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Stories for May 21st 2024

  • Tuesday, May 21st 2024 - 23:41 UTC

    Spain pulls ambassador from Buenos Aires permanently

    Milei says Sánchez will be laughed at for his decision

    The Government of Spain announced Tuesday that it would be pulling Ambassador María Jesús Alonso Jiménez from Buenos Aires on a permanent basis after Argentine President Javier Milei's derogatory comments about Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez during the weekend in Madrid.

  • Tuesday, May 21st 2024 - 20:38 UTC

    Taiwanese company gets deal to build electric buses in Paraguay

    The bus manufacturing plant in Paraguay is expected to generate some 2,600 job opportunities

    Paraguayan authorities signed a memorandum of understanding with Taiwan's Master Transportation to produce electric buses for the South American country. The arrangements were made during President Santiago Peña's tour of the Island with Industry and Commerce Minister Javier Giménez, who signed on behalf of the visiting delegation. Company President Ting-Fa Wu represented the producers of the DMIT e-Bus.

  • Tuesday, May 21st 2024 - 20:03 UTC

    One passenger killed and 30 injured as Singapore Airlines flight hits heavy turbulence

    Passengers from 17 different countries were aboard the flight

    A British national died and 30 other people were injured when a Singapore Airlines flight home from London's Heathrow Airport hit “heavy turbulence” forcing an emergency landing in Bangkok, Thailand. “We confirm that there were injuries and one fatality on board the Boeing 777-300ER. In total, there were 211 passengers and 18 crew on board,” the airline said on Facebook.

  • Tuesday, May 21st 2024 - 12:25 UTC

    Brexit and UK's rising costs of implementing customs to EU imports

    Long queues of lorries at Dover, because of physical checks at ports. Photo: Pajor Pawel / Shutterstock

    The UK voted to leave the European Union in 2016 but remained in the bloc's single market and customs union until 2021. When UK withdrew from the EU customs union a new RU/UK Trade Cooperation Agreement (TCA) went into effect.

  • Tuesday, May 21st 2024 - 10:59 UTC

    Rio Grande do Sul still far from recovering from floods

    Porto Alegre's Salgado Filho continues not to be operational but flights are serving an Air Force base nearby

    Brazilian authorities have released a new report updating the number of casualties in the storm-hit State of Rio Grande do Sul to 157 with 88 people still missing and some 650,000 others displaced.

  • Tuesday, May 21st 2024 - 10:50 UTC

    France and Germany split over the EU–Mercosur trade pact

    Macron doesn't want French farmers more furious; they've already brought the country to a standstill for weeks with their protests.

    By Oliver Pieper - The free trade deal between the European Union and the South American trade bloc Mercosur could become the world's largest agreement, involving a market of a total of 780 million people. But in late March, French President Emmanuel Macron not only described it as “a very bad agreement,” he even suggested it should be “left behind” and called for “a new agreement.”

  • Tuesday, May 21st 2024 - 10:24 UTC

    No May Pact, but celebrations in Córdoba still on

    Milei is said to be looking ahead to the 2025 mid-term elections already

    Argentine President Javier Milei confirmed Monday upon his return from Spain that there will be no May Pact as he had planned because the so-called Omnibus Law -officially known as the Bases Law- has not yet been approved by the Senate.

  • Tuesday, May 21st 2024 - 10:16 UTC

    Chilean authorities to discuss Antarctica issues on site

    Defense Minister Maya Fernández and a group of parliamentarians will convene at the President Frei Base this week

    Chilean Lower House's Defense Committee plans to convene at the Presidente Eduardo Frei Montalva base in Antarctica this week to discuss the “prevailing geopolitical conditions” in the area after controversies with Argentina regarding sovereignty claims.

  • Tuesday, May 21st 2024 - 10:02 UTC

    Biden says ICC move to prosecute Netanyahu is “outrageous”

    There is no equivalency between Israel and Hamas, Biden stressed

    US President Joseph Biden Monday criticized International Criminal Court Chief Prosecutor Karim Khan's decision to request arrest warrants against Israeli and Hamas leaders alike on the grounds that comparing one with the other was “outrageous.” In Biden's view, the move suggests that Israel and Hamas share equal blame for the war in Gaza.