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Stories for June 13th 2024

  • Thursday, June 13th 2024 - 20:45 UTC

    Paraguay and Bolivia sign key cooperation agreements

    “Let's continue building a future of peace and progress together,” Peña stressed

    Presidents Luis Arce Catacora of Bolivia and Santiago Peña Palacios of Paraguay announced the signing of Scientific and Migratory Cooperation Agreements Thursday at the Casa Grande del Pueblo in La Paz.

  • Thursday, June 13th 2024 - 20:13 UTC

    Environmental commitments key to people's well-being, Lula tells ILO

    “The invisible hand of the market only exacerbates inequalities,” Lula stressed

    Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva insisted during his appearance at the 112th Conference of the International Labor Organization (ILO) in Geneva, Switzerland, that the well-being of the people depends on governments supporting environmental commitments, Agencia Brasil reported. Speaking at the Global Coalition for Social Justice forum, the Workers' Party (PT) leader also pointed out that the link between capital and labor is crucial to minimize social inequalities, especially in light of today's challenges.

  • Thursday, June 13th 2024 - 10:55 UTC

    MLAs Barkman and Short ready to defend Falklands' self determination at UN C24 meeting

    Members of the delegation with a Falklands flag in front of the US Congress in Washington

    A team from the Falklands Islands is currently in the United States, more precisely in Washington for a series of political contacts in Congress and the State Department.

  • Thursday, June 13th 2024 - 10:43 UTC

    Milei leaves for G7 Summit with a plethora of good news

    Se espera que Milei exponga ante el G7 sobre el posible rol de Argentina como polo de desarrollo líder en inteligencia artificial

    After a day of good news following the Senate's broad approval of the Bases Law bill in addition to an arrangement with China to extend the currency swap in force, Argentine President Javier Milei and his entourage left for Borgo Egnazia, Italy, to attend the G7 Summit, during which he plans to hold talks with Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, French President Emmanuel Macron and International Monetary Fund (IMF) Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva, among other world leaders.

  • Thursday, June 13th 2024 - 10:37 UTC

    Pot and pan-banging protests staged after positive outcome at the Senate

    While some protesters took to the streets, Milei's government praised “the patriotic” Senators who voted in favor of the bill

    Residents and natives of the Argentine capital - known collectively as “porteños”- took to the streets of Buenos Aires on Wednesday evening banging pots and pans to protest against the Senatorial broad approval of the Libertarian Administration's Bases Law bill in addition to the police repression outside Congress against demonstrators earlier on.

  • Thursday, June 13th 2024 - 10:33 UTC

    Libertarians get Bases Law bill passed at Senate

    VP Villarruel cast the vote breaking the tie

    Vice President Victoria Villarruel tipped the scale in favor of Argentina's Libertarian administration when she cast her affirmative vote breaking the 36-36 tie at the Senate for the broad passing of the Bases Law bill the government claims to need to rescue the country from its economic plight. Itemized voting went on during the wee hours of Thursday.

  • Thursday, June 13th 2024 - 10:31 UTC

    Several companies trying to replicate Guyana's oil boom success in Suriname

    Suriname is a former Dutch colony in the north of South America, with a long history of corruption and drug dealings, but oil could make a vast transformation.

    Will Suriname become another oil boom province as neighboring Guyana? Wood Mackenzie hydrocarbons consultants believe it to be possible but exploration efforts have taken longer and the extraordinary Stabroek Block success and its dozen discoveries from the ex British colony has yet to be replicated.

  • Thursday, June 13th 2024 - 10:21 UTC

    Falklands, survey shows support for draft Energy Strategy and Implementation Plan

    Falklands are quite innovative in renewable and sustainable energy solutions, with some 40% generated at a wind farm to be expanded to further satisfy demand from Stanley and MPC

    From December 2023 to February 2024, the Falkland Islands Environment Department held a public consultation on the draft Energy Strategy and Implementation Plan. In total, 57 surveys were returned, and further comments were collected through public meetings and sessions with Stakeholders in Stanley and West Falkland.

  • Thursday, June 13th 2024 - 10:17 UTC

    French snap election: Macron's strategy to erode a Marine Le Pen hard right government

    In the EU elections last Sunday, Le Pen’s National Rally got 32% of the French votes, more than twice as many as Macron’s Renaissance.

    Even before the final results were in from all of the 27 European Union countries that voted in the EU elections last weekend, French President Emmanuel Macron had called for national elections in France for the end of this month.

  • Thursday, June 13th 2024 - 10:11 UTC

    WHO Europe blames four industries for merchandising policies that kill millions

    WHO said, 1.15 million deaths per year in Europe are caused by smoking, 426,857 by alcohol, 117,290 by diets high in processed meats and 252,187 diets high in salt.

    WHO Europe called for strict regulation to curb industry power and promote public health following a report blaming tobacco, alcohol, ultra-processed foods, and fossil fuels for some 2,7 million deaths in the continent.

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