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“Malvinas are Argentine”, but thinking differently is not a crime in Argentina, Patirica Bullrich

Tuesday, August 10th 2021 - 07:59 UTC
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The former Home Secretary Patricia Bullrich had to come to the rescue of historian Sabrina Ajmechet The former Home Secretary Patricia Bullrich had to come to the rescue of historian Sabrina Ajmechet
Historian Ajmechet argued in some past tweets that Malvinas have never been Argentine, and that they belong to the Kelpers Historian Ajmechet argued in some past tweets that Malvinas have never been Argentine, and that they belong to the Kelpers

Recent statements by representatives from Argentina's intellectual elite referred to the Falklands being a British territory and belonging to the Kelpers, and that Argentina did not exist as such at the time, are still reverberating, but the country is holding primaries and elections next month and in November so some political amendments seem necessary.

In effect the head of the opposition, Together for Change, and former home secretary Patricia Bullrich has come to the rescue of one of her grouping-s Lower House candidates, a reputed historian, Sabrina Ajmechet whose alleged “anti Argentina” and “anti Malvinas” statements were dug out from social networks.

So Ms Bullrich as head of the opposition expressed a forceful and definitive, “the Malvinas are Argentine”, and Sabrina Ajmechet has a historian vision of the issue. It has nothing to do with the war or the veterans, but rather if Argentina existed or not at that time, (when the 1833 British moved in)“. What we are experiencing now, are ”academic debates out of context“.

The fact is that the candidate for a Lower House bench in representation of the City of Buenos Aires had some people remember Ms Ajmechet anti Malvinas sins when she tweeted that the ”Malvinas do not exist“ and the ”Falkland Islands belong to the kelpers“.

”Malvinas are not, and have never been Argentine“ wrote the historian some years ago triggering the current political controversy. Bullrich argued that things ”must be analyzed in the context of time and space, otherwise we will never get to understand many things“.

She added that Sabrina ”respects the Argentine constitution in totum. In the constitution is the integrity of our country, what she said ten years ago as a reputed historian are an academic reflection. You can't condemn a person because of an academic debate“

”Sabrina is a young outstanding intellectual, among the best in Argentina, vice president of the Argentine Political Club. A person of great capacity and reflection, with a republican, liberal open vision of history science. In Argentina we must avoid having a police to check what people think“, added Ms Bullrich.

Finally ”I'm very much concerned that whatever is said, the person is attacked and they want to kick him/her out of Congress. There is no way to change legislative majorities, and above all “in Argentina freedom of expression is protected and it is not a crime to think differently”.

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  • Roger Lorton

    Not a crime? Try reading Social media..... the mob is loose

    Aug 10th, 2021 - 01:15 pm +1
  • Trimonde

    Potts, sadly it is YOU who suffers from the delusion condition so many Anglos and Anglo Americans do of reducing all argumentative scopes about countries they have black listed to a mere caricature of subjection devoid of real people, devoid of honorable history, and devoid real worth, unrequiring of respect and humble learning, no matter what happens in them, what happens to them, or what they do, yet finding it as easy to mock or insolently offend as sitcoms would find funny the ridiculing of its characters. This truly puts your country, the US and other hubrisly ill social classes in some other nearby nations in a category of their own and very different to the normalcy of the rest of the countries of the world, which naturally are inclined to regard other nations as equals deserving of the only respect they understand a nation must be given. But Britain has never been too possessing of this noble mentality, has it?. Otherwise it never would have presumed the world, but more importantly never tried so hard to not abandon its self centered conquests by transforming their systems and names into ones that camouflage its intents to fit the moral progress of the day. One can see it in all its TV medias and shows specially in 70, 80' and 90's how it is always and constantly looking to categorize with criticisms others, like second nature. Very Anglo, and very not the rest of the world. This reflects entirely how your society's governments engage nations of the world, though they are endowed with the same exact right entirely to share this world and be on it as much as your insufferable culture is, as much as it pains me to admit it, all of it very much describing your thinking your reasoning language and your language when saying anything about Argentina, or its dispute with your country over the Malvinas Islands.

    Aug 13th, 2021 - 09:04 pm 0
  • Swede

    “thinking differently is not a crime in Argentina”. Not yet, perhaps. But the first step is probably soon taken. Dissident candidates could be prohibited from running for an elected office. Some people apparently do not want an open debate about this issue.

    Aug 13th, 2021 - 10:18 pm 0
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