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Montevideo, May 26th 2024 - 03:03 UTC

Stories for May 1st 2024

  • Wednesday, May 1st 2024 - 23:50 UTC

    Mondino assured of China's support for Argentina's stance regarding Malvinas/Falkland issue

    Beyond China's old support regarding the Malvinas/Falklands controversy, Mondino's trip seems to have yielded almost no results

    Although Argentine Foreign Minister Diana Mondino had the near-impossible task of putting her country on good terms with China despite President Javier Milei's disparaging campaign comments, some common ground was reached this week as the South American diplomat reaffirmed the one-China principle and Beijing backed Argentina's claim to the Falkland/Malvinas Islands.

  • Wednesday, May 1st 2024 - 21:28 UTC

    Argentine unions ratify May 9 general strike against Milei's policies

    When the measure was announced, Argentina “was bad and now it is worse,” Daer (L) explained besides Moyano

    Argentina's main unions insisted Wednesday during the Labor Day demonstrations that the plans for the May 9 general strike against President Javier Milei's economic reforms that are affecting people's purchase power were “not in doubt.” Healthcare workers union leader Héctor Daer, who co-chairs the General Labor Confederation (CGT), also explained that “We are going to go ahead with the struggle plan that we have been developing. When the measure was announced, Argentina ”was bad and now it is worse.”

  • Wednesday, May 1st 2024 - 19:23 UTC

    Brazil: Unemployment reaches 7.9% in Q1

    Brazil's government recorded encouraging figures regarding employment under a formal contract

    The Continuous National Household Sample Survey (PNAD) released by Brazil's Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE) this week showed that 8.6 million people (or 7.9% of the population) were unemployed in South America's largest country in the first quarter of 2024, which represented a 0.5 percentage-point increase from the previous measurement ending in December.

  • Wednesday, May 1st 2024 - 14:38 UTC

    Colombian Armed Forces report missing ammo

    Petro fears the guns might be in the hands of Colombian rebels

    Colombian President Gustavo Petro said Tuesday that thousands of grenades, bullets, and 37 anti-tank missiles had gone missing from the Tolemaida and La Guajira Army bases. The head of state also explained during a press conference in Bogotá alongside Defense Minister Ivan Velásquez and Colombia's Armed Forces Commander General Helder Giraldo that “there have been networks for a long time – made up of people from the military and civilian forces – dedicated to a massive arms trade, using the legal weapons of the Colombian State.”

  • Wednesday, May 1st 2024 - 14:30 UTC

    Panama Canal Authority to explore desalinization plant's potential

    The Panama Canal uses freshwater from two local lakes to fill the locks through which vessels cross from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific and vice versa

    The Panama Canal Authority (ACP) announced Tuesday that a pilot plan to test the viability of implementing a desalination process was to be carried out in a move to keep the century-old structure fully operational while maintaining the quality of water for human consumption.

  • Wednesday, May 1st 2024 - 14:27 UTC

    Brazil: Heavy storms kill at least 5 in Rio Grande do Sul

    Lula told Leite that the Federal Government would help the State of Rio Grande do Sul through the crisis

    At least five people were killed and 18 others went missing on Tuesday as heavy rains hit some 77 municipalities in the Brazilian State of Rio Grande do Sul bordering Uruguay and Argentina. A total of 3,742 people were reported to have been affected, while 95 lost their homes and 6 were injured. Almost 300 people needed to be evacuated and taken to shelters.

  • Wednesday, May 1st 2024 - 14:25 UTC

    South America as an expat destination

    Photo: Unsplash / Mike Swigunski

    South America is rising as an expat destination, and for good reason. It’s a part of the world where modern cities coexist with vast rural areas under varied climates, all while having a lower cost of living than what you’ll find in major North American and European cities. In addition to these reasons, let’s take a closer look at exactly why an expat might choose South America as their preferred destination.