a coma after a hit-and-run car accident in downtown Vitória, in the Brazilian state of Espírito Santo, has died of bronchial aspiration, it was reported Friday.

  • Friday, March 15th 2024 - 13:16 UTC

    The three objectives of Argentine foreign policy, minister Diana Mondino

    Minister Mondino during the AmCham conference

    Argentine Foreign Affairs, International Trade and Worship minister, Diana Mondino said that three are the main foreign policy objectives of the government of president Javier Milei, international trade and treaties, regional integration and improving logistic costs and returning Argentina to a position of international relevance and prestige, a reliable country with a respected loud voice worldwide, in a context of clear and fair rules of the game so promote corporations from the private sector.

  • Friday, March 15th 2024 - 09:58 UTC

    Paraguay: US Ambassador warns against “coercive sectional interests”

    Ostfield attended the Paraguayan Police Academy graduation ceremony

    US Ambassador to Asunción Marc Ostfield Thursday urged the Paraguayan Police, the Attorney General's Office, and the Judiciary to be strong against the “influence of coercive sectional interests.” During his speech before President Santiago Peña at the Police Academy graduation ceremony, he also reiterated his country's support in the fight against corruption, organized crime, and impunity.

  • Friday, March 15th 2024 - 09:46 UTC

    Italy's iconic Amerigo Vespucci ship arrives in Montevideo

    Visitors may tour the 1931 ship provided they register at the Italian Embassy's website

    Italian Navy's training ship Amerigo Vespucci docked Thursday in Montevideo and will welcome visitors Friday, it was reported from the Uruguayan capital. The iconic vessel, built in 1931, is making her second round-the-world trip after setting sail from Genoa in July. Her next call will be Buenos Aires.

  • Friday, March 15th 2024 - 09:43 UTC

    Argentina: Senate gives thumbs down to Milei's DNU

    “I am not going to become Cristina Fernández de Kirchner,” Villarruel said

    Argentina's Senate Thursday voted by 42 to 25 and 4 abstentions against President Javier Milei's most-encompassing emergency Decree (DNU) 70/23 which will nonetheless remain in force pending next week's outcome at the Lower House. A positive result would keep the measure alive barring any declaration of unconstitutionality by the courts.