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Stories for December 1st 2004

  • Wednesday, December 1st 2004 - 20:00 UTC

    Breaking News.


    Chilean cruises directly from Antarctica; Expo-Magallanes next January;
    Computerized Magallanes Clinic; Aircraft parking in Chilean Antarctic base.

  • Wednesday, December 1st 2004 - 20:00 UTC

    South Georgia toothfish quotas down this year.

    Reductions in the levels of allowable catch for toothfish, together with alterations to the way the South Georgia Fishery is zoned, will lead to fewer vessels being licensed this year said South Georgia Director of Fisheries and Deputy Commissioner, Miss Harriet Hall, in Stanley on Tuesday.

  • Wednesday, December 1st 2004 - 20:00 UTC

    Death threats and killings in coup investigation.

    Several high-profile Venezuelan government officials have received anonymous death threat letters, among which Attorney General Isaias Rodriguez, Vice President Jose Vicente Rangel, Supreme Court Chief Justice Ivan Rincon and Interior Minister Jesse Chacon.

  • Wednesday, December 1st 2004 - 20:00 UTC

    Chinese-Argentine electronics joint venture.

    TCL from China, the world's largest television maker has singed a joint venture with Argentine electronics Radio Victoria and has plans to invest 20 million US dollars for the manufacture of electronic appliances in Argentina, reported Buenos Aires press.

  • Wednesday, December 1st 2004 - 20:00 UTC

    Cry for Argentina's working ladies

    Working women in Argentina earn and average 34, 3% less than men in similar jobs and the difference is even greater for professionals with university education, reports the Buenos Aires press.

  • Wednesday, December 1st 2004 - 20:00 UTC

    Beware politicians of people's disbelief

    Six out of ten people in the world have a mostly negative opinion of world leaders, particularly politicians according to the “Voice of the People” poll undertaken by the World Economic Forum and Gallup International.

  • Wednesday, December 1st 2004 - 20:00 UTC

    Former Brazilian president back in the political ring

    Former Brazilian president Fernando Henrique Cardoso (1995/200) accused his successor Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva of having no proposals to end the problems and challenges facing the country.

  • Wednesday, December 1st 2004 - 20:00 UTC

    Unemployment in Chile stable at 9,4%

    Unemployment in Chile reached 9,4% in the August/October quarter according to the country's Statistics Institute. This represents a slight 0,6% increase over the same period a year ago and a 0,3% contraction compared to the previous quarter.

  • Wednesday, December 1st 2004 - 20:00 UTC

    224 million described as poor in Latinamerica

    Poverty in Latinamerica and the Caribbean experienced a slight contraction, close to 1%, in 2003, although still far from reversing the general collapse of past years according to the United Nations Economic Committee for Latinamerica, Cepal.

  • Wednesday, December 1st 2004 - 20:00 UTC

    Nelson connection with the Falklands to be commemorated.

    A special coin will be minted for the Falkland Islands to commemorate the bicentenary in October next year of the Battle of Trafalgar and the death in the battle of Admiral Horatio Nelson.

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