Thursday, September 9th 2010 - 23:03 UTC

FT describes Uruguay and Paraguay as “Latin America’s impressive little guys”

Presidents Jose “Pepe” Mujica and Fernando Lugo

Under the heading of “Latin America’s impressive little guys, Uruguay and Paraguay”, the Financial Times praises the two countries for “punching above their weight” and catching the attention of foreign corporate investors.

Wednesday, September 8th 2010 - 04:53 UTC

Argentina wants to stall Montevideo port as the efficient regional hub

Montevideo port

In spite of the good relations between the governments of Uruguay and Argentina following the agreement reached on pulp mills, pending and new issues are creeping into the bilateral agenda that could threaten the good chemistry between presidents Jose Mujica and Cristina Kirchner.

Tuesday, September 7th 2010 - 08:08 UTC

Reclaiming Investment Grade, key priority of the Uruguayan government

Uruguay is resolutely on its way to reclaim the investment grade status it lost in 2002 according to Franco Uccelli an analyst with JP Morgan Chase. Uccelli says that growth continues to outperform expectations; infrastructure projects are set to take centre stage; fiscal consolidation is firmly underway; the public debt burden is poised to decline and no international bond issuance is planned for 2010. Fundamental support for the currency remains intact and a return to Investment Grade has become a key priority for the government.

Tuesday, September 7th 2010 - 05:52 UTC

Uruguay announces re-purchase of 500 million USD of sovereign debt

The Central Bank has a strong position in international reserves

The Uruguayan government announced that it authorized the repurchase of 500 million US dollars of sovereign debt with the purpose of optimizing its composition and the maturing timetable.

Tuesday, September 7th 2010 - 05:50 UTC

S&P raises Uruguay’s long term credit ratings to BB from BB-

Prudent macroeconomic policy combined with a reform agenda is expected from Finance minister Fernando Lorenzo.

Standard & Poor's Ratings Services raised its long-term foreign and local currency sovereign credit ratings on Uruguay to BB from BB- with a stable outlook thanks to the country's track record of sustained economic growth.

Monday, September 6th 2010 - 05:19 UTC

Canadian company impressed by first “gold values” prospecting in Uruguay

There is little gold or base metal exploration activity recorded in that area of Uruguay

The Canadian company B2Gold announced “impressive gold values” from a systematic mechanical trenching program in the south of Uruguay where in association with a local company (Weeping Apple S.A.) it has an option to survey ten claims totalling 34.200 hectares.

Monday, September 6th 2010 - 04:20 UTC

A majority of Montevideo residents (71%) feel the city is not safe

Street muggings and drug consumption by youngsters to of the list

A majority of Uruguay’s capital Montevideo residents (71%) feel the city is not safe and fear “mugging in the streets” and “young people consuming ‘pasta base’” (a cheap by-product of cocaine). They are also unsatisfied with the city’s transport system.

Friday, September 3rd 2010 - 05:26 UTC

Budget days: Uruguay GDP forecasted to expand 30% in five years

Economy minister Fernando Lorenzo estimates based on a favourable regional and world scenario

It’s budget time in Uruguay and the government has presented to Congress its revenue and expenditure estimates (821 articles) based on a five-year forecast for the economy, which private analyst consider too rosy.

Friday, September 3rd 2010 - 05:18 UTC

Uruguayan exports in eight months reach 4.4 billion US dollars

Soy beans and beef are the country’s main export items

Uruguayan exports in the first eight months of 2010 reached 4.475 billion US dollars which is 22% higher than the same period of last year, according to official data released this week.

Tuesday, August 31st 2010 - 05:10 UTC

Uruguay/Argentina implement the end of the pulp mill dispute

Almagro and Timerman during the signing of the agreement

Argentina and Uruguay signed Monday in Montevideo the agreement which puts an end to an ongoing years-long litigation over the construction of a pulp mill along a shared river.


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