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Montevideo, October 7th 2022 - 20:12 UTC

Tag: hiperinflation

  • Friday, August 6th 2021 - 07:52 UTC

    In thirteen years Venezuela has eliminated 14 zeroes from the Bolivar currency

    The digital Bolivar means that beginning October all transactions will be divided by a million, pointed out the central bank (Pic AP)

    Because of the hyperinflation process, as of next October the Venezuelan currency, Bolivar, will lose six zeroes, the central bank announced on Thursday, This is the third time in thirteen years that monetary officials in the country appeal to eliminating ciphers.

  • Tuesday, January 15th 2019 - 09:20 UTC

    The salary is tripled in Venezuela: Increases to 6 dollars

    The salary that will come into effect on Tuesday is equivalent to six dollars on the black market and economic analysts fear that it will lose its value in a few days.

    Nicolás Maduro ordered an increase of 300% of the minimum wage on Monday, the 26th time he makes an announcement of this kind during his term. Also, an increase in the petro cryptocurrency was decreed and the president highlighted the economic management of his government, which he said in his annual report helped to turn Venezuela into the country with “greater socioeconomic equality”.

  • Tuesday, November 20th 2018 - 08:43 UTC

    Venezuela preparing macroeconomic data to deliver to IMF

    The central bank of Venezuela is preparing to hand over crucial economic statistics to the IMF to meet a November 30 deadline or risk exclusion

    Venezuela which is sitting on one of the world’s largest crude oil reserves but which is suffering the worst loss of oil production in history outside of war-induced outages is getting ready to share macroeconomic data with the International Monetary Fund to avoid penalties including possible exclusion from the IMF.

  • Monday, October 8th 2018 - 16:36 UTC

    UNHCR calls “monumental crisis” the migration of Venezuelans

    “Being here symbolizes the will of the international community to be close to Colombia in this very important effort to respond to a monumental crisis,” told Grandi.

    The UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Filippo Grandi, made a visit to the Colombian-Venezuelan border to understand the dimensions of the exodus of Venezuelans that, according to the UN statistics, 1.9 million have left Venezuela since 2015 due the Venezuela's economic and social situation.

  • Saturday, March 17th 2018 - 16:55 UTC

    Transparency International denounces “Venezuelan apartheid”

    In some cases, it has been denounced that the Homeland Card forces beneficiaries to vote under the supervision of some official authority

    NGO Transparency Venezuela denounced through a follow-up that the Carnet de la Patria (homeland card), identity document devised by the government of Nicolás Maduro, is a tool of social control that seeks, among other purposes, the loyalty to the ruling party at the polls.

  • Wednesday, February 21st 2018 - 01:26 UTC

    Petro, the Venezuelan cryptocurrency is online

    The initiative promoted by the government of Nicolás Maduro responds to individual sanctions by the international community against government officials.

    The pre-sale of Petro began early on Tuesday, the cryptocurrency proposed by the Venezuelan government in recent weeks and backed by the country's natural resources. According to experts, it is “ridiculous”, arguing that the creation of a new currency would aggravate the economic crisis in the Caribbean country.

  • Monday, January 29th 2018 - 18:29 UTC

    “Electoral charade”: Maduro clings to power at all costs

    The Supreme Court of Justice issued a judgment ordering the exclusion of the opposition coalition Mesa de la Unidad Democrática (MUD) from the electoral process

    On December 20 the National Constituent Assembly (ANC) - formed only by pro-government officials - decreed that political parties that did not participate for the last regional election a few months ago must be revalidated before the National Electoral Council (CNE), a rule that according to the the current constitution should be should be applied when absenting more than 3 times to the suffrages.