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Argentina with a multi-party delegation to claim the Falklands at the C24 meeting

Saturday, June 22nd 2019 - 11:18 UTC
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The delegation will be headed by foreign minister Jorge Faurie and will include opposition Kirchnerite lawmaker Daniel Filmus The delegation will be headed by foreign minister Jorge Faurie and will include opposition Kirchnerite lawmaker Daniel Filmus
Tierra del Fuego representative Jorge Arguello Tierra del Fuego representative Jorge Arguello
Senator Julio Cobos Senator Julio Cobos

It's an election year in Argentina so a pluralistic delegation will be travelling to New York to make the country's annual claim over the Falkland Islands sovereignty before the United Nations Decolonization Committee, next Tuesday, according to reports in the Buenos Aires media.

The delegation will be headed by foreign minister Jorge Faurie and will include opposition Kirchnerite lawmaker Daniel Filmus, Tierra del Fuego province Malvinas affairs chairman, Jorge Argüello and incumbent Senators Julio Cobos, who has visited privately the Falklands and Federico Pinedo who is a long line descendent of the original settlers' party in the late 1820s but who were removed by US seal hunters and later the returning British in 1833. Also attending will be Cornelia Schmidt-Lierman, chairwoman of the Lower House foreign relations committee.

This will be one of the first time the official Argentine delegation to the C24 meeting invite members of the opposition to participate.

Apparently foreign minister Faurie will underscore the current constructive approach of president Mauricio Macri administration's to the Falklands/Malvinas question, which among other things, under the guidance of the International Red Cross, and following on an Argentine/UK joint statement, opened the way for the humanitarian plan to help identify most of the remains buried in the Falklands, in the Argentine military cemetery, under a gravestone that read, “Argentine soldier, only known to God”.

A most effective and satisfying humanitarian undertaking that has been praised worldwide as an example of collaboration. .

As happens annually the Argentine delegation will demand the resumption of sovereignty discussions with the UK on the Falklands' future, but this time will also want to introduce to the discussion the recent advisory decision from the International Court of Justice referred to the Chagos archipelago, calling on the UK for a rapidly as possible to end the occupation and colonization process, allowing its displaced inhabitants to return to those islands, originally under Mauritius jurisdiction

Additionally Minister Faurie is expected to reiterate, in the name of the Argentine government, that Falkland Islanders, “take advantage of our education and national health system, under the same conditions as the rest of Argentine citizens”.

As in previous meetings the misbalance of the C24 committee is forecasted to support a declaration, sponsored mostly by Latin American countries, calling on UK and Argentina to resume negotiations on the Islands future, in support of the legitimate rights of Argentina over the Malvinas, putting an end, through peaceful means to the controversy


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  • Roger Lorton

    You do spout some crap Trimonde. Mostly unintelligible crap at that.

    Argentina's due a Presidential election. From this point forth, everything is for domestic consumption.

    The UN does not care. It was agreed in 1989/90 that nothing went past the Fourth Committee to the General Assembly. An agreement that, if not actually secret has never been published. Unless it is time limited in some way, the status quo is now the norm.

    Argentina gets to shout at the C24 and, somewhat less, at the Fourth. Then the matter is filed sine die. A sysphean motion where the same repeats every year without resolution or end.

    To date there is no indication that 2019 will be any different.

    Jun 22nd, 2019 - 02:03 pm +9
  • Terence Hill

    “The Argentine delegation will demand the resumption of sovereignty discussions” “That fills the Islander’s one sided view of Argentina’s issue”
    Self-Determination Defined
    UN Charter
    2. To develop friendly relations among nations based on respect for the principle of equal rights and self-determination of peoples,
    55. With a view to the creation ..and self-determination of peoples,
    56. All Members pledge themselves ...for the achievement of the purposes set forth in Article 55.
    73. Members of the United Nations which have or assume responsibilities for ..peoples have not yet attained .. self-government recognize the principle ..b. to develop self-government, ...“
    103. In the event of a conflict between the obligations of the Members of the United Nations under the present Charter and their obligations under any other international agreement, their obligations under the present Charter shall prevail.
    Whereas, Argentina’s then Minister for Foreign Affairs and Worship Jorge Faurie told the (C24)committee in 2018
    “He noted that no United Nations resolution incorporated the principle of self-determination as a criterion in the territory’s decolonisation process and that application of that principle would require the existence of a people subjected to foreign domination.”
    Note, UN resolutions cannot negate UN Charter articles.

    Jun 22nd, 2019 - 02:18 pm +8
  • Islander1

    Yup- expect the usual diatribe from nations whose spokespersons- who have not and never have any intention on voting for the principles of the UN Charter, but more for who they want to be chums with.
    Can anyone list the formal UN Security Council resolutions that UK has totally ignored?

    and those that Argentina has totally ignored?

    Jun 22nd, 2019 - 02:42 pm +8
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