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Milei rides tank through Independence Day parade

Wednesday, July 10th 2024 - 11:43 UTC
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Argentine President Javier Milei and Vice President Victoria Villarruel rode an Army tank during the military parade celebrating the country's Independence Day along Buenos Aires' Libertador Avenue. Although this type of event has been rare, heads of state are usually saluted by passing troops instead of being a part of the attraction thousands cheered on both sides of the street despite the current economic plight. Read full article


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  • Zaphod Beeblebrox

    Am I the only one reminded of Herbert Gruber's little tank? ;-)

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  • Brasileiro

    Just party and blah blah blah. Just wine and circuses, no bread.

    What about jobs, what about salaries, education, health? I forgot. Fascists don't know what this is?

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  • Steve Potts

    In addition to active troops, also participating in the march were some 3,000 veterans of the 1982 South Atlantic War with the United Kingdom over the Falkland/Malvinas Islands, who wore their uniforms and decorations. As they passed by, crowds watched them in silence or applauded crying “Long live the homeland!”

    Falklands War, Its Aftermath, And Argentina’s Failure to Accept Reality:

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  • Veteran

    Re: 3,000 veterans in uniforms and decorations.

    I am pretty sure my uniform does not fit anymore.

    Seriously, I am pretty sure many of the veterans have lived their whole life since 1982 based on their failed military excursion. It would be tempting to say “Move on” but the state has fed fuel to the flames that burn within.

    Yes, I have flash backs and shed a tear every so often, but I do not allow the events of 1982 to continually impact and shape my life. I accepted my lot when I volunteered to be a soldier.

    Posted 2 days ago - Link - Report abuse +3

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