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Montevideo, July 18th 2024 - 01:44 UTC


  • Wednesday, July 17th 2024 - 14:14 UTC

    Presidents Peña, Lacalle Pou and Milei convening in Buenos Aires

    Peña and Lacalle will be joining Milei on the eve of the 30th anniversary of the AMIA bombing

    Presidents Santiago Peña of Paraguay and Luis Lacalle Pou of Uruguay are to convene in Buenos Aires Wednesday to participate alongside Javier Milei in a conference on anti-terrorism which will be their first encounter after the July 8 Mercosur Summit in Asunción Milei skipped to avoid rubbing eyes with Brazil's Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, whom he dubbed a “corrupt communist” during the 2023 campaign and never apologized. The following day they will join again for the event marking the 30th anniversary of the bombing of the Argentine Israeli Mutual Association (AMIA).

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  • Thursday, June 20th 2024 - 10:35 UTC

    Argentina declassifies intelligence report on AMIA bombing

    The Toma Report was named after the SIDE “Señor 5” under President Eduardo Duhalde

    Argentina's judiciary Wednesday declassified a confidential intelligence report dated in 2003 which delved into Iran's role in the 1994 bombing of the Argentine Israeli Mutual Association (AMIA) headquarters in Buenos Aires.

  • Monday, June 10th 2024 - 09:19 UTC

    Mercosur signs AMIA declaration against terrorism

    Bullrich invited Mercosur officials over to Buenos Aires for the ceremonies marking the 30th anniversary of the AMIA bombing

    Dignitaries from all South American Common Market (Mercosur) nations gathered in Asunción last week to sign a declaration against terrorism which was named after the Argentine Israelite Mutual Association (AMIA) in Buenos Aires just a month before the 30th anniversary of the bombing of its headquarters on July 18, 1994, killing 85 people and leaving some 300 wounded.

  • Monday, May 6th 2024 - 21:59 UTC

    Call warning of a bomb at AMIA HQs a hoax

    It was the second such call this year at the AMIA headquarters

    A bomb threat at the Buenos Aires headquarters of the Argentine Israeli Mutual Association (AMIA) Monday afternoon was determined to be a hoax, according to Federal Police sources and authorities from the Jewish welfare group alike. The detonation of an explosive device at the old AMIA building on July 18, 1994, left 85 people dead and triggered a saga of investigations that have yielded almost no conclusive results to this day.

  • Tuesday, April 16th 2024 - 19:27 UTC

    Milei to no longer fly on passenger services out of security concerns

    “Indeed, the President will stop using commercial airplanes,” Adorni announced

    Argentine President Javier Milei will no longer use commercial flights due to security concerns stemming from his stance beside Israel in the ongoing crisis in the Middle East, it was announced in Buenos Aires on Tuesday.

  • Friday, June 16th 2023 - 09:52 UTC

    Four Lebanese nationals wanted in Argentina in AMIA bombing probe

    The four suspects are believed to have helped the actual perpetrators of the bombing into the country

    Argentine Federal Judge Daniel Rafecas Thursday ordered the arrest of four Lebanese nationals for their alleged involvement in the July 18, 1994, bombing of the Argentine-Israeli Welfare Association (AMIA) headquarters in Buenos Aires.

  • Tuesday, October 18th 2022 - 10:44 UTC

    Argentine prosecutor wants Iran's VP arrested in Qatar

    Rezai reportedly met in Doha with Emir Al Thani

    Argentine Prosecutor Sebastián Basso asked the Foreign Ministry to take the necessary steps for Iranian Vice President Mohsen Rezai to be arrested in Qatar and extradited to Buenos Aires in connection with the 1994 bombing of the Jewish welfare AMIA association.

  • Saturday, October 15th 2022 - 14:55 UTC

    Argentine State admits responsibility for impunity and cover-ups in AMIA case

    Argentina's admission shocked the members of the court. Photo: Enrique G. Medina / EFE

    Argentina's Justice Ministry Friday admitted during an Inter-American Human Rights Court hearing in Montevideo that the State had “violated rights and was not able to ascertain the truth” in the 1994 bombing of a Jewish welfare association AMIA in Buenos Aires.

  • Friday, October 14th 2022 - 20:34 UTC

    IAHRC hearing on Argentine State's responsibility in AMIA case

    Argentine judges have protected their friends, Wassner said

    The Argentine State's negligence in the July 18, 1994, bombing of the AMIA Jewish society and the subsequent investigation is under trial in Montevideo before the Inter-American Human Rights Court.

  • Tuesday, July 19th 2022 - 09:25 UTC

    Yet another AMIA bombing anniversary and nobody jailed

    “In terms of the fight against terrorism, Argentina is exactly the same as it was 30 years ago,” Linetzky stressed

    Relatives of the 85 casualties and the entire Argentine society Monday wondered once again how it could be that 28 years after the bombing of the AMIA welfare Israeli Association nobody has ever been held accountable.