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Falklands' second weekly commercial air link talks take off, and should crystallize by next October

Saturday, February 17th 2018 - 02:06 UTC
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The United Kingdom and Argentina, following on the September 2016 joint communiqué to establish additional air links with the Falkland Islands, jointly announced on Friday that third country airlines interested in such operations will be contacted. It is expected that by the end of February the commercial process will be initiated, led by the Falkland Islands, and sometime next October the new weekly air link, with a monthly call in Argentina, will become operational. Read full article


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  • Roger Lorton

    Weekly flights, monthly stop-over in Argentina.

    This is still a live issue among the Islanders. Could be an interesting week ahead.

    Feb 17th, 2018 - 02:21 am - Link - Report abuse +5
  • DemonTree

    Is this a good time to remember the proposed bet between Jo Bloggs and Think, way back in 2016?

    ”I accept your bet offer with some minor modifications...:
    If you Kelpers get a direct flight to Brazil I will gladly write a piece eating my humble pie for that stubborn Watson child to print it in the Penguin....
    If not..., you will donate to my favourite charity, the International Red Cross, who soon will be digging in Malvinas turf, the modicum sum of £1,000 (thousand British Pound)... That's peanuts for you... You are after all a big shot Squidllionaire, arent you?

    Think, would you still be willing to make that offer?

    Feb 17th, 2018 - 10:00 am - Link - Report abuse +1
  • Islander1

    There is of course only ONE economically viable and politically safe route- a midweek direct flight with Santiago operated by Latam with a monthly landing each way in an Argentine town close to the flight path. Only economic case for the 2nd flight initially is in summer. Latam know when it is viable to do it - and good now there are not-stop flights 2 days a week to Heathrow as well as the well established daily longhaul links to the other major continents.
    Chile is our regular trading partner for air operations and we know and trust each other.
    Brazil far to big and as businesses in the Islands already know Brazil bisinesses have no real interest in doing business with its equivalent of a village shop down in the south atlantic.
    Also an airline operating from Sao Paolo to the islands would soon be “encouraged”
    to land regularily in Buenos Aires - and that would simply be fatal for the long term future of democracy and freedom to choose our own government in the Islands. Seen to be on alleged good terms with our enemy country who still claims us lock-stock-and-barrel, UK folks would naturally start to question what are they paying our defence for and Br Forces themselves puzzled to arrive here to defend our rights against a S American threat only to find people from there swarming all over the place with direct flights! Give it 5 yrs and Br forces will be being withdrawn- and then a few years later we know whose forces will arriving and whose flag will be over Stanley.
    But we know which route the UK Foreign Office want- Brazil - and they will do their damndest to force it on us. We Islanders need to stand firm and say - if it has to be Brazil - then better NO 2nd flight.

    Feb 17th, 2018 - 11:34 am - Link - Report abuse +6
  • Think

    Mr. Islander1...
    From your Squatting Kelper point of wiew..., you are absolutely..................................... right....

    As British Squatting Kelpers..., you must accept what your Crown says...
    That's the way the cookie crumbles in the British Occupied South Atlantic.., me dear Patagonian fella...

    Having said the above...,I do sincerely hope you stand firm and annoy the British Crown sooooooo much that they decide to negotiate you away...

    Have a nice weekend...
    El Think...

    Feb 17th, 2018 - 12:03 pm - Link - Report abuse -8
  • Roger Lorton

    Still failing to understand the situation Think? A quote from MLA Leona Roberts last night = “... nothing has bee decided or agreed and will not be without our say-so.”

    Another from MLA Mike Pollard = “... a second flight stopping in BA is not something I will support. I can't speak for the other seven but I'm pretty sure they all agree.”

    If you know where to look, there is a lively debate taking place in the Falklands as I write. What appears to be clear is that the FIG have the final decision. Still don't know your organ grinders from your monkey's old man? Seems not.

    Feb 17th, 2018 - 02:15 pm - Link - Report abuse +8
  • Think

    Mr. DemonTree...
    My offer stands..., lad...

    Mr.Roger Lorton...
    You are a dreamer..., laddie...

    Feb 17th, 2018 - 02:46 pm - Link - Report abuse -6
  • DemonTree

    That's weird, Roger's comment wasn't there when I posted mine. But Islander1's comment shows what he is talking about , apparently not everyone agrees where the flight should go or even if there should be another one.

    I'm not taking your bet, I'm not a squidlionaire and I don't have a spare £1000.

    Anyway, our government isn't 100% trustworthy but they still prefer it to yours.

    Feb 17th, 2018 - 04:33 pm - Link - Report abuse -4
  • Islander1

    Think, happy to be your Patagonian neighbour fella as nobody can deny we have a lot in common. But I sure as hell aint no Squatter - family have been here in these Islands since 1845 - how long has yours been in Argentina? I am first and foremost an Islander - and we do not have to do what London says - those days died a few decades ago.

    Feb 17th, 2018 - 05:48 pm - Link - Report abuse +10
  • Jo Bloggs


    It’s not often I correct something that an Islander says on here, and I wish you were right, but you are fooling nobody by saying “- and we do not have to do what London says-“. -those days are still here and will be for as long as we remain a BOT. ...and out of interest, I want the Falklands to remain a BOT.

    Feb 17th, 2018 - 05:58 pm - Link - Report abuse +4
  • Islander1

    Jo- we do not have to accept a 2nd flight from anywhere if we do not want to- as we will be financially backing the airline anyway.
    FCO can jump as high as they like- its our airspace and our Dept of Civil Aviation that would issue the relevant permits.
    I to want to remain a BOT - and the UK Govt cannot dictate to us what to do in our country,

    They could of course tell us we had better become Argentines and lump it and withdraw Defence - but would have to explain that to their electorate. And so long as the families of those who gave their lives for us in 1982 are still about and the veterans themselves - I do not see that happening.
    What UK can do is try the sly approach - eg flight from Brazil - and allow us to fall into the trap ourselves - then yes they could indeed walk away- and it would be our own fault.

    Feb 17th, 2018 - 06:08 pm - Link - Report abuse +5
  • DemonTree

    Those veterans won't live forever, and no one under 40 now can possibly remember the war. Do you have a plan for when they're gone?

    Feb 17th, 2018 - 06:19 pm - Link - Report abuse -7
  • Think

    I luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu Rodge the Engrish copper enthusiasm (and secretism;-)

    “If you know where to look, there is a lively debate taking place in the Falklands as I write.” ... did he post some six hours ago...

    - It was high time some lively debate in the Falklands took place... I say... These news are six day old...!

    As I posted five days ago in another thread...:
    “This article is just about the pertinent Argie authorities being in contact with the pertinent British occupation authorities about the issue of a new air route to and from Malvinas from the continent...
    A piece of information that..., apparently..., isn't worthy of being reported by the MercoMalvinasPress tho its core squatting readers...
    .... THINK about that..., Kelpers dear...”

    Chuckle..., chuckle...

    Feb 17th, 2018 - 08:07 pm - Link - Report abuse -7
  • Jo Bloggs

    I thought you were speaking in general rather than just about this second flight. In the case of the second flight the U.K.- I agree with you- cannot tell us what to do but they can tell us they can’t manage to get Argentina to budge unless the flight stops once a month each way in Argentina. We need the second flight badly and I am prepared to accept the same deal as with out current flight; it’s been happening for almost 20 years now with no negative effect. Okay, so a few more Argentines come over than might otherwise but it’s a free world we live in.

    As for other issues in general, there is a whole raft of areas where we must do as we are told by the U.K. Aviation is a good example. Our aviation legislation is directly applied by the U.K.

    Feb 17th, 2018 - 08:12 pm - Link - Report abuse +4
  • Think

    I have been Thinking..., Kelpers dear...
    Islander1's post above has a lot of good usable stuff on it...:

    - A midweek direct flight to Santiago de Chile..., operated by LATAM with a monthly landing each way at Buenos Aires...
    - LATAM soon being..., “Encouraged” to land weekly at Buenos Aires - and I would really like to meet the odd non cheesparing Kelper(ette) that would choose to continue to Santiago making his/hers journey much longer and dearer...

    Remember the auld Kelper joke...:
    Q..: How many Kelpers are needed to change a burned lightbulb...?
    A...: Change...? Who needs change...?

    Chuckle..., chuckle...

    Feb 17th, 2018 - 08:33 pm - Link - Report abuse -8
  • Islander1

    Joe, agree with you re the monthly stopover - they can plan it to be same week as the existing so at least we get half a month free of them. So long of course as that stopover is not BA - or anywhere nearby that will allow Arg to pressurize the airline to move it to BA.And this rules out Brazil as start point.
    I am not fussed with FI and all other BOTs conforming with Uk Int standards on Aviation- Shipping -Laws - a standard that is well regarded worldwide - yes agree a bit of a pain in the neck at times in a small place.

    Think- you miss the point - Islanders have the final say in where the Arg landing is - if its BA and we say no - then its no and no 2nd flight. Nice and simple.

    Feb 17th, 2018 - 09:29 pm - Link - Report abuse +5
  • Think

    Mr. Islander1
    I am NOT missing your “point”..., chai...
    A WIN-WIN situation..., as far as I am concerned...

    Feb 17th, 2018 - 09:37 pm - Link - Report abuse -7
  • DemonTree

    Does that mean you disagree with the Kirchners' policy banning a second flight all these years? Have we finally found something Macri's done that you approve of?

    Feb 17th, 2018 - 10:02 pm - Link - Report abuse -3
  • Think

    Perfectly wrong understood..., boy...
    Think again...

    Feb 17th, 2018 - 10:05 pm - Link - Report abuse -4
  • Kanye

    I can't see the UK troops withdrawing regardless of change in status, unless the Islanders explicitly ask them to go.

    Those veterans won't live forever, and no one under 40 now can possibly remember the war. Do you have a plan for when they're gone?”

    Yet another example that the Demon Tree identity exists only to serve Think /Voice.

    A 'facilitator', he raises questions and disputes statements of pro-Falklands/ pro-UK sources and posters, for Think and Voice to comment upon.

    A common dramatic device.


    - now suddenly conversant in Spanish and posting and commenting on Spanish-only links.

    - seems to possess key words, dates, and subject titles, database, to retrieve specific statements and controversies over several years.

    - despite only coming to MP relatively recently, seems to possess an extensive knowledge of Argie gov. history, and troll 'talking points'.

    This is not the behaviour of casual posters or curious interested readers.

    He is a far cry from the “gosh shucks, I didn't know that” naive-questing persona he presented when he arrived here.

    From a once occasional poster, he has evolved to be omni-present on every subject, just as the discredited “Voice” identity dropped off the map.

    Certainly, this is a better transition from Voice to DT, than the previous Commander DoD to Voice changeover.

    Have a nice day, y'all

    Feb 17th, 2018 - 11:21 pm - Link - Report abuse +10
  • Roger Lorton

    You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make Think think.

    The 'pertinent' authorities are the ones who pay. No route to Brazil is viable without a guarantee of financial support from the FIG which rather leaves them with the final decision.

    It is you that dreams Think.

    That debate I mentioned is still raging. Why didn't it start 6 days ago? Because they were waiting for something from the MLAs, which was only published at 4.30pm on Friday. Some may see that as an attempt to bury bad news. Hasn't worked.

    The Islanders must decide and the FCO (the monkeys) need to listen. If they don't, then the Islanders need to rouse the Lobby. Take it from me, it needs rousing.

    Feb 17th, 2018 - 11:42 pm - Link - Report abuse +8
  • Think

    I believe you..., copper.
    Them auld tall men from the Charity do need rousing...
    Maybe you could help them out...
    Ain't the blue ones dirt cheap in Thailand...?

    Feb 18th, 2018 - 12:03 am - Link - Report abuse -4
  • DemonTree

    ROFL. Why so paranoid? Is this a case of liars think everyone is lying, cheaters think everyone cheats, and sockpuppeteers think everyone is a sockpuppet?

    “He is a far cry from the “gosh shucks, I didn't know that” naive-questing persona he presented when he arrived here.”

    Yes, it's funny how spending 2 years discussing a subject and learning about it means you end up knowing something. And that if you put effort into learning a language, you can learn some. As for your keywords etc, it's called google. You just need a semi-decent memory and to know what you are doing.

    And my question that you quoted (which Think didn't comment on, by the way); you don't get it. They *should* be thinking about this, because Britain had very little interest in the Falklands before the war, and may well have little interest again in the not-too-distant future. If they don't want that to happen (and I presume they don't), they need to do something about it. IMO CFK has helped them out significantly there, by raising the issue constantly and making headlines, and pissing off people in the UK who wouldn't have thought of it otherwise.

    Feb 18th, 2018 - 12:09 am - Link - Report abuse -4
  • Roger Lorton

    In a strange sort of way, I do miss the mad Kirchners. Better than light entertainment for belly laughs, and there was always plenty of news for the Facebook Falklands News page.

    The Macri effect has made it all a little slow. Still, I'm sure there's another raving Peronist just around the corner. Must be, Argentines do so love a little self harm.

    Feb 18th, 2018 - 12:40 am - Link - Report abuse +4
  • DemonTree

    I know what you mean, I wish I'd found this site earlier when CFK was still running Argentina. I'm sure we're better off with Macri but it's not as entertaining.

    Feb 18th, 2018 - 01:08 am - Link - Report abuse -3
  • Chicureo

    Finally, the Falklanders will soon experience regular and reliable service from Buenos Aires using completely refurbished Tupolev Tu-154s that can even operate from unpaved airfields. Who needs LANTAM when you can enjoy Aerolineas Argentinas instead.

    Feb 18th, 2018 - 02:12 am - Link - Report abuse +4
  • Think

    Two corrections...
    An-148..., not Tu-154...
    LATAM..., not LANTAM...

    Feb 18th, 2018 - 02:38 am - Link - Report abuse -3
  • Roger Lorton


    Two corrections...

    Buenos Aires is still off the table...

    LATAM may even get the flight to Brazil...

    Feb 18th, 2018 - 03:47 am - Link - Report abuse +3
  • Jo Bloggs

    Demon Tree

    I don’t come on here very much these days; my recent contributions this month most likely match my total contributions in numbers of the previous 6 months. That doesn’t mean I go through periods of time when I only read MP and can’t be bothered posting; I simply don’t bother looking at it at all most of the time because it serves no real purpose in the scheme of things.

    Anyway, that being the case, I’ve seen very little of what you’ve had to say on here. So apologies if I missed your initial introductions but would you mind telling me a bit about yourself? Just the basics would be fine. Where are you from? Where do you live? Where else have you lived? What has you interested in the Falklands? What sort of work you do? Just the basic sorts of information that you’d Find in the simplest of bios.

    Like I said, I may have missed it all from when you got going but I’d be interested to read it all again.

    Many thanks.

    Feb 18th, 2018 - 08:56 am - Link - Report abuse +5
  • DemonTree

    “Certainly, this is a better transition from Voice to DT, than the previous Commander DoD to Voice changeover.”

    It occurred to me last night that Kanye appeared around the same time I did, and DoD was gone by then. So how do you know so much about him? I bet Troy Tempest was posting during that period...

    @Jo Bloggs
    Okay. I'm English, I live in the Midlands and work in IT. I happened to see a couple of articles about the Falklands and watched a documentary on Youtube, and I don't remember how I discovered this site, but I found the comments more entertaining than the articles. One of the reasons I started posting was that I didn't see my opinions represented; if someone else had already said what I wanted to then I wouldn't have bothered.

    I found this site because of the Falklands, but actually South American politics is pretty interesting, and we don't hear much about it in Britain normally. I've learned a lot.

    And when I had only been here a short time, Think said this to me:

    ”(12) Mr. DemonTree

    Be warned...

    If you keep that logical attitude up, you will inexorably be accused of being one of Think's

    Kanye/Troy has been suspicious of me ever since.

    Anything else you want to know?

    Feb 18th, 2018 - 10:09 am - Link - Report abuse -5
  • Think

    Mr. DemonTree...
    Logical atitue indeed... (except for your haughty, resounding silence about what gave and gives you Engrish Colonials the right to claim some 12,000,000 km2 of Argentine adjacent territory in the South Atlantic whilst “giving away” some 24,000,000 km2 of similar adjacent South Pacific teritories to your former Kiwi and Oz colonies)... Anyhow..., a pleasure having you here...
    And now..., if you would excuse me..., i must tease a paranoid Engrishman in Malvinas...

    Gooooooooood morning Mr. Jo Bloggs...
    He is gooooood..., me new sockpuppet..., Mr. DemonTree..., ain't he...?
    But careful... If you enlist him to the Falklandists cause it could end by him visiting them windblown Islands and improving its genegic pool ;-)
    You are still convinced that Cmdr. McDOD was me..., I reckon...;-)
    But..., do you still suffer the same paranoia about Shilean Mr. Shicureo...?
    Ot have you asked Celia about some “suspicious THINKing guests”at her B&B lately...?

    A nice Sunday to ya all...
    El Think

    Feb 18th, 2018 - 10:43 am - Link - Report abuse -4
  • Roger Lorton

    Now what would give Argentina the right to 12,000,000km2 of territory adjacent to South America? Geography? Laughed out of court in 1928.

    As for giving 24,000,000km2 South Pacific (adjacent to what?) territory away, the answer is plain. The people of those South Pacific territories wanted to be independent. The people of the Falklands do not. If they did, we'd give that 12,000,000km2 territory to them.

    Argentina just don't figure in it.

    I have, thank you

    Feb 18th, 2018 - 10:51 am - Link - Report abuse +6
  • golfcronie

    @DM the past participle of “ to learn” is “ learnt ” but being a Brummie Englishman you would know that.

    Feb 18th, 2018 - 10:56 am - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Brit Bob

    'No tribunal could tell her (Argentina) that she has acquiesced to it. But what the protests do not do is to defeat British title, which was built up in other ways through Argentina's acquiescence. (Rosalyn Higgins, ''Falklands and the Law'' Observer, 2 May 1982).

    Falklands – Acquisitive Prescription(1 pg):

    Feb 18th, 2018 - 10:57 am - Link - Report abuse +3
  • Roger Lorton

    Careful lad, I too am a Brummie.

    Pure luck that I speak English at all :-)

    Feb 18th, 2018 - 11:05 am - Link - Report abuse +6
  • DemonTree

    Oi, I'm not a Brummie (not that there's anything wrong with that ;)). And the dictionary says both are acceptable, but I won't pretend I never make a grammar mistake.

    “If they did, we'd give that 12,000,000km2 territory to them.”

    What, the South Sandwich Islands and Antarctica too? Why should we?

    Feb 18th, 2018 - 11:20 am - Link - Report abuse -2
  • Think

    To keep it in the Holy Pirate Anglo Family...?

    Feb 18th, 2018 - 11:42 am - Link - Report abuse -6
  • The Voice

    In essence the treaty or whatever it is of Antarctica says that all nations with claims put them on ice and will cooperate to ensure that the continent is looked after and not destroyed in pursuit of extraction of natural resources. This is a noble aim to protect one of the last wildernesses on earth. S Georgia and the Sandwich Islands are being carefully managed andxslowly cleaned up by us British, it sems to wotk quite well and its a pure delight to behold.
    Can we trust Argentina to do the same? Sometimes controlled by a bunch of Anti British Colonialist Nazi crooks whose word cannot be trusted, not likely!

    Feb 18th, 2018 - 11:52 am - Link - Report abuse +4
  • Islander1

    Think- the old pirate bit surfacing again I see? Reminds me of a lady Arg tourist on a coach tour last summer challenged me that the English were just Pirates - floored her totally when I agreed with her 100% - and then went on the remind her that in those days so were the Spanish-French-Portugese-Dutch-Belgians-Danes-and even the Germans and Italians got going as well - different world those days - they could not even spell words like human rights and democracy - was all a case of grab and steal from each other as much of the new worlds as they could and the winners were they guys with the bigger guns and bank notes! Hell even Argentina got in on the Piracy act on the 1860s with old Rocas rampaging around patagonia wiping out the indigenous indian folks there.
    She and others onboard did agree I had a point and that in the 21st century different sets of rules apply like the rights of a people.

    Feb 18th, 2018 - 12:01 pm - Link - Report abuse +7
  • DemonTree

    I hope that treaty lasts for a *long* time. It seems silly for just 1 or 2 countries to claim a whole uninhabited continent, for whatever reason, and the environmental damage would be horrendous if they tried to exploit it.

    Good for you.

    Feb 18th, 2018 - 12:42 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • The Voice

    Kayne, like you I dislike seeing British folk engaging with,
    sucking up to and feeding the trolls, an activity the trolls actively encourage in the knowledge that it will annoy true Brits and our friends. I believe the best response to the trolls is to lampoon them, disprove their assertions, address them with an appropriate title or simply ignore them. The latter renders them impotent. In some cases the Quisling response to the trolls is a result of naivity and in others I suspect it is the result of an unfavourable brush with the islanders at some time in the past.
    Think would so obviously love to be British, a nation he obviously admires, but he is not, squirms with his fate and like Marcos is an irrelavent Argie outcast living in Britain directed by the remnants of the KFC inspired Brook Street. I too am suspicious of anyone who is addressed by the term 'Mr' from Think - the kiss of death to one's credibility.

    Feb 18th, 2018 - 01:25 pm - Link - Report abuse +4
  • Roger Lorton

    One or two? If/when that Treaty breaks there'll be a free-for-all. The USA long ago reserved its position. Russia & China too. The only thing that holds it all together is the simple fact that no nation has yet worked out what there is to exploit there. Let us hope they never find anything there worth having.

    Feb 18th, 2018 - 01:26 pm - Link - Report abuse +6
  • DemonTree

    “I too am suspicious of anyone who is addressed by the term 'Mr' from Think - the kiss of death to one's credibility.”

    Oh really? Let's have a look back through this thread:

    “Mr. Islander1...”

    “Mr.Roger Lorton...”

    “Gooooooooood morning Mr. Jo Bloggs...”

    “Shilean Mr. Shicureo...?”

    You SURE you don't want to reconsider that, TV?

    PS. Thanks for confirming for Kanye that I AM British. ;)


    Feb 18th, 2018 - 02:11 pm - Link - Report abuse -4
  • The Voice

    You missed yourself out… Why was that? And.. I have no idea whether you are British, unfortunately Britain is cursed with too many people whose views and actions, are dragging it down these days.

    Feb 18th, 2018 - 02:46 pm - Link - Report abuse +5
  • Think

    Mr. The Voice... (Chuckle..., chuckle...)
    People whose views and actions, are dragging Britain down these days must be dealt in the most British of ways...:

    Feb 18th, 2018 - 03:03 pm - Link - Report abuse -7
  • DemonTree

    I left myself out because I assumed you did intend to impugn my credibility. But it's nice to know I'm in such good company and I'm sure those other people will be happy to learn what you really think of them.

    And you can't know 100%, but I reckon it would be pretty hard for most foreigners to pretend to be British. I never thought that Kanye was, for example. I agree Britain is cursed with too many people whose views and actions are dragging it down, like the newspaper editor who accused the High Court judges of being traitors and the Brexiters who lied that we could leave the EU and still keep all the benefits. Not to mention the idiots who believe there is some kind conspiracy against them because the facts don't match what they would like to believe.


    Feb 18th, 2018 - 03:14 pm - Link - Report abuse -7
  • Think

    Mr. Think..., if I may...

    Feb 18th, 2018 - 03:18 pm - Link - Report abuse -8
  • DemonTree

    You know, I reckon he was just jealous because you never call him Mr, and said that because he knew it would make you do it...

    Feb 18th, 2018 - 03:26 pm - Link - Report abuse -5
  • Think

    I know..., even the Turnips deserve a nice Sunday now an then...

    Feb 18th, 2018 - 03:35 pm - Link - Report abuse -7
  • dab14763

    Brit Bob,

    Correcting your Higgins quote:

    'No tribunal could tell her (Argentina) that she has acquiesced to it. But what the protests do not do is to defeat British title, which was built up in other ways THAN through Argentina's acquiescence. (Rosalyn Higgins, ''Falklands and the Law'' Observer, 2 May 1982).

    Feb 18th, 2018 - 03:55 pm - Link - Report abuse +5
  • Jo Bloggs

    Demon Tree

    Thanks very much for that. I hope it’s not too cold in the Midlands for you at present. It’s a beautiful 23 degrees here today in Stanley.

    You mentioned in your reply to me that you weren’t seeing your views represented on MP. What are your views, especially with regards to the Falklands? I suppose I’d be interested to learn your views in particular about our rights to self-determination and to remain British if we choose. ...and whether you believe Argentina has a legitimate claim to our Islands’ sovereignty.

    Mrs Bloggs and I are out for the rest of the day to enjoy the sunshine. You’ll be pleased to know that I cleaned both of our toilets yesterday (choosing not to get one of my Asian slaves out of their cage to do it. That was just a joke for Think; please nobody get excited) and am finished work for the day. Our business partners flew in today so I went and met them and deposited them in their hotel. There were a lot of people of the flight including many interesting and influential business people and senior civil servants/ diplomats today. Very interesting.

    Anyway, we’re off to camp for the afternoon.

    Feb 18th, 2018 - 04:11 pm - Link - Report abuse +8
  • Kanye

    @Demon Tree

    “Is this a good time to remember the proposed bet between Jo Bloggs and Think, way back in 2016?”...

    How would the nascent, newly awakening “Demon Tree” know to earmark that conversation for future recall two years later?

    Think exists to publicly undermine and demoralise the population and support of the the Falkland Islands.

    The “Demon Tree” identity exists to fascilitate those conversations.
    Full stop.

    Feb 18th, 2018 - 04:49 pm - Link - Report abuse +3
  • Think

    Think exists today to walk and publicly undermine haughty Engrish and other men... ;-)

    Feb 18th, 2018 - 05:27 pm - Link - Report abuse -7
  • Brit Bob



    Gilbran also misquotes Higgins - probably where I most recently found it.

    Feb 18th, 2018 - 06:00 pm - Link - Report abuse +3
  • The Voice

    Twinkle you spend too much time in London and Mayfair is the epicentre of the remains of the haughty. Try and get in the Carlton Club and you will see what I mean. Out here in the sticks we are mostly patriotic ordinary working people who call a spade a spade and a Quisling a Quisling. And, whatever you say or do ordinary folk here will continue to support the defence of the British Falkland Islands. Fail… noxious Anti British Nazi Colonialist troll (and your acolytes and other identities)

    Feb 18th, 2018 - 06:06 pm - Link - Report abuse +5
  • DemonTree

    @Jo Bloggs
    You said you have your own business, right? I guess working on a Sunday is the downside of that. Were those illustrious people on the flight something to do with this story?

    My view is that whatever the historical whys and wherefores, it would make no difference to my daily life, or to Think's, whether those islands were owned by Britain, or Argentina, or Kiribati. But it would make a great deal of difference to all of yours, so I think you should decide and I support self determination.

    I don't believe that opinion is anything unusual around here, but when I joined there were quite a few people with a milder version of Conqueror's views (the ones I quoted for you in the other thread), and people saying that we, or you, should refuse to trade or have any contact with Argentina, which I find ridiculous and counterproductive. Also it was just before the Brexit referendum, and I have very different ideas about that to most people here.

    Unfortunately, ordinary patriotic working people like me having different opinions is not appreciated here, to put it mildly. You can see the results for yourself.

    You make it sound like I wasn't born until I joined this website. Why on earth would I be any less able to remember something just because I hadn't been posting long? I'd think the reverse would be true.

    I had actually forgotten the bet, but ever since Think posted about the flights, it's been nagging at me that he once claimed they would never happen. So I did some digging and found the relevant thread. I can't imagine why Think would want it brought up, Joe's hopes are a lot closer to being reality now.

    Feb 18th, 2018 - 08:26 pm - Link - Report abuse -6
  • Jo Bloggs

    Demon Tree

    No, I don’t have my own business. I am a director in the business I work for but I hold no shares whatsoever in it. The MPs were part of the group and of course they are influential and interesting people also but I was more taken by the number of company executives and major shareholders on the flight as well as some of the senior civil servants. I guess what I meant by my earlier post was that I was unaware of a lot of them coming until I saw the sort of people who were waiting at the airport for passengers to emerge through the doors. There were a lot of shiny Range Rovers parked in the car park.

    You’re spot on in practical terms about the tangible effects the sovereignty of the Falklands would have on the likes of you or Think. It’s all about face for the Argentine Malvinistas. It’s not as if owning the Islands would make the slightest scratch up or down on their GDP. Think always tells us that our windswept rocks are useless so I guess it would be a slight downward trend in the GDP you’d be trying to measure if Argentina ever got ahold of them.

    You’re entitled to whatever opinion you like and so is Think (even though he is a nasty piece of work) and I would defend, within my powers, the rights for both of you to have those opinions until the day I die.

    Feb 18th, 2018 - 09:42 pm - Link - Report abuse +4
  • The Voice

    “It’s all about face for the Argentine Malvinistas” , spot on, thats whats so sad, its nothing more than that and its the only reason that all those people died.

    Feb 18th, 2018 - 10:03 pm - Link - Report abuse +1
  • DemonTree

    @Joe Bloggs
    Sorry, I must have got hold of the wrong end of the stick. What are all the company execs etc doing there? Is it something to do with the MP's visit or unrelated?

    Think seems to complain more about the sea around them than the islands themselves, but it's obvious it is a pride issue for Argentina rather than any practical benefit they might hope to get.

    I would also defend anyone's right to an opinion, and to talk about those opinions, even the stupid and wrong ones. ;)

    But if you are satisfied perhaps we can get back to the original topic of the thread, which Kanye managed to derail quite successfully.

    Do you think Islander1 is right to be concerned about having the stop in BA, that there might be pressure to increase it to weekly instead of monthly? I would assume you'd get more tourists from Argentina in that case too, as it would be a more convenient departure point for most people there. Would it not be safer to go with a flight to Santiago and have the stop be somewhere smaller like Neuquen?

    Feb 18th, 2018 - 10:45 pm - Link - Report abuse -2
  • Jo Bloggs

    There is a long history of Argentine governments playing us for fools and taking advantage of situations, not keeping their side of agreements and failing to intervene when their countrymen clearly cross the line and resort to physical intimidation (Top Gear crew stoned, P&O offices smashed, British cruise ship passengers threatened by Quebracho as they leave the docks). For these sorts of reasons and many more like them, people here don’t trust them. You have to keep in context how small we are compared to Argentina.

    Be it symbolic or real, BA is seen to be a much more intimidating platform opportunity for foul play to be generated from.

    I am undecided on whether I’d like to see a second LATAM flight or a different airline and on top of that I’d like to see some more regional and more frequent feeder flights from somewhere down south.

    Feb 18th, 2018 - 11:03 pm - Link - Report abuse +4
  • The Voice

    I cannot see why many Argentines would want to visit the Islands. They must hold painful memories for a tiny minority. The wildlife of the Islands isnt so different to what can more easily be seen in South America. However I would imagine with easier and less expensive access via somewhere other than Argentina I would imagine that a trip to the islands for Brits and Europeans to enjoy the wildlife would be most attractive and modestly boost tourism. But… would the majority of Islanders welcome that?

    Feb 18th, 2018 - 11:22 pm - Link - Report abuse +4
  • DemonTree

    That's a good point, I remember the Argentine ambassador demanding the BBC apologise after her citizens tried to kill the Top Gear film crew. What a cheek! Anyway, I can understand why you wouldn't want to be dependant on Argentina for anything. And speaking of violent visitors, how is the blacklist going?

    I suppose you may as well wait and see which airlines are interested before making any decisions. I can see pros and cons to using a different one, but where 'down south' would you want more frequent flights from? I assume somewhere in Chile?

    Feb 18th, 2018 - 11:29 pm - Link - Report abuse -3
  • Jo Bloggs


    By the blacklist do mean the persona non grata list? I think it’s a mess and a joke but that’s just me and lot’s of people would like to see the list lengthened. IMO hardly anyone on it truly should be on it and we need to start dealing with people (who make the sorts of offences as some on the list did) proportionately.

    Feb 19th, 2018 - 12:18 am - Link - Report abuse +2
  • Roger Lorton

    In the (good) old days there were morning courts to deal with the drunks and trouble makers arrested the night before for relatively mild transgressions. They would be made to form a queue in front of the magistrate who gave a standard 10 quid fine to everyone who pleaded guilty.

    The old joke went that half-way down the queue the magistrate was presented with a man who, when asked how he pleaded, answered “Not Guilty”. “Not what” said the magistrate. “Guilty” replied the man. “Ten pound fine. Next”

    Feb 19th, 2018 - 12:30 am - Link - Report abuse +4
  • DemonTree

    Joe, yes, the list of people banned from entry. I'm surprised you think it's excessive, most other posters seemed to believe it didn't go far enough. What kind of (minor?) offenses have people been added for? And how do you think they should be dealt with, something like Roger's morning court? I wonder why they got rid of that here, it seems like a good idea, less bureaucracy and hassle all around.

    Feb 19th, 2018 - 10:52 am - Link - Report abuse -1
  • Room101

    Hello Islander1.
    The nearest I have been to the Falklands was in visit with RN Flagship and take samples from Port Stanley seafloor (diving team) But good beer!
    Anyway, it is true that you Islanders are not totally under UK's obligation, but you might need some military clout sometime.
    Best regards,

    Feb 19th, 2018 - 11:25 am - Link - Report abuse +2
  • GALlamosa

    The idea postulated by a number of non-progressive reactionaries that the Falkland Islands does not need to be further connected to the rest of the world is quite self evidently nonsense (mostly Roger's FB buddies which is why he doesn't appear to understand broad sentiment on the issue). In life most things come at a cost, and the question for Falkland Islanders on the 2nd flight issue the cost, a monthly stopover in Argentina, too high a price to pay for a significantly improve connection to the rest of the world.

    Clearly there are those who believe that any kind of accommodation of the Argentine (current) position of seeking additional contact, is wrong. That is entirely understandable, and such contact causes a great deal of discomfort for these people. But does cutting yourself off and hunkering down really represent any kind of future for Islanders for the next 50 years ? Its OK for those who will not see the next 50 years, or for those with limited horizons, but it is the default defensive position. My preference is to be on the offensive, develop the economy, make the Islands stronger, continue to promote the basic human rights of Islanders to self-determination, and over time allow the backward Argentines to catch up with modern reality that territorial ambition does not override the rights of people.

    The second flight is one piece in the jigsaw, but an important piece. For me a monthly stopover (like the RG one we have come to accept for nearly 20 years) is not too high a price to pay, provided it is not to be used (and cannot be used) as a political lever in the future, and in that the Assembly Members must be alert. Look at the wording very carefully, and make sure it is all understood in the same manner by all parties.

    Finally, Tim's view that the only viable option is a direct flight by LATAM to Santiago carries significant risks. It is not the only commercially viable option, and carries heavy pricing risks. Choices to be made.

    Feb 19th, 2018 - 12:28 pm - Link - Report abuse +3
  • Think

    Mr. GALlamosa...
    Good post....
    You must be more careful with what you say in this forum...
    You wouldn't want any bloody Argie Malvinist to know that Mr. Islander1 is Mr. Tim M. In real life..., would you...?

    Feb 19th, 2018 - 12:40 pm - Link - Report abuse -4
  • DemonTree

    I completely agree. And looking carefully at the wording of any agreement and making sure everyone is on the same page is an important point, judging by how Argentina has treated previous deals.

    Please keep your mouth shut about people's identities. GALlamosa clearly made a mistake, you didn't.

    Feb 19th, 2018 - 01:27 pm - Link - Report abuse -1
  • Think

    Mr. DemonTree...

    Me dear lad...
    Did I release the identity of mr.Tim...?
    Or of Mr. Benson.. or of Ms. Monty96.. or of Mr. Westisbest.. or of Mr. Jo Bloggs or even of Mr. GALamosa...?
    Nope... I haven't..., and I won't...


    Feb 19th, 2018 - 01:54 pm - Link - Report abuse -3
  • Roger Lorton

    Galimosa - my FB buddies? The Facebook page that I operate, now alongside other administrators, has four and a half thousand members, including a large number of islanders (no, I haven't counted them).

    I believe that I do understand 'broad' sentiment on the issue which is that while another flight is desirable, a stop-over in Argentina is not. But, as you say, it is the price that has to be paid. Whether it will be paid is yet to be decided. That is for the islanders and if they wish to remain 'cut off' from South America, that is entirely their affair.

    There has been a lot of noise over the weekend on this issue and I have little doubt that there'll be more over the next week. I shall continue to watch with interest, but I shan't be voting either way.

    Feb 19th, 2018 - 10:57 pm - Link - Report abuse +2
  • Think


    ......... but I had a finger in helping Mr.Redhoyt to get out of the closet...;-)

    Feb 20th, 2018 - 12:22 am - Link - Report abuse -3
  • Roger Lorton

    You? Again your memory deceives you Think. I revealed myself simply because my research had my name written all over it.

    Feb 20th, 2018 - 12:53 am - Link - Report abuse +1
  • Think

    Yes..., Rodge..., as you wish...

    Feb 20th, 2018 - 01:04 am - Link - Report abuse -3
  • Roger Lorton

    Dream on Think

    Feb 20th, 2018 - 01:52 am - Link - Report abuse +2
  • Think


    ......... as he had a finger in encouraging Mr.Think to continue practising his Engrish in here...;-)

    ( HE won't remember though... That mighty German..., Mr. Alz H. seems to have push the “Ctrl-Alt-Del” on him ;-)

    Feb 20th, 2018 - 08:05 am - Link - Report abuse -2
  • Roger Lorton

    Rambling Think? You don't dribble too, I suppose? Age is a terrible thing.

    Feb 20th, 2018 - 08:09 am - Link - Report abuse +1
  • Think

    It was your haughtiness some 8 years ago ... lad...
    As far as I remember...,after having got one of your buddy's Justin Kuntz's usual expletive “welcomings”... you Engrishman asked how it felt to hit me head against the wall...
    You had some memory those days..., I reckon...
    Only the haughtiness left today..., I see...
    Chuckle..., chuckle...

    (Next you will tell me that you never liked Ale...;-)

    Feb 20th, 2018 - 08:26 am - Link - Report abuse -2
  • Roger Lorton

    You do know that people with dementia recall things from the past, more easily than from their present? I do recall asking how you felt hitting your head against a wall, but the answer has since become apparent - you like it.

    As for helping your English, I doubt that, as your English was always excellent. But I do recall making the decision not to employ a nom de plume because I used my real name on the timeline. Nothing to do with you.

    Not that it matters. Ale? I tell everyone about the joys of Ale. Came up in a conversation with Voice only last year.

    Keep taking the tablets, old man ;-)

    Feb 20th, 2018 - 09:09 am - Link - Report abuse +2
  • Think

    At least you remember some...,laddie...

    Chuckle..., chuckle...

    Feb 20th, 2018 - 09:19 am - Link - Report abuse -2
  • DemonTree

    “I do recall asking how you felt hitting your head against a wall, but the answer has since become apparent - you like it.”

    How about everyone arguing with the Malvinistas in here?

    Feb 20th, 2018 - 09:29 am - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Think

    I like ya...
    Most of the time...
    Chuckle..., chucke..., rechuckle...

    Feb 20th, 2018 - 09:33 am - Link - Report abuse -3
  • DemonTree

    What, only most of the time? I'm sure The Voice will say it's the kiss of death to my credibility anyway.

    Feb 20th, 2018 - 10:32 am - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Think


    Feb 20th, 2018 - 11:32 am - Link - Report abuse -1
  • The Voice

    What credibility?

    Feb 20th, 2018 - 03:03 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • DemonTree

    Remember when people said Think was trying to divide the British posters? I'm sure you're making him very happy.

    Feb 20th, 2018 - 03:27 pm - Link - Report abuse -1
  • The Voice

    Coming from Thinks Poodle, thats rich!

    Feb 20th, 2018 - 04:37 pm - Link - Report abuse +1
  • Think

    That's nii¡¡¡¡¡iice...
    I have had many a dog...
    But never a poodle (or a British Bulldog...;-)

    Feb 20th, 2018 - 04:39 pm - Link - Report abuse -2
  • DemonTree


    But seriously, TV, in another thread you just accused me of being a quisling for repeating an opinion I heard from another British poster on this site, and you don't seem to have any quarrel with him.

    I may not agree with you on what is best for Britain, but I really do want what is best for Britain. I've never been on Argentina's side.

    Feb 20th, 2018 - 06:04 pm - Link - Report abuse -2
  • Think

    Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad dog...

    Feb 20th, 2018 - 07:33 pm - Link - Report abuse -2
  • The Voice

    Think wants the worse for Britain and wants the Falkland Islanders thrown out of their homes. He approves of the barricade and personal intimidation they suffer too. How any decent Brit can have a dialogue with this noxious troll…. ?

    Feb 20th, 2018 - 08:06 pm - Link - Report abuse +3
  • DemonTree

    You do have a point. I guess it's possible to disagree with someone's opinions without disliking them personally. What's the harm in a dialogue anyway? You think it's 'fraternising with the enemy' or something?

    Feb 20th, 2018 - 08:46 pm - Link - Report abuse -2
  • Kanye


    Let's be frank here.

    You feign objectivity, ask questions, and create conversation as a conduit for Think and other troll identities to introduce disinformation, discredit British posters and historical and political facts.

    You are not “fraternising with the enemy”, you ARE the enemy, a fifth columnist.

    Feb 21st, 2018 - 01:58 am - Link - Report abuse +3
  • Roger Lorton

    Previously, any willingness on the part of the UK to hold any dialogue on the issue of Falklands Sovereignty has been perceived in Argentina as a sign of weakness. There is nothing more to be said on the subject. It has all been said before. Argentina says that it wants to talk, but it does not want to listen.

    The question of sovereignty is settled.

    Feb 21st, 2018 - 02:46 am - Link - Report abuse +4
  • Think

    Mr. DemonTree...

    Biggest lie of all time*...:
    “Your check is on the mail”...

    * ”Time(s)” would confer a quite different meaning to the phrase than the supposedly desired... Not necessarily an error..., though...

    Note to meself...:
    Ahhhhhh... Me and me short-time memory loss...
    Mr. Lord Ton may be right... I should get it checked...
    Or was it he that should...?
    Can't remember...

    Feb 21st, 2018 - 06:30 am - Link - Report abuse -1
  • Roger Lorton

    Foreign Sec. Douglas Hurd December, 1994
    Dep. Prime Minister Nick Clegg March 2012
    Defence Secretary Fallon March, 2016
    Dep. Leader of the Opposition Eagle March 2016
    British Ambassador Mark Kent January, 2018

    Feb 21st, 2018 - 08:04 am - Link - Report abuse +1
  • Think

    I'll ask again in this thread...
    A have a little ”Airfare pricing question...:

    Today..., LATAM is leeching ~ £550 for a 800 km return ticket...: Puerto Estanley-Punta Arenas...

    How much do you “THINK” they will leech them Kelpers for a 2,400 km return ticket...: Puerto Estanley to Santiago de Chile...?

    Posted 15 hours ago - Link

    Feb 21st, 2018 - 08:26 am - Link - Report abuse -1
  • DemonTree

    Okay then, let's. You're a moron.

    I remember how you sucked up to me when I first joined, and accused other people of being sock puppets. And who turns out to have multiple accounts? Hypocrite Kanye (or should that be Troy Tempest or Lightning?) When you're challenged you run away and make a new account... coward.

    You think you can tell me I'm not patriotic enough and you won't even admit what country you're from. Are you ashamed of it? I'm proud to be British and I've been honest about it from the beginning.

    Instead of contributing something useful, all you do is snipe and try to pull down other posters, who unlike you are honest about themselves and what they believe. Pathetic.

    Feb 21st, 2018 - 10:24 am - Link - Report abuse -1
  • Think

    I'll rephrase me question in plain, easy reading Engrish ...

    If one can milk £550 for a 500 miles roundtrip to Chile from a Kelper...
    How many £ can one milk frome the same Kelper for a 1,500 miles roundtrip to Chile...?

    Feb 21st, 2018 - 10:44 am - Link - Report abuse -1
  • GALlamosa

    Hence my point above. An alternative to LATAM might have some price regulation effect; on the other hand it will make ticketing more complicated. There will be intelligent choices to be made depending on the level of interest.

    Feb 21st, 2018 - 10:59 am - Link - Report abuse +1
  • Think

    Right again..., Kelper...

    The law of Offer and Demand...

    The survival of the fittest and all that Greek Empedocles stuff later pirated by Engrish Charlie Darwin ;-)

    If you Kelpers get a normally priced air connection to the world... the LATAM golden goose will become a...... Dodo...

    Feb 21st, 2018 - 11:14 am - Link - Report abuse -3
  • DemonTree

    Or LATAM will cut their prices to compete. That's how the laws of supply and demand work.

    Feb 21st, 2018 - 11:25 am - Link - Report abuse -2
  • Think

    Goooooood boy...
    For a supply to exist one needs a d _ _ _ _ d...
    If a demand doesn't exist the s_ _ _ _ y dissapears...
    Unless..., of course..., Big Brother Brittania waves the rules...

    Feb 21st, 2018 - 11:34 am - Link - Report abuse -4
  • DemonTree

    The Islanders must have a good idea how much demand there is and can make that decision.

    And it's 'waives', by the way, plus Britannia would usually be a sister (isn't that obvious to you? It ends in 'a'). I think Britain should ensure they have one flight so they're not totally cut off, if they want more it's up to them to fund it if necessary.

    Feb 21st, 2018 - 11:51 am - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Think

    Mr. DemonTree...

    1) The Islanders have a lot of ideas that have not much contact with reality..., laddie...
    They only exist because they were and are functional to Albion's geopolitical interests...

    2) And it's “waves” by the way... It's called “Literally License”...:

    3) What you “Think”..., does already exist... Britainnia has ensured they have one “civiliancised” RAF flight from Brize Norton so they're not totally cut off...

    Feb 21st, 2018 - 12:13 pm - Link - Report abuse -6
  • DemonTree

    1. I'm sure they have a much better idea than I do, and the MLA's can get advice before deciding. 

    2. Do you mean literary licence? I googled and there are lots of hits for the phrase with 'waives', and only that book/play for 'waves'. But it doesn't really matter.

    3. Yes, and Britain doesn't subsidise their flight to Chile. It's up to them.

    Feb 21st, 2018 - 12:43 pm - Link - Report abuse -1
  • Think

    Yeahhhh... laddie... I meant to write literary... Now you can get at least two hits with “wave the rules”

    By the way... boy...
    How do you know Brittania was a “Sister”....
    Them Romans were very much LGTB... , ya know...?

    Feb 21st, 2018 - 12:50 pm - Link - Report abuse -5
  • DemonTree

    I know because I've seen pictures:

    The trident is for ruling the waves. (Or possibly nuking BA if you're into that kind of thing.)

    But now I'm wondering if those kind of personifications are always female. That picture of San Martin's tomb had statues of women representing Argentina, Chile and Peru, but I'm pretty sure 'Chile' is masculine in Spanish.

    Feb 21st, 2018 - 02:22 pm - Link - Report abuse -1
  • Think

    Nice Victorian bronze representation of a Roman ladyboy..., boy...
    What's s-he wearing...?
    Engrish fashion...?

    Feb 21st, 2018 - 03:05 pm - Link - Report abuse -4
  • DemonTree

    You tell me if you're such an expert. I don't know anything about it.

    Feb 21st, 2018 - 03:19 pm - Link - Report abuse -1
  • Think

    I'm not an expert...
    But one thing can I say for certain...
    With those biceps and triceps s-he ain't no Twiggy...
    (You are toooooooooooooooooo young... Google her ;-)

    Feb 21st, 2018 - 03:36 pm - Link - Report abuse -3
  • Kanye

    Well, mr Demon-tree hobgoblin type,

    I am sure you are loyal and patriotic,

    but to whom?

    Feb 21st, 2018 - 03:50 pm - Link - Report abuse +1
  • DemonTree

    To that lady with the trident, and the muscles to use it.

    Who are you loyal to, Kanye-of-no-country?

    Feb 21st, 2018 - 03:56 pm - Link - Report abuse -1
  • Think

    To the Romans...?

    Feb 21st, 2018 - 03:59 pm - Link - Report abuse -2
  • Kanye

    Think's Poodle Demon,


    Is your very remarkable Troll search engine suddenly offline?

    I expect it would be counter-productive for you to dig up my loyalties and my past on MP.

    Your “Voice” persona was very confident in it's theories regarding myself (and others).

    Think, poodle-master,

    Why are you attempting to cast sexual identities of posters or those you personify, in a derogatory fashion.

    Over-compensating, homophobe???

    Feb 21st, 2018 - 05:05 pm - Link - Report abuse +1
  • The Voice

    What a sickening pointless dialogue. - sock puppet sock puppet… and so on. Boy - Laddie, those, roadworks in Picadilly today must be making Brook Street reek like Delhi. Unhealthy place.

    Feb 21st, 2018 - 06:11 pm - Link - Report abuse +2
  • DemonTree

    I thought you might like to admit that you're Canadian. Are you ashamed of your country? Afraid of something?

    You could also confess to your other identities. They say honesty is good for the soul, and TV admitted his (Voice was right about him) and the world didn't end.

    My 'remarkable Troll search engine' aka google is fine. Did you want me to dig up your posting history?

    RE Think, perhaps you're right...

    Feb 21st, 2018 - 06:37 pm - Link - Report abuse -6
  • Islander1

    So Mr Llamosa/exMLA - What is the political risk on an additional flight from Santiago when demand required it- with a monthly stopover in say Neuquén - neatly under flightpath?
    OK still with same airline- so what? Much easier for those who travel in on one flight and leave on the other surely- could lead them to buying 2 single tickets on 2 different airlines otherwise unless both airlines members of same alliance.
    And its the airline who operate in midwinter with quite often 20-30 passengers only, on a 176 seat aircraft - that's a big money looser - not surprising they charge accordingly so in summer they make a good profit to cover those winter losses- fair economics to me.

    Feb 22nd, 2018 - 03:13 am - Link - Report abuse +3
  • Loong

    England will return the Malvinas within 25 years.

    Feb 22nd, 2018 - 04:40 am - Link - Report abuse -3
  • Kanye

    Poster just above ///

    There is no “g” in “loon”

    Feb 22nd, 2018 - 07:41 am - Link - Report abuse 0
  • DemonTree

    Hey Kanye:


    Feb 22nd, 2018 - 09:07 am - Link - Report abuse -2
  • Kanye

    Not clicking on anything you post, Think poodle

    Feb 22nd, 2018 - 02:05 pm - Link - Report abuse +1
  • DemonTree

    It's a photo of my passport, to prove your accusations are false.

    Feb 22nd, 2018 - 02:18 pm - Link - Report abuse -3
  • The Voice

    It could be anybody's passport, proves nothing….

    Feb 22nd, 2018 - 04:15 pm - Link - Report abuse +4
  • DemonTree

    Would you lend your passport to someone, even if you knew them well? That would be a pretty stupid thing to do. And if it's so easy to get your hands on someone else's passport, how about you replicate my picture with an Argentine one?

    I'll go buy today's paper later and take a picture of that, to prove I'm in England. If you can think of anything better that doesn't involve giving away my identity I'll do it.

    Feb 22nd, 2018 - 04:34 pm - Link - Report abuse -4
  • The Voice

    Why are you so worried about revealing your identity? Assassination? LOL! Baldy is paranoid too.
    Passport could be your partners ;-)
    Think has probably got a diplomatic one.

    Feb 22nd, 2018 - 07:22 pm - Link - Report abuse +1
  • Kanye

    Think's Poodle,

    At best, you're a sleazy Spanish pickpocket on La Rambla, or perhaps Oxford Street.

    I have to ask, when Think says “good dog”, what kind of Brit humiliates himself by standing up on his hind legs begging for another biscuit?

    It's ok, just a rhetorical question...

    Feb 22nd, 2018 - 07:57 pm - Link - Report abuse +1
  • Think

    Mr. Islander1...
    Good last post....
    You must be more careful with what you say in this forum...
    You wouldn't want any bloody Argie Malvinista to know who Mr. GALlamosa is In real life..., would you...?

    Feb 22nd, 2018 - 08:16 pm - Link - Report abuse -2
  • DemonTree

    Here you go, today's newspaper, freshly purchased. I'm sure I can find some way to prove I'm in the Midlands without saying exactly where, I'll think about it.

    I've heard horror stories of people being harassed by trolls. Look at Jo Blogg's experience when he used his real name. And it could be my partner's, but I would hardly be anti-British if it was.

    And why do you want Think to be someone important? I'd have thought you'd rather believe he's some nobody living in Patagonia, wasting his time on an obscure news site.

    Feb 22nd, 2018 - 08:44 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Think

    .......... Maybe because “The Turnipy Voice” doesn't want to be a nobody living in rural Engeland, wasting his time on an obscure news site, battling against “El Think”..., a nobody living in Patagonia, wasting his time on an obscure news site...?

    Feb 22nd, 2018 - 09:20 pm - Link - Report abuse -1
  • DemonTree

    Perro maaaaaaaalo ;)

    Feb 22nd, 2018 - 09:30 pm - Link - Report abuse -1
  • The Voice

    When I was in the Charing Cross Road yesterday there were newspapers from all over the world on sale. Its easy to buy Daily Torygraph practically anywhere. What you cant get is an East Midlands daily local rag. So, the Torygraph doesnt prove anything.

    Think doesnt live in Patagonia. And, he cant prove he does,… not from Brook Street. He can buy nice togs from Mr Toad shops though which make him look like an English Country Gent.

    Feb 22nd, 2018 - 10:03 pm - Link - Report abuse +2
  • DemonTree

    Really? Were they that day's edition? I don't normally buy newspapers, and there are no foreign ones available in my little town. (Maybe the various Polish and Baltic shops would have something?) I could easily buy the local rag but that would tell you exactly which small town I live in.

    I used to get the Metro everyday when I commuted by train, would that do? I can't see a free paper being available abroad, and I'm pretty sure the ads, job openings etc were localised to the Midlands.

    And I had another idea. They don't have British 3-prong plugs in Europe, or in Argentina either I bet:

    No one's going to install one of those just for a photo op, I bet Kanye can't replicate a single one of these pictures.

    As for Think, HE hasn't posted a picture, he could live anywhere. What were you doing in London anyway? Buying 'nice togs'?

    Feb 22nd, 2018 - 10:53 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • The Voice

    Why does it matter what town you live in? Oakham/ Uppingham/Stamford? Other countries use the same plugs as us.

    We went to the Van Eyk/Pre Raphaelite exhibition at the National Gallery. Topped up the art materials. Drove amost right past Think's pad on the way back. Bad traffic delays caused by roadworks in Picadilly.

    Feb 22nd, 2018 - 11:06 pm - Link - Report abuse +1
  • DemonTree

    Ireland uses the same plugs, I haven't visited any other countries that do. Google says Malta, Cyrus, Singapore, Hong Kong. Which of those do you think I am more likely to be in?

    The exhibition sounds interesting, although I wouldn't fancy driving into London. Which of those towns does your brother live in?

    Feb 22nd, 2018 - 11:36 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • The Voice

    He lived in Preston between Oakham and Uppingham. He has passed on… My Niece and Nephew went to Oakham School.

    Why dont you just tell us?

    Feb 22nd, 2018 - 11:42 pm - Link - Report abuse +1
  • Clem

    England will return the Malvinas within 25 years.

    Feb 23rd, 2018 - 04:13 am - Link - Report abuse -3
  • DemonTree

    Sorry about your brother.

    I've never heard of Preston (thought it was a town in Lancashire), but Oakham is the village near Rutland water, right? I've been there, we hired bikes and cycled around it. There's a church that they saved and it's on a kind of peninsula now with the water really close up to it, and that is all that is left of the village they drowned when they made the reservoir. It's a nice ride, small hills up and down on the path and an interesting view from the dam. There were also quite a few pubs and cafes on the route which was nice because one of our friends was very slow and we had to keep stopping. On the way back we had to cycle along the road for part of the route, which wasn't so fun.

    We also did a bike ride for charity in the Belvoir valley once, it's very pretty with some really nice views, and it's pronounced 'beaver' for some reason. The route was 40 miles and I REALLY should have done some training first.

    Feb 23rd, 2018 - 10:08 am - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Think

    Is this MercoPress... or iOverlander...?

    Feb 23rd, 2018 - 10:12 am - Link - Report abuse -1
  • DemonTree

    Oh, and have you been to Nottingham, TV? Everyone meets at the left lion in the Market Square, and they have a Christmas market in winter and sometimes an ice rink or a ferris wheel. There's a pub that used to be a church down near the Broadmarsh - did you know they are demolishing the Broadmarsh car park? We used to go to a place called the Pit and Pendulum where they have cheap cocktails, they had a thing where if you drank all of them you got a t-shirt. I wonder if I can dig mine out? And then sometimes to Rock City, maybe you've been there? They have live music occasionally.

    Feb 23rd, 2018 - 10:40 am - Link - Report abuse 0
  • The Voice

    Argentina will finally twig they cant colonise the Falkland Islands within 25 years... ;-)

    Feb 23rd, 2018 - 10:41 am - Link - Report abuse +1
  • Think

    More like a TripAdvisor memory lane for auld people just turned 30...;-)

    Feb 23rd, 2018 - 10:55 am - Link - Report abuse 0
  • The Voice

    Never been to Nottingham. But this year we are touring around Blighty in our newly acquired Bulli so it might get on the list. Our grandson can show us the best pubs! Rock City and the Poly used to be the top gig spots.

    Is that where you are, or near there?

    Feb 23rd, 2018 - 11:05 am - Link - Report abuse 0
  • DemonTree

    Maybe within 25 years Mercopress will finally figure out a way to ban that tiresome spammer permanently.

    I worked in Nottingham in the past, but it was a pretty hellish commute, and we didn't go out there very often. I did go to the Christmas market there this year and to do some shopping. My sisters like stuff from Lush; how I hate going in that shop. A million overwhelming smells competing with each other, and it's always heaving too.

    I forgot your grandson was there; it's a nice enough city, you should visit. Some of my friends went to Uni there too.

    Feb 23rd, 2018 - 11:12 am - Link - Report abuse 0
  • GALlamosa

    I didn't say the was a political risk in a Santiago direct flight Islander1, if you read my post properly you will see that the last piece refers to the commercial risk of having a single provider. There may be benefits in ticketing with a single provider, but we already experience the very high cost that brings. Your assertion that LATAM to SCL is the only viable option is not bourne out by the extensive work done to date on a variety of possibilities.

    By the way I am not precious about my real identity. I might even change to my real name if I can work out how to do it. All adds to the transparency.

    Feb 23rd, 2018 - 11:48 am - Link - Report abuse +1
  • DemonTree

    Here you go, TV. Metro with events in the East Midlands. Good luck getting a copy of this in another country:

    Looks like there's something on at Rock City this weekend, but I won't be there since I'm off to frosty Finland for a week. Pickpocketing in Barcelona pays so well. ;)

    (I suspect you knew perfectly well all along and were just trying to find out where I live, but never mind.)

    Feb 23rd, 2018 - 06:37 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Voice

    I aint off the map Troy...

    btw Demontree It's...“Confession” that is good for the soul and “Honesty” is the best policy, you are not one of those pesky Johnny Foreigners posing as a Brit are you...;-)

    Feb 23rd, 2018 - 06:49 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • DemonTree

    Yes I am as a matter of fact, I'm a sleazy Spanish pickpocket robbing tourists on La Rambla. ;) I'm sure Kanye knows what he's talking about.

    Why is it Johnny Foreigner anyway? Wouldn't Juan-y Foreigner make more sense?

    Feb 23rd, 2018 - 07:14 pm - Link - Report abuse +1
  • The Voice

    DT you missed some great gigs in Scandinavia in the last few days.. I hear it really is brass monkey weather there right now.

    Feb 23rd, 2018 - 07:27 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Clyde15

    The survival of the fittest and all that Greek Empedocles stuff later pirated by Engrish Charlie Darwin ;-)

    Your'e stretching it a bit here, ANCIENT MAN.

    Feb 23rd, 2018 - 07:50 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • DemonTree

    I don't think there's much going on where I'll be up in Lapland. It's a skiing holiday and the forecast does look worryingly cold. I just hope we get clear nights so we can see the northern lights again.

    Feb 23rd, 2018 - 08:03 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Think

    How would you know...
    Have you read Empedocles...?

    Feb 23rd, 2018 - 08:07 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Heisenbergcontext


    Troy Tempest, Kanye, Lightening & Little J ( the one you missed ) are, of course, all the same individual, and he's been pulling the same crap on this website for years.

    The strategy is simple: identify the most vulnerable participant in any particular thread, morph into SuperTroy Vanquisher of Trolls, adopt the most self-righteous tone possible and pour hellfire on the target. It doesn't actually matter what the target believes in ( because SuperTroy doesn't actually care about The Falkland Islands or Britain ) all that matters is that most people disagree with SuperTroy's victim.

    He will also identify whomever he thinks is the most powerful individual in the thread and attempt to co-opt them by adopting the most obsequious posture he can get away with, while taking the greatest care to conceal it, and attempt to manipulate him/her into piling in on the target. Of course the good news for anyone he's decided to go after is eventually he just gets humiliated and disappears for as long as he can stand it or a new target appears.

    He is a sad, pathetic individual...

    Feb 23rd, 2018 - 09:02 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Think


    I subscribe to what Mr. Heisenbergcontext writes above...
    I remember him as an intelligent West Aussie jailbird that was accused in here of...:
    1) Not being an Aussie at all...
    2) Being a sock puppet of “You Know Whom”...

    He was later completely redeemed...but at this gime he was grown tired of all of us...
    Specially of humble me ;-)

    Feb 23rd, 2018 - 09:27 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • DemonTree

    Oh. Thanks for telling me.

    And Little J too, huh? I only realised about Lightning because he slipped up, though really I should have twigged sooner when that nick wrote something very similar to what Troy and Kanye had already said.

    It's ironic that Kanye and TV are the quickest to accuse others of being sockpuppets, while having 4 accounts each, and my posts always seem to acquire 3 or 4 downvotes after Kanye has been by.

    Did he do this to you as well?

    Feb 23rd, 2018 - 09:29 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Heisenbergcontext

    Well...he tried lol. He always screws up eventually though. I once told him I had more respect for the Conqueror's of the world because at least they had actual convictions and were willing to take the risk of being disliked expressing them; he spent the next few days valiantly confronting sexist and other comments from some of the alpha male posters on here...and got slapped down repeatedly. No spine, no self-respect and no conscience...

    Feb 23rd, 2018 - 09:48 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • The Voice

    DT As far as I can recall I have not accused you of being a sock puppet, just a poodle of MPs most noxious troll of which you as a Brit , should be thoroughly ashamed. As for the other accounts, it was fun winding up the various, RG trolls while it lasted. ;-) Anyway the OGWT is on tbe box, really interesting. Bring it back Bob!

    Feb 23rd, 2018 - 09:51 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • DemonTree

    Of Voldemort? ;)

    I already broke my own rule above to tell Kanye exactly what I think of him, and it's pretty similar to your assessment. He disappeared last time when I pointed out how hypocritical he was being about a comment I had made. At least TV admitted to his multiple accounts when Voice confronted him.

    PS. Jailbird? Or should I not ask?

    What was this then?

    “What a sickening pointless dialogue. - sock puppet sock puppet… and so on.”

    And you do realise what you did with those accounts makes you a troll yourself, right?

    Feb 23rd, 2018 - 10:13 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • The Voice

    Sock puppet, sock puppet… wrong interpretation, you dont even get it, he pulls your strings, you perform… doh! He's hiding incognito in the sock and he's pulling youvstrings… get it now? Too subtle for you?

    Feb 23rd, 2018 - 10:47 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Heisenbergcontext


    Re:'jailbird': It's kind of a long story ( which you can research if you can be bothered ) that relates to one particular poster's convictions that I wasn't really an Aussie. I posted some evidence that would've require visiting the state library. He never did bother to check it out.

    Think likes to remind me of it from time to time. Can't imagine why...

    Feb 23rd, 2018 - 11:11 pm - Link - Report abuse +1
  • DemonTree

    Yes TV, if you call someone a sockpuppet in a thread where some other idiot has been busy calling them a sockpuppet, clearly with the usual meaning, they are likely to assume you mean they are a sockpuppet. Strange that.

    PS. Sock puppets don't even have strings. Please find a less mangled metaphor.

    Heh, I'm not surprised. He obviously didn't doubt you THAT much.

    Feb 23rd, 2018 - 11:27 pm - Link - Report abuse -1
  • Voice

    Ha....fond memories...Heisenberg gave Troy such a battering that I used to remind him of it all the time...until Heisenberg asked me to stop...gentleman that he is...

    Btw... Troy Tempest never misses a beat, he may not post, but he keeps track...don't you Kanye...;-)

    Feb 23rd, 2018 - 11:56 pm - Link - Report abuse -1
  • Think

    Mr. Voice...

    I fondly remember the batterings Mr. Heisenberg used to give Skippy of Oz...;-)

    By the way... you seldom miss many a beat either..., you may not post..., but you keep track...don't you Mr. Voice... ;-)

    Feb 24th, 2018 - 12:13 am - Link - Report abuse -2
  • DemonTree

    Well that's very reassuring, not. Though Kanye at least doesn't seem to profit much from it, if he thinks it's so amazing to remember enough of past conversations to google for them.

    I don't suppose he'll be back in this thread, he's too similar to brave Sir Robin.

    And I'm in just the mood now to see the battering Heisenberg gave him, if anyone has the link.

    Feb 24th, 2018 - 12:34 am - Link - Report abuse -2
  • Kanye

    Ha ha, Hiesy the Hypocrite, I remember him...

    All this fuss from the self-important Trolls, and all over l'il ok me!

    Bit of a 'Tempest' in a sock drawer, if you ask me!!

    Great performance, pantomimers... !!!

    Feb 24th, 2018 - 01:00 am - Link - Report abuse -1
  • Voice

    You remember...?
    ...but it was before Kanye's time on here...
    ...wait a minute...

    Feb 24th, 2018 - 01:36 am - Link - Report abuse -1
  • Heisenbergcontext

    Yes it was before 'Kanye's' genesis. He ALWAYS screws up.


    I don't post links, however the article in question appeared 11/3/15, and is titled 'BBC announced the suspension of Top Gear's Clarkson because of a fracas with a producer'. I can't believe how long it took me to find the damn thing lmao.

    Feb 24th, 2018 - 04:12 am - Link - Report abuse -2
  • DemonTree

    You're pathetic. What did I ever do to you?

    Thanks. Why on earth don't you post links though?

    Feb 24th, 2018 - 08:59 am - Link - Report abuse -1
  • Heisenbergcontext

    Why? I never owned a computer until quite recently and have simply never bothered to learn how to post them;).

    Feb 24th, 2018 - 09:30 am - Link - Report abuse -1
  • Clyde15

    Have you read Empedocles...? Yes. Have you ?

    Feb 24th, 2018 - 10:08 am - Link - Report abuse +2
  • DemonTree

    Oh. All you have to do is copy the address from the bar at the top and paste it into your comment. Mercopress turns it into a link automagically. You can only have one link per post though, there's a bug.

    I found the article okay anyway, and I also found the explanation of the 'jailbird' comment. Some of the archives of that newspaper have been digitised already... but not the relevant year.

    Feb 24th, 2018 - 10:25 am - Link - Report abuse -1
  • Think


    I have known you for years...

    I know you as knowledgeable Sassenach in the fields of botany..., ornithology..., good auld Uisge Beatha.... and diverse other technical stuff...

    You are a typical produce of Engrish Bacon's scientific methodology...

    Recently you have begun to tell me that you understand the concept of irony and that you have read and comprehend the auld Greek sages...?

    Allow me to doubt you...

    Feb 24th, 2018 - 11:08 am - Link - Report abuse -2
  • DemonTree

    You didn't answer him. Aren't you going to tell us how you've read Empedocles in the original Ancient Greek?

    Feb 24th, 2018 - 11:23 am - Link - Report abuse -1
  • Think


    Yet a case of not reading properly what I write before questioning me about it...

    Please indicate to me where the heck I ever suggested having read the auld Masters in “Original Ancient Greek”...

    WISH I COULD..., laddie... as I can with me Clan's Íslendingasögurnar....

    Feb 24th, 2018 - 12:56 pm - Link - Report abuse -2
  • DemonTree

    It was just a joke...

    But really, weren't Latin and Ancient Greek exactly the sort of thing people learned at good schools in those days?

    RE sagas, I've heard that Icelandic has changed the least from Old Norse out of all the Scandinavian languages, so it's easy for Icelanders to read ancient literature from not just Iceland but other Nordic countries. Is that true?

    Feb 24th, 2018 - 01:14 pm - Link - Report abuse -1
  • Think

    A joke...?
    Right..., laddie...!
    Good thing I practise catch and release... when not hungry...

    About languages...
    - For any normally linguistically gifted Scandinavian reading any Germanic based language is a piece of cake...
    - Likevise for any normally linguistically gifted Latino reading any Latin based language is a piece of cake...

    Feb 24th, 2018 - 02:01 pm - Link - Report abuse -2
  • Jo Bloggs

    October this year is tight for the start of the second flight but I reckon there is a better than 50:50 chance of it happening. If not by October 18 it will most likely have to wait until October 19 but we’ve waited this long, what’s another year.

    Feb 24th, 2018 - 02:13 pm - Link - Report abuse +1
  • DemonTree

    I didn't say it was a funny one, but you do love to boast.

    And about languages, I very much doubt the former, but you already speak several so can't be fairly tested. For the latter, please demonstrate by translating this:

    Лимба ноастрэ-й о комоарэ
    Ын адынкурь ынфундатэ
    Ун шираг де пятрэ рарэ
    Пе мошие ревэрсатэ.


    Feb 24th, 2018 - 02:22 pm - Link - Report abuse -1
  • Think

    Piece of cake when one uses Romanian, not Cyrillic alphabet...

    Limba noastră-i o comoară
    În adîncuri înfundată
    Un șirag de piatră rară
    Pe moșie revărsată.

    Feb 24th, 2018 - 02:44 pm - Link - Report abuse -1
  • DemonTree

    Google makes everything too easy, but Romanian seems significantly harder to me even when it's not in Cyrillic. If I translate that to Spanish then I can understand most of it, or to Italian then I can guess some, but the original is meaningless.

    For me as an English speaker, both Romance and other Germanic languages can be quite guessable, or can be mystifying depending on the subject. But both are infinitely more understandable than Finnish.

    And I suspect you overestimate how linguistically gifted a normal person is. Most don't speak 3 or 4 languages.

    Feb 24th, 2018 - 03:03 pm - Link - Report abuse -1
  • Think

    Mr. DemonTree
    Thanks for introducing me to some nice verses...:

    Limba noastră-i o comoară
    În adâncuri înfundată
    Un şirag de piatră rară
    Pe moşie revărsată.

    Limba noastra-i foc ce arde
    Într-un neam, ce fară veste
    S-a trezit din somn de moarte
    Ca viteazul din poveste.

    Limba noastra-i numai cântec,
    Doina dorurilor noastre,
    Roi de fulgere, ce spintec
    Nouri negri, zări albastre.


    Feb 24th, 2018 - 03:38 pm - Link - Report abuse +1
  • The Voice

    Igår på Oslo var ju inget annat än magiskt

    Feb 24th, 2018 - 05:06 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • DemonTree

    I don't know how you can do that, most of those words don't even look similar to me. And I met a girl from Romania in Sicily and she couldn't read Italian. She had to ask for a menu in English just like me.

    Feb 24th, 2018 - 05:06 pm - Link - Report abuse -1
  • The Voice

    Siger jeg er gammel, hvis ikke jeg har noget på min insta - så værsgo

    Feb 24th, 2018 - 08:15 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Heisenbergcontext

    @ DT

    Cheers for that. “automagically”;: I think you just invented a new word.

    Feb 24th, 2018 - 08:36 pm - Link - Report abuse -1
  • Clyde15

    You will find that irony is a common trait in the English much so that many “foreigners” do not realise that it is being used....Americans for example !

    To say that Darwin and Wallace plagarised Empedoceles is nonsense. Yes Emp. produced a theory which, stretching a point, could be called natural selection BUT if you have read it, it is mumbo jumbo.

    At school we were taught about Socrates and Plato...the advantage of a Scottish education.
    I have read neither since.

    Feb 24th, 2018 - 08:55 pm - Link - Report abuse +3
  • The Voice

    Ude og høre en gang god gammel drømmende indie støjrock med min smukke hustru

    Feb 24th, 2018 - 10:22 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • EscoSesDoidao

    I do not think the UK will ever abandon the Falkland Islands. There is oil there, and very soon their control of the revenue of North sea, and West of Shetland oil will dissapear.

    Feb 25th, 2018 - 05:11 pm - Link - Report abuse +1
  • Think

    Nice wee little Scot you are..., EscoSesDoidao...
    You don't want no UK no more...
    Why would we want any down here...,some 10,000 km south...?

    Feb 25th, 2018 - 06:45 pm - Link - Report abuse -2
  • DemonTree

    Do kids still learn about them in Scotland or has it all changed? You don't have the national curriculum up there but surely it isn't that different to the rest of the country?

    Wrong we. The Falklanders do want the UK down there.

    Feb 25th, 2018 - 08:45 pm - Link - Report abuse 0
  • Clyde15

    I left school in 1960 so I can't speak for what the kids are taught now. In the 1950's we were still being taught much the same as our parent's generation with a grounding in the classics, science and maths. It was academic rigour. No modular course work but one final exam in which anything could turn up. Socrates, Plato, Herodotus and Homer were introduced in English and Chaucer, ( untranslated). The exams took no prisoners.

    It was even tougher in my brother's time, 9 years earlier. A Scottish Higher Leaving certificate required a minimum of three subjects at the Higher level and two at the lower level. English was compulsory. A failure in English meant that you had failed the exam regardless of how well you had done in the other subjects. A rather harsh treatment.

    We had a maths teacher at school who had originally failed his leaving certificate because of his English results. He had no appreciation of poetry and “classic” literature. In his maths and science exams, he had passed with a mark of 100%. This was unheard of but he could not get into university because of his English result.
    They sensibly made a special case and allowed him to go to take his degree in Maths in which he came out with a first class honours and top in his year. To our misfortune, he decided to be a teacher and we got him trying to teach us.
    He was hopeless as he could not understand that what to him was obvious was incomprehensible to us. He was persuaded to take up another job more suitable to his attributes. He found his ideal post as a theoretical mathematician at the Atomic Energy Commission at Harwell !

    Why would we want any down here...,some 10,000 km south...?

    Because the Scots would be a great improvement over the Argentinians.

    Feb 26th, 2018 - 10:47 am - Link - Report abuse +2

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