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  • Friday, February 4th 2022 - 09:56 UTC

    Argentine navy rescues stranded Russian scientific vessel in Antarctica

    “Professor Logachev” was stranded next to the Polish station Arctowski

    An Argentine Navy vessel from the Antarctic Combined Patrol shared with Chile, and currently on duty, helped to rescue the Russian scientific vessel “Professor Logachev”, which was stranded and with no self-propulsion at Lasserre Bay, next to the Polish Antarctic Station Arctowski in King George Island.

  • Thursday, January 16th 2020 - 19:15 UTC

    Brazilian Antarctica base reopened from its ashes after eight years

    The new station cost about US$ 100 million.<br />

    Brazil Wednesday reopened its scientific Comandante Ferraz base in Antarctica, which had been destroyed in a fire in 2012. In the incident two soldiers died and more than two thirds of the facilities were destroyed.

  • Thursday, September 26th 2019 - 21:24 UTC

    Chilean helicopter rescues Polish scientists stranded in a Zodiac

    Once the Zodiac was located the scientists were rescued by the Chilean helicopter

    What was to be a simple shift of scientists from the Polish station Henryk Arcotowski in the Antarctica Peninsula turned out into a dramatic rescue operation, involving the Chilean Air Force, after the three were stranded in a Zodiac for over three hours five miles offshore surrounded by ice and freezing winds.

  • Monday, October 17th 2016 - 06:28 UTC

    Uruguayan scientists on HMS Protector en route to Antarctica for a joint research project

    Federico Weinstein and Carolina Rodríguez are travelling on HMS Protector on a scientific cruise to Antarctica (Pics; British Embassy Uruguay)

    Two Uruguayan young scientists are on board Ice Patrol HMS Protector en route to the Falkland Islands and Antarctica and will be participating in a research program on human impact on the Antarctic marine environment including pollution mainly by plastic made products. Federico Weinstein and Carolina Rodríguez belong to the Faculty of Sciences and represent the resumption of long standing links between the Ice Patrol and Montevideo.

  • Thursday, February 19th 2015 - 00:01 UTC

    China celebrates 30 years of first research station in Antarctica

    The Great Wall on King George Island was the first Chinese scientific station in Antarctica opened in 1985 (Pic M. Foote)

    China is preparing to mark 30 years of polar expeditions, when on 20 February 1985 opened its first permanent research station in Antarctica, The Great Wall on King George Island. Since then China has continued to advance and is now planning the fifth permanent station.

  • Thursday, January 2nd 2014 - 16:00 UTC

    China starts to build its fourth Antarctica base: more planned

    “Great Wall” on Antarctica’s King George Island, China's fist Antarctica base

    Just days after the Chinese rover Jade Rabbit settled down on the moon, China is setting out to bolster its presence in another remote place: Antarctica. Chinese state media said on Thursday that construction workers are en route to the future site of China’s fourth Antarctic research station, after a pit stop at one of its other bases.

  • Friday, October 11th 2013 - 12:48 UTC

    Brazil begins next year work on new Antarctic base at a cost of 54m dollars

    Comandante Ferraz Base was gutted by fire in 2012

    Brazil said on Thursday it will start work early next year on a new Antarctic base to replace the one gutted by a 2012 fire. The new station would be modern and built with more resistant material, Navy Admiral Julio Soares de Moura told reporters as he unveiled the 54 million dollar project.

  • Wednesday, July 24th 2013 - 13:13 UTC

    Aurora Expeditions adds new Antarctic gateway in 2014/15

    Aurora Expeditions are set to shake up the traditional Antarctic cruise itinerary with the launch of an exciting new ‘Antarctic Gateway’ in their 2014/15 Antarctic program. The Chilean port and nature haven of Puerto Williams will be used as an alternative to the usual Argentinian port of Ushuaia, with voyages either starting or ending on the eco-rich Navarino Island along the Chilean banks of the Beagle Channel.

  • Sunday, March 11th 2012 - 14:07 UTC

    Argentine Jubany Station renamed.

    Carlini Station is located on the largest of the South Shetland Islands

    At a ceremony held in Government House President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner announced the renaming of the Jubany Scientific Station in Antarctica, now to be known as Carlini Station, in memory of biologist Alejandro Carlini who died in 2010.

  • Friday, March 9th 2012 - 03:04 UTC

    Brazil to invest 22 million dollars to rebuild Antarctic station destroyed by fire

    The Comandante Ferraz station before the blaze

    Brazil approved the allocation of 40 million Reais (approx 22 million dollars) to rebuild and modernize the country’s Antarctic research station Comandante Ferraz which was destroyed during a fire last month.

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