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  • Wednesday, September 29th 2010 - 00:15 UTC

    Argentine blockade expected to boost Falklands fishing industry local activities

    FIPASS, Port Stanley’s port facilities

    A Spanish flagged trawler that operates in Falkland Islands waters and was heading to Montevideo to unload 700 tons of fish was denied “innocent pass” through Argentine waters and had to steam an additional 17 hours at a cost of 7,000 litres of fuel before it finally unloaded its cargo in the Uruguayan port.

  • Friday, June 4th 2010 - 00:33 UTC

    Falklands’ scientists detect North Pacific Ocean species in South Atlantic

    Pacific gonate squid Gonatopsis octopedatus

    Deep sea fish species found in the North Pacific Ocean have mysteriously been caught in the southwest Atlantic in Falkland Islands waters. It is unclear how the animals, a giant rattail grenadier, pelagic eelpout and deep sea squid, travelled so far, according to a report by Matt Walker, Editor of Earth News.

  • Thursday, June 3rd 2010 - 00:47 UTC

    Falkland Islands approves plan to further reduce seabird deaths by trawl fishing

    The plan follows a successful experience which reduced longline-fishery sea birds death by 90%

    Seabird deaths caused by trawl fishing will be further reduced following the Falkland Islands Government’s approval of a new Action Plan. A ninety per cent reduction in seabird deaths was recorded in the long-line fishery the year after a similar Action Plan to introduce tori lines was put into effect in 2004. Both plans demonstrate the steps taken by the Falkland Islands to maintain their international reputation for the responsible and sustainable management of their fishing industry.