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Montevideo, May 20th 2024 - 12:30 UTC

Tag: Honduras

  • Friday, July 7th 2023 - 10:42 UTC

    State of exception extended in Honduras

    Security Secretary Gustavo Sánchez announced the extension of the measure for 45 more days

    Honduras' Council of Ministers has extended the “partial state of exception” in force from Dec. 6 until next Aug. 19, it was reported in Tegucigalpa. The measure seeks to curb violence in at least 175 of the country's 298 municipalities. However, in the municipalities of Choloma and San Pedro Sula a “special curfew” is in force from 11 pm to 4 am due to the seriousness of the crisis there.

  • Monday, June 26th 2023 - 10:02 UTC

    Curfew decreed in parts of Honduras following new massacre

    “I ask for your collaboration to dismantle the crime that operates with impunity in Honduras,” Castro also said on social media

    A “special curfew” was decreed Sunday by President Xiomara Castro in the Honduran municipalities of Choloma and San Pedro Sula, in the north of the country, after numerous murders Saturday, it was reported from Tegucigalpa. According to local media, in the department of Cortes alone, at least 22 people were killed in different violent incidents.

  • Monday, June 12th 2023 - 10:23 UTC

    Honduras wants to join BRICS bank

    President Xiomara Castro formally made the request during a meeting with Dilma Rousseff

    During her six-day visit to China, Honduran President Xiomara Castro formally asked BRICS' New Development Bank (NBD) Chairwoman Dilma Rousseff for the Central American country to join the entity, it was reported in Shanghai. A technical delegation of the Honduran government will travel in the coming days to initiate the process.

  • Saturday, June 10th 2023 - 10:40 UTC

    Honduran President lands in China to bolster bilateral ties

    With Castro's decision, Honduras joined the group of nations to cut diplomatic relations with Taipei

    Honduran President Xiomara Castro arrived in Shanghai Friday, starting a six-day visit to China which will include a meeting with President Xi Jinping following her government’s decision to establish diplomatic relations with Beijing and cut off ties with Taiwan.

  • Tuesday, January 24th 2023 - 08:13 UTC

    CFK holds private meeting with Honduras President

    CFK underlined that 13 years after the coup d'état against her husband Manuel Zelaya Castro had managed to become president

    Argentine Vice President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner (CFK) Monday met with Honduran President Xiomara Castro at the former's office in Congress. The Central American leader is in Buenos Aires to attend Tuesday's VII Summit of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (Celac).

  • Monday, January 16th 2023 - 10:16 UTC

    Avian flu emergency decreed in Honduras

    Suazo said the decree complied with international regulations

    Honduran authorities have declared a 90-day nationwide health alert following an outbreak of avian influenza among pelicans, it was announced in Tegucigalpa. About 40,000 poultry were also evaluated and no signs of the malady were detected, it was also reported.

  • Monday, October 3rd 2022 - 10:09 UTC

    Argentine White Helmets arrive in Honduras

    Some areas in Tegucigalpa should never have been used for human settlements

    An Argentine “white helmet” mission to assist Honduran victims of recent rainstorms has been deployed to the area, it was reported Sunday in Buenos Aires.

  • Thursday, March 17th 2022 - 09:43 UTC

    Judge rules former Honduran President may be extradited to US

    Hernández left office Jan. 27, after losing the elections to current leftist President Xiomara Castro

    A Honduran judge Wednesday ruled in favor of extraditing former President Juan Orlando Hernández to the United States, where he is wanted for alleged drug trafficking and illegal use of weapons.

  • Wednesday, February 16th 2022 - 09:11 UTC

    Former Honduran president arrested at US' request

    Hernández had reached the presidency of Honduras on January 27, 2014

    Less than three weeks after Juan Orlando Hernández left office, the former Honduran President has been placed under arrest pending extradition to the United States for his alleged links to drug traffickers.

  • Tuesday, February 15th 2022 - 09:03 UTC

    US requests extradition of former Honduran President Hernández

    It was still unknown whether Hernández was at his home, but law enforcement officers surrounded his residence pending a ruling on his extradition

    A large-scale police raid was underway Monday evening in Tegucigalpa's San Ignacio neighborhood while the Supreme Court is still to grant or reject the request from the United States to extradite former President Juan Orlando Hernández to stand trial for alleged drug trafficking.