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Stories for January 23rd 2011

  • Sunday, January 23rd 2011 - 23:38 UTC

    Atacama “Is and Will Be Chilean”

    Piñera “We are not joking”

    Chilean President Sebastian Piñera has responded to Bolivian President Evo Morales who said Saturday that “Atacama, used to be Bolivian and we hope to recover it soon, although a presidential spokesmen later said “it was a joke.”

  • Sunday, January 23rd 2011 - 23:07 UTC

    Former Junta Leader Nicolaides Dies

    Former General Cristino Nicolaides

    Cristino Nicolaides has died in the Argentine province of Cordoba, age 86. The former leader of the army was under house arrest for numerous of human rights abuses.

  • Sunday, January 23rd 2011 - 22:43 UTC

    Exit Polls Show Portuguese Leader Cavaco Silva is Re-elected

    The re-elected President  Anibal Cavaco Silva

    Portuguese voters Sunday re-elected Anibal Cavaco Silva for a second term in office, showing that they want political stability. However, there are difficult months ahead asd the country has to face up to the European Union crisis.

  • Sunday, January 23rd 2011 - 20:18 UTC

    Spain-China Expand Alliance

    Telefónica chairman Cesar Alierta

    Spanish Telefónica and Chinese operator Unicom agreed on Sunday to expand their alliance, both investing a further U$ 500 million in the other. Under the agreement, China Unicom could get a seat on Telefónica.

  • Sunday, January 23rd 2011 - 20:13 UTC

    Thousands Bid Farewell to Ark Royal

    HMS Ark Royal

    Around 250 sailors led crowds on a march through Portsmouth, to say a final farewell to the axed aircraft carrier HMS Ark Royal. Portsmouth is the Royal Navy flagship's home.

  • Sunday, January 23rd 2011 - 19:39 UTC

    Bolivian Defence Spending Increases

    The Bolivian government has increased its military budget by more than 120% during the last decade, increasing 64% during President Evo Morales five years in office, according to a report compiled by Bolivian journalist, Ruy D’Alencar Delgado, published in El Deber newspaper.

  • Sunday, January 23rd 2011 - 17:23 UTC

    Brazilian President Imposes New Work Rules

    President Dilma Rousseff

    Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff is trying to show she is different from former president Lula da Silva. Rousseff prefers strict rules and technical work as opposed to Lula’s political more relaxed way of governing.

  • Sunday, January 23rd 2011 - 16:26 UTC

    Opportunity for Latin America?

    The dynamics of the past few months regarding the price of oil, prime materials and food stuffs, worryingly reminds us of what happened to the world economy mid-2008. At the time the sky high price of oil – which reached U$147 a barrel - and the food crisis caused havoc.