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Stories for May 8th 2014

  • Thursday, May 8th 2014 - 04:57 UTC

    Repsol sells YPF stake for 1.25bn dollars to Morgan Stanley; keeps 0.5% share

    A 'strategic' decision said Repsol that recently settled the seizure of YPF with the Argentine government

    Spain's Repsol oil and gas company says it has sold an 11.86% stake it owned in Argentina's YPF energy company to Morgan Stanley for 900 million Euros (1.25 billion dollars), effectively leaving it without a stake in a company it once controlled.

  • Thursday, May 8th 2014 - 04:50 UTC

    “The open veins of Latin America” is a boring undocumented book, admits his author

    Eduardo (Hughes) Galeano made the public admission at the Brasilia book show

    Uruguayan author Eduardo Galeano said in an interview published on the Argentine newspaper that he considers his 1971 book “The Open Veins of Latin America”, by far his best-known work, to be so bad he will no longer read from it during public appearances.

  • Thursday, May 8th 2014 - 04:44 UTC

    “Long hands” mayor apologizes for clutching a reporter's thigh

    Mayor Fernandez with his 'long hand' on the television reporter's thigh

    Bolivia's 'long hands' mayor apologized for this latest temptation caught while clutching the thigh of a television reporter sitting next to him during an official ceremony. Percy Fernandez, 75, is the elected mayor of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia largest city and apparently has a 'long hands' and 'forcibly kissing” record.

  • Thursday, May 8th 2014 - 04:38 UTC

    Colombian May 25 presidential candidates suffer severe credibility blows

    Polls show Santos still ahead, but before the Rendón and Zuluaga's incidents

    Just three weeks before Colombia’s presidential election begins, President Juan Manuel Santos’ re-election campaign has been hit by yet another blow. His chief campaign strategist J.J. Rendón resigned on Monday night amid controversial allegations that he took 12 million dollars from some of Colombia’s top drug lords in exchange for helping to negotiate their surrender with positive terms.

  • Thursday, May 8th 2014 - 04:34 UTC

    Grim outlook for Argentine industry according to auto industry and Moody's

    Industrial production this year is down 3.1%, while the auto industry was down 16% in the first quarter

    An estimated 12.000 workers from the auto industry and auto-parts manufacturing have been sent home on anticipated vacations or because of lesser working days, according to the mechanics union SMATA, a figure consistent with the level of domestic market sales and exports. However the industry leaders and unions have warned that the situation is set to worsen in coming months.

  • Thursday, May 8th 2014 - 04:30 UTC

    Argentine manufacturers send a strong disappointment message to government

    Companies expect the Argentine economy to expand anywhere between 0 and 0.5%

    The Argentine Industrial Union, UIA, the country's manufacturers strongest lobby released the results of a poll on Wednesday warning about the lower level of economic activity expected this year. The poll covered 300 corporations belonging to the organization and forecasts no jobs creation and abundant layoffs.