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Stories for November 2023

  • Wednesday, November 29th 2023 - 10:35 UTC

    Bolivia's full Mercosur membership greenlighted

    For Brazil, Bolivia's full membership of Mercosur means cheaper energy, Senator Chico Rodrigues explained

    Brazil's Senate Tuesday greenlighted Bolivia's accession to the South American Common Market (Mercosur) as a full member of the bloc. Once President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva enacts the bill, the regional alliance will once again consist of five full members -in addition to Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay- as it once happened when Venezuela was admitted but later suspended in 2017 for its undemocratic practices.

  • Wednesday, November 29th 2023 - 10:17 UTC

    Falklands looking for ways to overcome shortage of qualified and experienced labor

    “The Falkland Islands experience unique challenges when it comes to recruiting and retaining experienced workers.”

    The Falkland Islands Executive Council approved a Workforce Development Strategy for the Islands. This follows a public consultation on a draft Strategy undertaken earlier this year. The Falklands with a strong economy have been experiencing for years a shortage of qualified labor.

  • Wednesday, November 29th 2023 - 10:12 UTC

    Lacalle Herrera wishes Milei all the best

    The father of the current Uruguayan president wished his son and Milei understand each other well

    During his recent trip to the beach resort and port of Mar del Plata, former Uruguayan President Luis Alberto Lacalle Herrera (1990-1995), the father of the current head of state Luis Lacalle Pou, wished Javier Milei all the best because “a prosperous, fair, orderly and rich Argentina is the best business for Uruguay.”

  • Wednesday, November 29th 2023 - 10:09 UTC

    Four more Argentines freed by Hamas

    Some 15 Argentines are believed to still be in the hands of Hamas or other groups

    The terrorist group Hamas Tuesday released ten women, four of them Argentine nationals, in exchange for another batch of 30 Palestinian inmates held by Israel at the Ofer prison in the West Bank and in the Russian prison in Jerusalem, as the humanitarian truce was extended to allow for further swaps. Two other hostages were also freed as a bonus not contemplated in the agreement.

  • Wednesday, November 29th 2023 - 09:52 UTC

    Peña highlights role of Paraguayan expatriates in Italy

    The best Paraguay has to offer the world is its people, Peña told expatriates in Italy

    President Santiago Peña met on Tuesday with members of the Paraguayan community in Italy to discuss the situation of the South American expatriates. During the meeting, Peña stressed the importance of his country projecting an image of solid and transparent institutions that would lead to economic growth.

  • Wednesday, November 29th 2023 - 09:31 UTC

    Buenos Aires Court rulings go Macri's way

    CFK will lose all immunity effective Dec. 10.

    Separate court rulings issued Tuesday in Buenos Aires seemed to accommodate former President Mauricio Macri's agenda, thus heralding the times to come after Javier Milei's Dec. 10 inauguration.

  • Wednesday, November 29th 2023 - 07:14 UTC

    Falklands: mines discovered on a beach in Murrell Peninsula, north of Stanley

    The Falklands Government is working alongside the EOD section of BFSAI and expert advice is also being provided by external parties.

    The Falkland Islands Government has confirmed that a number of mines have been discovered on Hell’s Kitchen beach on the designated Government Reserve, located on the Murrell Peninsula East Falkland, north of Stanley.

  • Wednesday, November 29th 2023 - 06:28 UTC

    Australia's flock growth has choked the world market for ovine meat

    “Australia has had several very good seasons over the past few years, which means that the sheep flock has reached 78.75 million head – the largest since 2007.”

    Australia is reporting a record sheep flock, 78 million head, which means the price of mutton has collapsed, as low as 80 US cents per kilo, and many farmers are culling or not mating their ewes to cut costs and implement a workable sustainable food/flock relation ahead of the dry season.

  • Wednesday, November 29th 2023 - 05:13 UTC

    Uncover the exciting adventures awaiting in Las Vegas

    Photo: Pexels

    For most people, this dazzling jewel of the Nevada desert does not need an introduction. Known for its gambling culture, Las Vegas has a rich tapestry of adventures that appeals to travelers from all walks of life. It is the most populated in Nevada and the 25th most inhabited city in the United States.

  • Tuesday, November 28th 2023 - 20:30 UTC

    South Georgia Marine Protected Area review and workshop in December

    The workshop will allow experts and stakeholders to consider the current management measures, including the outcomes of the PAME, alongside the scientific research conducted in the region

    The South Georgia South Sandwich Islands, SGSSI, Marine Protected Area is currently undergoing its second 5-year review. Following on from the highly successful science symposium held in June 2023 and an internal Protected Area Management Evaluation (PAME), GSGSSI will be hosting a review workshop in December.