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Stories for May 30th 2024

  • Thursday, May 30th 2024 - 22:52 UTC

    Gol and Azul engaged in merger talks

    Each step needs to be carefully weighed to ensure it aligns with both companies’ strategic goals, it was explained

    Less than a week after announcing a codeshare agreement for flights marketed jointly but operated separately, Brazilian carriers Gol and Azul were reported to have engaged in talks that could lead to a full-size merger that would reshape the entire gameboard for the aviation industry in the region.

  • Thursday, May 30th 2024 - 19:48 UTC

    Study underlines Argentina's low minimum wage

    An increase in the number of “households living in poverty” is to be expected, the UNDAV said

    A study from Argentina's Universidad Nacional de Avellaneda (UNDAV) on the southern outskirts of Buenos Aires showed this week that under the Libertarian administration of President Javier Milei the South American country boasted one of the lowest minimum wages in the region for people to live in one of the most expensive nations worldwide.

  • Thursday, May 30th 2024 - 19:20 UTC

    Former Paraguayan President Lugo not returning to politics

    Lugo is well but does not plan to return to the political arena

    Former Paraguayan President Fernando Lugo said Thursday in a radio interview on the occasion of his 73rd birthday that he was feeling well after a brain stroke in 2022 that had him spend over 6 months recuperating in Buenos Aires. However, he admitted he was somewhat tired and unfit to return to the political arena. He was a Senator on behalf of the leftwing Frente Guasu when he suffered his health issue.

  • Thursday, May 30th 2024 - 14:10 UTC

    Uruguay issues decree to speed up admittance of Venezuelan asylum seekers

    Venezuelan nationals will be considered “in a different way, taking into account the reality of that country,” Paganini explained. Photo: Sebastián Astorga

    The Uruguayan Government issued a decree Wednesday expediting the admission of some 3,500 Venezuelan refugees into the country, Foreign Minister Omar Paganini announced in a press conference in Montevideo.

  • Thursday, May 30th 2024 - 14:05 UTC

    Gas supply getting back to normal in Argentina

    It was feared that shortages would last indefinitely

    Supply of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) to petrol stations nationwide in Argentina was halted for almost a day Wednesday after authorities prioritized the fluid's use for heating purposes amid temperatures falling below May's average, it was reported in Buenos Aires. The situation was returning to normal after gas from Brazil's Petrobras began unloading from a ship. The cuts affected drivers and industries alike.

  • Thursday, May 30th 2024 - 14:00 UTC

    Milei highlights the benefits of capitalism at Stanford University

    Condoleeza Rice asked Milei to return soon

    During his appearance at the Hoover Institution on Stanford University's campus, Argentine President Javier Milei praised Economy Minister Luis 'Toto' Caputo's adjustment measures and addressed other issues regarding capitalism and monopoly regulations.

  • Thursday, May 30th 2024 - 08:17 UTC

    Future Falklands leaders invited to the 12th Commonwealth Youth Parliament

    The 12th Commonwealth Youth Parliament will be held in Wellington, New Zealand, 2-5 September 2024

    The 12th Commonwealth Youth Parliament will be held in Wellington, New Zealand, 2-5 September 2024. The Falkland Islands Branch of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA) would like to invite expressions of interest in representing the Islands at CYP 2024.

  • Thursday, May 30th 2024 - 08:06 UTC

    Heat wave in India: Delhi on Wednesday recorded 52.3 degrees Celsius

    In Delhi, the electricity grid groaned under record power demands of 8,302 megawatts, according to official data

    Record temperatures in India which is in the midst of an ongoing heat wave. Thermometers in India's capital Delhi reached 52.3 degrees Celsius on Wednesday, a record for the country.