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Stories for April 20th 2024

  • Saturday, April 20th 2024 - 10:55 UTC

    Milei says conditions for Argentina's recovery being created

    The Argentine President warned businesspeople that they would have to pick up the baton from here

    Argentine President Javier Milei Friday told a group of businesspeople attending the Llao Llao Forum in Bariloche that he did not believe in a “dirigist” economy in which the State would be involved in every step along the productive process. He also insisted his administration was “creating the conditions for Argentina to grow again” from “the worst crises in history.”

  • Saturday, April 20th 2024 - 10:39 UTC

    Chile's new icebreaker completes first week at sea

    The new Almirante Viel is to be launched on Dec. 22

    The new Chilean-built “Almirante Viel” icebreaker completed her first week of sea testing on Friday, it was reported in Santiago.

  • Saturday, April 20th 2024 - 10:30 UTC

    Energy crisis prompts new emergency declaration in Ecuador

    The new power crisis came just ahead of Sunday's key referendum for Noboa's government

    Ecuador's President Daniel Noboa Friday issued a decree establishing yet another state of emergency due to a “serious internal commotion and public calamity” in the violence-torn South American country which is going through an energy crisis in addition to drug-trafficking gang crimes. Power cuts last up to about eight hours a day amid tight “rationing of electricity.”