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Stories for July 6th 2024

  • Saturday, July 6th 2024 - 10:55 UTC

    Prime Minister Sir Keir Starmer is on the job and Saturday will hold his first cabinet meeting

    PM Keir Starmer and “First Lady” Victoria Alexander

    Sir Keir Starmer's new cabinet will meet for the first time on Saturday morning - the first full day of Labour being in power, points out a BBC report. Rachel Reeves is the UK's first female chancellor, while Deputy Prime Minister Angela Rayner is also among a record 11 women in the team of 25. Sir Keir appointed his cabinet on Friday after Labor's landslide election win, and in his first speech as PM said the work of change “begins immediately”.

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  • Saturday, July 6th 2024 - 10:31 UTC

    Argentina: No love lost between Macri and Bullrich

    Bullrichists are not leaving the PRO but rather preparing for next year's primaries against the Macrists

    There seems to be no love lost between former Argentine President Mauricio Macri (2015-2019) and Security Minister Patricia Bullrich after Thursday's events at the Propuesta Republicana (PRO) Party Assembly the latter was supposed to chair but was sidelined. The rift between Macri and Bullrich has been going on for months, it was also reported in Buenos Aires.

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  • Saturday, July 6th 2024 - 10:25 UTC

    Argentines fairing worse off under Milei, study finds

    Having a job does not mean getting out of poverty in Argentina

    Studies published this week corroborate that Argentines are fairing worse off under President Javier Milei, with people sinking into poverty despite having formal jobs which showed in a dwindling consumption of red meat, among other items, in a country that used to top the world's lists.

  • Saturday, July 6th 2024 - 08:28 UTC

    Pezeshkian becomes Iran's new President-elect

    Pezeshkian has been critical on the veil imposed on women and is expected to seek a rapprochement to the West

    Heart surgeon and former Health Minister Masoud Pezeshkian has been confirmed Saturday as the winner of Iran's presidential election. The 69-year-old Reformist politician is expected to open up the country after seizing 53.6 % of the vote against the ultraconservative Saeed Jalili's 44.3 % amid a 49.9% turnout.

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  • Saturday, July 6th 2024 - 07:53 UTC

    Brazil to build lab marking pandemic readiness

    “All countries need to prepare for new pandemics,” Trindade noted

    Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva attended this week the laying of the foundation stone for the Orion Project, a laboratory complex specialized in disease-causing pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, and parasites to be built in Campinas, in the State of São Paulo. According to Agencia Brasil, the facility is expected to be the most advanced in Latin America and one of the most important in the world.

  • Saturday, July 6th 2024 - 07:47 UTC

    COVID-19 investigation during the first community outbreak in a remote island: Falkland Islands

    Despite limited natural immunity, our findings suggested that vaccination was effective protecting against severe disease and booster doses provided additional short-term protection against infection

    Published in the National Library of Medicine, National Center for Biotechnology Information, with the contribution of the following, Alice Wynne; Thomas Bale; Rebecca Edwards; Natalie Wright and Petra Manley

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  • Saturday, July 6th 2024 - 07:26 UTC

    Falklands Legislative Assembly congratulates new UK Government

    The elected Falkland Islands Legislative Assembly extends its congratulations to the Labour Party on their victory in the UK General Election. We also extend our congratulations to The Right Honorable Sir Keir Starmer on his election as an MP, and subsequent appointment this as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom by His Majesty The King Charles III.

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