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Montevideo, May 28th 2023 - 00:37 UTC

Tag: Indec index

  • Sunday, April 16th 2023 - 23:28 UTC

    Argentine Cabinet Chief admits war against inflation is being lost

    If the opposition wins this year's elections it would mean more inflation and poverty, Rossi said

    Argentina's Cabinet Chief Agustín Rossi admitted the administration of President Alberto Fernández was losing the battle with inflation. “We thought we were getting there, but we weren't,” Rossi was quoted as saying by local media. “Nobody can be happy, least of all us”, he added.

  • Friday, March 31st 2023 - 09:31 UTC

    Argentina's poverty indexes on the rise

    According to Indec, 54.2% of people aged 0 to 14 live in poverty

    Argentina's National Institute of Statistics and Census (Indec) Thursday released a study showing that 39.2% of the South American country's economically active population was living in poverty in the second half of 2022, an increase from the 37.3% recorded during the same period of 2021

  • Friday, March 17th 2023 - 08:48 UTC

    BCRA adjusts benchmark interest rate: 78% annually

    It was the first monetary policy rate increase in 2023 and also since September last year

    Argentina's Central Bank (BCRA) Thursday decided to raise the benchmark interest rate by 300 basis points to 78% annually, it was announced in Buenos Aires the day after the INDEC said the Consumer Price Index for the month of February ad grew 6.6% for a year-on-year inflation of 102.5 %, the highest in the last 32 years.

  • Wednesday, February 15th 2023 - 09:38 UTC

    Inflation in Argentina reaches 6% in January

    Projections for February and March have a floor of 6%, it was reported

    Inflation in Argentina reached 6% in January of 2023, according to a report from the National Institute of Statistics and Census (Indec) released Tuesday, which also showed the interannual consumer price index went up 98.8%. It was the highest monthly rate since 1991 when it reached 84%.

  • Friday, December 16th 2022 - 08:36 UTC

    Argentina's inflation for November set at 4.9%

    November's CPI was also the lowest since the 4.7% recorded in February

    Argentina's Consumer Price Index (CPI) rose 4.9% in November for an accumulated 85.3% in the first eleven months of the year, according to a report released Thursday by the National Institute of Statistics and Census (Indec).

  • Thursday, December 8th 2022 - 09:11 UTC

    Argentine fisheries exports drop in volume and income in ten months of 2022

    In the first ten months of the year the volume exported reached 408.233 tons and US$ 1,568bn with a double drop of 9,5% compared to the same period a year ago

    Argentine fisheries exports during the first ten months of the year reached 408.233 tons and US$ 1,568bn with a drop both on average in volume and income of 9,5% compared to the same period a year ago, according to the stats made public by CAPECA, the Argentine //fishing vessel owners organization.

  • Tuesday, November 22nd 2022 - 08:37 UTC

    Fourth Kirchner government climax, 12 month food inflation at 100%

    In the 12 months to October the Basic Food Basket inflation climbed 100,8% and 93,1% for the Total Food Basket

    The basic food basket, CBA, in Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego province, Argentina soared 9,5% during October while the overall food basket, CBT, 9%, according to the latest figures from Indec, the country's stats office. This is 50% higher than the inflation rate for the month of October which stood at 6,3%.

  • Wednesday, June 22nd 2022 - 10:44 UTC

    More poverty and misery ahead for most Argentines as food prices soar

    The Total Basic Basket reached 100,000 Pesos in May, with an annualized inflation of 54,66%, six points less than official overall inflation of 60%

    An Argentine household needs a monthly income of at least 100,000 Pesos equivalent to US$ 781 at the official rate, (128 Pesos to the dollar) or US$ 454 (free market, 220 Pesos to the dollar) to remain just above the poverty line, according to the latest estimate from the government's Stats Office, Indec.

  • Monday, October 4th 2021 - 20:03 UTC

    Argentina's statistics bureau finds 4 out of 10 people are poor

    Indec's latest report released last week showed 18.8 million Argentine residents were technically poor (Pic TELAM)

    The latest data from Argentina's National Institute of Statistics and Censuses (Indec) show that the poverty index has reversed a meager 1.4 % during the first half of 2021.

  • Friday, August 13th 2021 - 09:37 UTC

    Argentina's inflation for July 2021 measured at 3%

    Todesca admitted projections for 2021 will not be met

    Argentina's Consumer Price Index (CPI-Cost of Living) increased 3% in July, according to a report from the National Institute of Statistics and Censuses (Indec) released Thursday.