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Tag: Korean Peninsula

  • Monday, March 18th 2019 - 08:20 UTC

    Foot and mouth disease spreads to the whole of the Korean peninsula

    Sources across three regions of North Korea reported that FMD outbreaks in their respective areas have led to the death of many work cattle on collective farms (Moon Yo-han/Reuters)

    In the wake of the South Korean government’s battle to prevent the spread of foot-and-mouth disease following an outbreak in three farmhouses in the cities of Anseong and Chungju earlier this year, North Korean livestock industry insiders have reported that Pyongyang is also struggling with a nationwide spread of the disease outbreak that began in the middle of January.

  • Thursday, September 20th 2018 - 08:20 UTC

    Shouts for unification of the Korean Peninsula at HWPL's World Peace festival

    According to the host organization, HWPL, the peace parade contained the message about the peaceful world that the global village dreams of achieved through religious harmony, peace education, and int

    On September 18th, leaders of the two Koreas have met in Pyongyang, North Korea, for the third meeting for inter-Korean reconciliation. With the international attention focused on the movements of the two leaders, families from around the world expecting the peaceful reunification of the Korean peninsula, further world peace attended a peace festival held in South Korea.

  • Saturday, June 16th 2018 - 11:22 UTC

    Denuclearization or mutual deterrence in the Korean peninsula?

    Kim persuaded Trump to end the US annual joint military exercises with South Korea, and even got Trump to call them “war games” and “provocative”

    If the Singapore meeting between Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un had been a zero-sum game, then Trump definitely lost. But maybe it wasn't. Kim got a meeting with Trump on terms of strict equality right down to the number of flags on display, which is a huge boost for his regime's claim to legitimacy.

  • Monday, June 11th 2018 - 09:24 UTC

    All ready for Tuesday's Trump/Kim summit: denuclearization at the heart of discussions

    For the U.S., the term means North Korea relinquishing nuclear weapons — but Pyongyang may agree to do so only if certain conditions are fulfilled

    North Korea has told the United States that it's prepared to discuss denuclearization at the June 12 summit between its leader Kim Jong Un and President Donald Trump. But the reclusive regime likely has an entirely different understanding of what denuclearization entails.