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  • Tuesday, January 30th 2007 - 20:00 UTC

    Falklands celebrates 20 years of financial autonomy

    The Falkland Islands is celebrating the twentieth anniversary of the introduction of the Fisheries Conservation Zone with a special commemorative stamp issue and the release of an allusive coin.

  • Friday, January 26th 2007 - 20:00 UTC

    Fishing vessel on fire north of Falklands; 46 rescued

    Coast Guard helicopter made a medical evacuation

    All crewmembers of an Argentine fishing vessel which caught fire and was abandoned early Friday morning off the coast of Santa Cruz province, north of the Falkland Islands have been rescued, reports the Argentine Coast Guard.

  • Thursday, January 25th 2007 - 20:00 UTC

    Alarming signals about South Atlantic hake fishery fragility

    South Atlantic  hake

    A significant drop in the South Atlantic common hake (Merluccius hubbsi) breeding biomass and other alarming signals were collected in the latest report from Argentina's National Institute for Fisheries Research and Development, INIDEP, particularly in an area north of parallel 41 S.

  • Sunday, January 21st 2007 - 20:00 UTC

    Salvaged “Holberg” towed to Montevideo for repairs

    Mariana Rojamar II ready to pull Holberg to Montevideo<br><i> (Photo by FIGAS)

    The Uruguayan flagged scallop trawler “Holberg” which ran aground in the Falkland Islands and was later re-floated by a team of divers from the Uruguayan Navy finally arrived in Montevideo over the weekend, towed by the “Mariana Rojamar II”.

  • Saturday, January 20th 2007 - 20:00 UTC

    Argentine hake biomass again down to critical levels

    The southern stocks of Argentine hake (Mercluccius hubbsi) are in fragile biological balance which will have a negative impact on catches this year and even more in 2008.

  • Saturday, January 20th 2007 - 20:00 UTC

    Punta Arenas breaking news

    Headlines: Punta Arenas casino operacional in 2009; BHP Billiton interested in Magallanes coal deposits; State of the art sheep abattoir; Spain's major Antarctic research expedition; Fidel Castro Junior visits Chilean fiords; Reediting Darwin's “voyage of the Beagle”.

  • Friday, January 12th 2007 - 20:00 UTC

    Argentine Jan-Nov 2006 fish & seafood exports top those of whole 2005

    Argentina in the first 11 months of last year exported 550,000 tonnes of fresh and processed sea and river fish and seafood for 1.15 billion dollars, more than in the 12 months of 2005, when it sold abroad 445,000 tonnes for 799 million dollars, the SENASA phytosanitary watchdog said in a report yesterday.

  • Tuesday, January 9th 2007 - 20:00 UTC

    Argentine anchovy fishery may damage South Atlantic ecosystem

    Greater fishing pressures exerted on southern patagonian anchovy could harm the local ecosystem.

    The indiscriminate Argentine anchovy (Engraulis anchoita) fishing in the southern zone of Argentina could inflict serious damage to Magallanic penguins, whales, seals and sea lions population numbers, warned a study published in prominent scientific magazine Science.

  • Tuesday, January 9th 2007 - 20:00 UTC

    Shipping lines increase capacity 14 percent

    Moeller-Maersk and 407 other shipping lines increased their capacity to move containers 14 percent in 2006, the fastest pace in six years, as trade expanded, data from Containerisation International showed.

  • Monday, January 8th 2007 - 20:00 UTC

    Chilean fisheries 2006 exports could reach 3 billion dollars

    Chile's fisheries exports totaled 2.945 billion US dollars during the first ten months of 2006, up 19.6% over the same period a year ago, according to the Fisheries Under Secretariat, SUBPESCA. But figures also show that the total volume was 1.157 million tons compared to 1.36 million tons in 2005, which means 18% less.