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  • Tuesday, December 6th 2022 - 08:00 UTC

    Rishi Sunak’s daunting challenge, standing up to far right extremists

    Sunak entered office following two horrendous displays of prime ministerial incompetence

    By Chris Patten - The United Kingdom’s new prime minister has inherited a mountain of economic problems, including runaway inflation and a shrinking GDP. To fix his predecessors’ blunders and avoid a humiliating electoral defeat, he must stand up to his party’s far-right extremists.

  • Monday, October 24th 2022 - 14:22 UTC

    Rishi Sunak to be Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

    Sunak will become the first leader from an ethnic minority in the UK

    Rishi Sunak, the grandson of Indian immigrants, was nominated Monday by the British Conservative Party to replace Liz Truss as its leader and next prime minister, as his rival, Leader of the House of Commons Penny Mordaunt, failed to win enough support to run.

  • Monday, October 24th 2022 - 09:55 UTC

    Boris Johnson steps down from PM job race, might run in 2024

    Sunak may be confirmed as the new Prime Minister by 2 pm Monday, local time.

    Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has stepped down from the Conservative Party race to succeed Liz Truss citing the lack of unity among his own ranks.

  • Friday, October 21st 2022 - 10:55 UTC

    Five candidates to replace PM Liz Truss, “fighter turned a quitter”; chaos among Conservatives

    No-one has yet confirmed that they will stand, but here are some of the potential candidates, according to a brief BBC survey. Photo: Number 10

    Liz Truss announced on Thursday she will resign, which means there will now be another leadership election to decide who becomes the next Conservative leader and prime minister. The contest to replace “the lettuce” as some London media identifies Ms Truss sis expected to be completed by the end of next week.

  • Monday, September 5th 2022 - 23:13 UTC

    Tories pick Liz Truss to become UK's next PM

    The current Foreign Secretary was full of praise for her departing friend: Boris Johnson

    Foreign Secretary Liz Truss beat former Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak by 81,326 votes to 60,399 and will thus become the British Conservative Party's New Leader who is to be appointed Prime Minister Tuesday by Queen Elizabeth II in Balmoral Castle.

  • Monday, August 22nd 2022 - 09:27 UTC

    While Tories look for a leader, UK hit by strikes: Felixstowe closed for eight days

    Almost half the container freight entering the UK goes in through Felixstowe in Suffolk, eastern England

    On September 5, hopefully the conservative party will have a new leader and the British government should be back on track, leaving aside Boris Johnson. However, in the meantime prices of food and energy have soared and the country is under stress from a raft of industrial actions, the latest of which Felixstowe, Britain's largest container port, with staff walking out of their jobs for an 8-day strike on Sunday demanding better pay to meet the cost of living.

  • Thursday, July 21st 2022 - 06:51 UTC

    And then they were 2: Sunak and Truss

    “Hasta la vista, baby” Johnson told the House of Commons

    Following Wednesday's round of voting, Foreign Secretary Liz Truss finally made it to the showdown against former Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak in the contest for Conservative Party leader and British Prime Minister.

  • Thursday, July 14th 2022 - 07:34 UTC

    Underdog contender jumps into the limelight in UK PM race

    Mordaunt's face was recognized by one in 10 people, according to a poll

    British Foreign Trade Secretary Penny Mordaunt Wednesday came out of near-anonymity and became a serious contender to succeed Boris Johnson as leader of the Conservative Party and take over as the new Prime Minister following Wednesday's round of voting in which Economy Minister Nadhim Zahawi and former Health Minister Jeremy Hunt were cast aside.

  • Tuesday, July 12th 2022 - 12:07 UTC

    Voting for next Conservative party leader and to replace Boris Johnson begins

    Rishi Sunak, who served as chancellor until he stood down last week, is expected to pledge to cut taxes - but only once inflation has been “gripped”.

    Voting will get underway this Wednesday for candidates striving to become the leader of the Conservative party and the next British prime minister. So far eleven MPs have put themselves forward to replace Boris Johnson which comes after the party increased the number of nominations needed to make it to the first-round ballot, in order to speed up the election process.

  • Thursday, July 7th 2022 - 19:00 UTC

    Boris Johnson makes it official: he has resigned as Tory Party leader

    Johnson will remain caretaker PM until a successor is appointed, but the opposition would prefer to hold snap elections

    British Prime Minister Boris Johnson finally admitted the scandals surrounding his administration were too many for him to stay in office and turned in his resignation as leader of the Conservative Party, which has triggered the process for the appointment of a replacement who will also take over as head of government.