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Tag: Chemistry

  • Thursday, October 4th 2018 - 08:39 UTC

    Enzyme research delivers Chemistry Nobel Prize to two Americans and a Brit

    Winners used a technique called directed evolution to create new proteins, which have been used in areas as diverse as manufacture of new drugs and green fuels

    The 2018 Nobel Prize in Chemistry has been awarded to three scientists for their discoveries in enzyme research. Americans Frances Arnold and George P Smith will share the prize with Briton Gregory Winter, who is based at Cambridge University.

  • Thursday, January 18th 2018 - 09:21 UTC

    Advanced research shows how cancer cells interfere with DNA genetic instructions

    The team at the Institute of Cancer Research used a technique called cryo-electron microscopy, which won the 2017 Nobel Prize for Chemistry

    “Incredible” images of DNA in action have been captured by scientists who will use them to design cancer drugs. Researcher Dr Alessandro Vannini said the pictures were “beautiful” and in artistic comparisons were “definitely a Van Gogh”, since they capture a fundamental part of all plant and animal life, called RNA polymerase III, reading the genetic instructions contained in DNA. It is a process that gets hijacked by cancer.