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Milei and Lacalle Pou will meet eventually despite not sharing identical views, says Adorni

Monday, May 13th 2024 - 10:55 UTC
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Adorni represents the administration's views every morning during his press briefings Adorni represents the administration's views every morning during his press briefings

Argentina's Presidential Spokesman Manuel Adorni said in an interview with Montevideo's El País that Presidents Luis Lacalle Pou and Javier Milei had different points of view regarding the State's role in each country's economy. The official also addressed the delay in materializing an encounter between both heads of state despite the short geographical distance separating them.

According to Adorni, Milei prioritized other global interests, such as his unquestionable and immovable embrace of Israel, or his several visits to the United States, to flirt with potential investors, in addition to other engagements with the Jewish community. However, Lacalle and Milei did meet at a Fundación Libertad event in Buenos Aires, which was rather crowded for a one-on-one talk. “They saw each other, they greeted each other, they were chatting there for two seconds,” Adorni explained. “There are things that don't happen because they don't happen; at some point, they will happen,” he elaborated. The only reason why they have not held a private encounter yet were “agenda issues,” Adorni claimed.

Milei favors a State that does not complicate people's lives and that promotes equality of real opportunities and individual effort, Adorni also explained while noting that there were huge differences with Lacalle's stance. “We believe in real equality of opportunities, [and] in equality before the law,” said Adorni. “And in effort and sacrifice; and there the State does not have much to do,” he added.

The spokesman also said that Argentina would promote commercial freedom within Mercosur and align itself with countries that shared this vision. “We have a clear idea of what we want in terms of international trade, which is absolute commercial freedom. Within Mercosur, what we are going to do is always promote that. Anything that may suggest obstacles or complications or bureaucracy, we will not agree with,” Adorni emphasized.

He became known for his acid and anti-Kirchnerite style on social media. After joining Milei's government, he represents the administration's views every morning during his daily press briefings. Last month he was promoted to the rank of Secretary of State, tantamount to that of a minister, which entailed a pay increase. Earlier this year, his brother Francisco was hired as an advisor to the Defense Ministry despite lacking proper credentials.


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