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Tag: Alexander Jacob Betts

  • Monday, June 11th 2018 - 07:28 UTC

    Argentina/Falklands “constructive spirit” will be tested at the UN C24 presentations

    Argentine president Mauricio Macri and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau during the recent meeting held in Quebec

    The constructive spirit and pragmatic attitude towards Argentina/United Kingdom relations and shared interests seems to have spilled positively to international forae, for example the latest OAS general assembly declaration regarding the Malvinas Islands, which does not mention “militarization of the South Atlantic or nuclear arms”, as was common in the Kirchner couple years, and rather keeps to the traditional annual disputed sovereignty claim under the umbrella of the United Nations.

  • Friday, June 1st 2018 - 08:55 UTC

    Argentina delists Malvinas petitioner Betts, and his shady turncoat past begins to surface

    Nobody in the Islands knew Betts was so infatuated with his Argentine girl-friend that this led him to change sides, given his past as a hard-line critic of Argentina

    Alejandro Jacobo Betts, Argentine citizen, born as Alexander Jacob Betts in the Falkland Islands, where he lived with a family until the end of the 1982 conflict, has been delisted from the Argentine delegation to this year's United Nations Decolonization Committee or C24 meeting scheduled for this month in New York.