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Stories for February 1st 2020

  • Saturday, February 1st 2020 - 08:55 UTC

    Cheers and tears as UK ends 47 years of European Union membership

    Thousands of people waving Union Jack flags packed London's Parliament Square to mark the moment of Brexit at 11pm - midnight in Brussels.

    Britain on Friday ended almost half a century of European Union membership, making a historic exit after years of bitter arguments to chart its own uncertain path in the world. There were celebrations and tears across the country as the EU's often reluctant member became the first to leave an organization set up to forge unity among nations after the horrors of World War II.

  • Saturday, February 1st 2020 - 08:55 UTC

    Pope Francis and president Alberto Fernandez examined Argentine problems

    “Holy Father, what a pleasure to see you again,” the Argentine president said as they shook hands. Their private conversation lasted twice as long as that of Fernández’ predecessor, Mauricio Macri

    A smiling Pope Francis welcomed the new president of Argentina, Alberto Fernández, to the Vatican on Friday morning and then spoke with him in a private audience for 45 minutes, signaling that good relations exist between the two leaders and suggesting that this could perhaps open the door for the pontiff’s first visit to his homeland since his election—though the president later said they did not discuss this.

  • Saturday, February 1st 2020 - 08:50 UTC

    Gibraltar Marks EU Departure

    The Chief Minister Fabian Picardo received the EU flag, and the Deputy Chief Minister, Dr Joseph Garcia, who is the Minister for relations with Europe and the Commonwealth, handed over the Commonwealt

    Gibraltar originally joined the EU under the British Treaty of Accession in 1972. On the evening of Friday 31st January 2020 at midnight Central European Time the departure from the European Union at the appointed time the UK formally ceased being a member state.

  • Saturday, February 1st 2020 - 08:50 UTC

    Beijing furious with US over warning American citizens to avoid China

    The US State Department has raised its warning alert to the highest level, telling Americans to avoid China.

    Beijing on Friday sharply criticized the United States for warning American citizens to avoid China and for urging those already there to leave due to the coronavirus health emergency.

  • Saturday, February 1st 2020 - 08:47 UTC

    Violence resurgence in Chile: three deaths, looting and torched supermarkets

    Protests that flared up in October seemed to have died down in recent weeks, summer holidays in Chile, but this week has seen a spike in violent protests

    A man died of carbon monoxide poisoning after a supermarket was torched in Chile's capital Santiago on Friday, bringing the death toll from a resurgence in violent unrest rose to three. A mob looted and then set fire to the supermarket in southern Santiago in the early hours of Friday.

  • Saturday, February 1st 2020 - 08:45 UTC

    How we recruited albatrosses to patrol the high seas for illegal fishers

    An albatross colony in the Falkland Islands

    By Samantha Patrick (*) – Wandering albatrosses have long been considered exceptional creatures. They can fly 8.5 million kilometers during their lifetimes – the equivalent of flying to the Moon and back more than ten times. Their three-and-a-half-meter wing span is the same length as a small car and they can weigh as much as 24 puffins. Their body shape means they can effortlessly glide over the ocean waves, flying in some of the strongest winds on Earth. Now research led by the Centre d'études biologiques de Chizé in France has found that these seabirds may have promising careers in the fight against overfishing.

  • Saturday, February 1st 2020 - 08:43 UTC

    Facebook to down misinformation about China's fast spreading coronavirus

    Facebook said it would remove content about the virus “with false claims or conspiracy theories that have been flagged by leading global health organizations and local health authorities”

    Facebook said it will take down misinformation about China's fast-spreading coronavirus in a rare departure from its approach to health content, after the World Health Organization declared the outbreak a global health emergency.

  • Saturday, February 1st 2020 - 08:43 UTC

    Chile unemployment rose to 7% in the last quarter of 2019

    Government said the number of unemployed people in Chile had risen 5% from the previous period in 2018. The market had widely expected a bigger jump

    Chile’s jobless rate rose to 7.0% during the October to December period, the government said on Friday, an early, but still tepid, sign of the potential impact of two months of unrest in late 2019.

  • Saturday, February 1st 2020 - 08:42 UTC

    Argentine squid catches during January below 2018/19 averages

    The 58-jigger fleet caught some 10.649 tons, with average catches during weeks 2 and 4, of 17 and 27 tons per day, below the 32 to 40 tons per day in 2018 and 2019.

    The first report of squid catches from the Argentine season, south of parallel 44, indicate that daily averages were below those of similar seasons in 2018 and 2019. The INIDEP report, ”Argentine Squid, Season 2020, Report to 27 January (four weeks)” shows that the 58-jigger fleet caught some 10.649 tons, with average catches during weeks 2 and 4, of 17 and 27 tons per day, below the 32 to 40 tons per day in 2018 and 2019.

  • Saturday, February 1st 2020 - 08:35 UTC

    Surge of “family farmer” bankruptcies in US; 2019 was the highest in eight years

    According to data released this week by the United States Courts, family farmers filed 595 Chapter 12 bankruptcies in 2019, up from 498 filings a year earlier

    U.S. farm bankruptcy rates jumped 20% in 2019 - to an eight-year high - as financial woes in the U.S. agricultural economy continued in spite of massive federal bail-out funding, according to federal court data.

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