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Stories for July 4th 2024

  • Thursday, July 4th 2024 - 21:59 UTC

    Bolivia's Senate passes Mercosur accession bill

    President Luis Arce Catacora must now sign the country's accession to the Southern Common Market into law

    Bolivia's Senate passed late Wednesday the landlocked country's full Southern Common Market (Mercosur) membership which is thus up for President Luis Arce Catacora to be signed into law. The Lower House approved the initiative on June 14, which would give the head of state to participate in the July 8 Summit in Asunción from a new perspective.

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  • Thursday, July 4th 2024 - 19:49 UTC

    Internet becomes a basic service in Chile

    The measure applies only to fixed home services, Araya explained

    Internet access has become a basic service in Chile just like drinking water, sanitation, and electricity, which renders it eligible for subsidies and other government-sponsored forms of assistance, it was reported from Santiago on Thursday.

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  • Thursday, July 4th 2024 - 19:24 UTC

    Labour's landslide victory believed imminent

    Sir Keir Starmer is the frontrunner to become the next tenant at 10 Downing Street

    Britain's Labour Party seemed poised to grab a decisive majority of around 270 MP posts in Thursday's snap elections as turnout surpassed even the most optimistic of expectations, it was reported from London.

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  • Thursday, July 4th 2024 - 10:05 UTC

    Uruguay to hold plebiscite on social security

    The initiative seeks to add to the Constitution the legal retirement age (60) and the worth of minimum pensions

    Uruguay's Electoral Court has validated the required signatures therefore the South American country will be holding a plebiscite on social security concurrently with the Oct. 27 presidential elections, it was announced in Montevideo. The authorities said Wednesday that 276,167 signatures had been reached (10% of the citizens registered to vote).

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  • Thursday, July 4th 2024 - 09:55 UTC

    What can be expected on 4 July, Labour landslide or Conservative cataclysm

    Keir Starmer, leader of a renewed Labour party

    This Thursday's 4 general election in the United Kingdom could prove catastrophic for the Conservative Party and influence its future evolution. After 14 years in office, the Tories appear destined for what experts call the worst general election result in its 190-year history. The dimensions of this defeat would be such that, according to the polls, the current prime minister Rishi Sunak could even become the first head of government to lose his seat in the Commons.

  • Thursday, July 4th 2024 - 09:42 UTC

    Only Michelle Obama could defeat Donald Trump, poll shows

    Michelle Obama has made no suggestion that she would be willing to run

    After US President Joseph Biden's lackluster performance in the debate against his predecessor Donald Trump prompted numerous cries for his stepping down from this year's elections, a recent Reuters/Ipsos opinion poll showed that only former First Lady Michelle Obama could bring a Democratic ticket to victory on Nov. 5.