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Stories for June 3rd 2024

  • Monday, June 3rd 2024 - 19:43 UTC

    Young dead whale found in exclusive Argentine beach resort

    The causes of death are yet to be determined. In the meantime, people were advised not to get close to stranded animals given the risk of catching contagious illnesses

    A dead humpback whale was found by a group of bypassers on the beach shores of the exclusive Argentine resort of Pinamar The causes of the death of the young mammal weighing approximately 15 tons are yet to be determined by experts in the Province of Buenos Aires, it was reported.

  • Monday, June 3rd 2024 - 19:17 UTC

    Ecuadorian alternate lawmaker and his wife shot dead at circus function

    Through Burgos' streaming, the horror and desperation of those present went viral on social networks

    Alternate Assemblyman and social media influencer Cristhian Nieto (of the opposition Revolución Ciudadana party of former President Rafael Correa) and his wife Nicole Burgos were shot dead in the Ecuadorean port city of Manta in the province of Manabí on Sunday evening in the middle of a circus function Mrs. Nieto was broadcasting on Tik-Tok.

  • Monday, June 3rd 2024 - 18:39 UTC

    Brazil tops list of dengue-hit countries in the region

    Brazil tops the list of suspected dengue cases in the region with 6.3 of them, followed by Argentina's 420,000, Paraguay's 257,000, and Peru's 200,000, Agencia Brasil reported Monday. In South America's largest country, more than 3 million of these notifications have yielded positive laboratory results.

  • Monday, June 3rd 2024 - 13:13 UTC

    Chinese economy rebounding coincide Stats Office and IMF; Beijing pumping a US$ 138bn support

    The upgrade reflects a first quarter GDP growth stronger than expected, and some additional policy measures recently announced,” Deputy Managing Director Gita Gopinath said

    The Chinese economy rebounding, seems to be the message both from the country's National Bureau of Statistics, NBS, and even the IMF with a more optimistic outlook. According to NBS industrial profits during April were again in positive territory and so are other important economic indicators, which showed a moderate improvement from March, highlighting a sustained recovery of the world's second-largest economy.

  • Monday, June 3rd 2024 - 10:53 UTC

    Sheinbaum poised to become Mexico's first woman president

    Sheinbaum is to succeed her MoReNa comrade AMLO on Oct. 1 for a 6-year term

    According to preliminary projections announced by Mexico's National Electoral Institute (INE) at around midnight Sunday local time, Claudia Sheinbaum of the ruling National Regeneration Movement (MoReNa) Party was poised to become the first woman president of the traditionally macho Latino country. The INE's calculations showed Sheinbaum would be garnering between 58.3% and 60.7% of the vote. Turnout was between 60% and 61.5%, it was also reported. Over 99.5 million Mexicans were registered to vote.

  • Monday, June 3rd 2024 - 10:44 UTC

    A smiling Milei attends Bukele's new inauguration

    Milei asked Bukele about the business of getting reelected

    On his way back from California, Argentine President Javier Milei stopped in El Salvador for Nayib Bukele's new inauguration ceremony, which was also attended by other heads of state and government, such as King Felipe VI of Spain with whom he exchanged a brief moment that caught the eye given the recent diplomatic crisis with the Socialist administration of Pedro Sánchez.

  • Monday, June 3rd 2024 - 10:29 UTC

    Mercosur and Celac heads exchange views in San Salvador

    Santiago Peña and Xiomara Castro discussed Mercosur and Celac bilateral issues

    Presidents Santiago Peña of Paraguay and Xiomara Castro of Honduras, who also chair the Southern Common Market (Mercosur) and the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (Celac) respectively, got together while in San Salvador during Nayib Bukele's new inauguration as President of El Salvador to discuss “issues related to how to promote a joint agenda,” it was reported.

  • Monday, June 3rd 2024 - 10:20 UTC

    Canada's Visa program opens doors for North and Latin American economic growth

    The visa program shows a shift. It's leaning towards a more team-based economic approach in North and Latin America

    Canada recently increased temporary work visas for Mexico, Guatemala, and the Caribbean.

  • Monday, June 3rd 2024 - 09:53 UTC

    Today, first Monday of June is UK Overseas Territories Day

    Colors of the fourteen UKOTs in Parliament Square

    The first Monday in June is UK Overseas Territories Day. This means today UKOTs flags will be flying in Parliament Square in London, including the Falkland Islands colors. UKOTs make a diverse and amazing contribution of the UK family.

  • Monday, June 3rd 2024 - 09:47 UTC

    British citizens overseas can vote in the UK parliamentary election

    The main parties in the UK General Election

    British Citizens overseas, including those now living in the Falkland Islands, can vote in the upcoming UK General Election, July 4th, regardless of how long they have been living outside of mainland UK. Government House in the Falklands made the following release, 29 May.

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