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Montevideo, June 14th 2024 - 03:38 UTC

Tag: Malvinas Day 2 April

  • Saturday, March 23rd 2024 - 15:15 UTC

    Vice-president Villarruel, April 2nd Malvinas parade cancelled: too onerous

    Villarruel: April 2nd celebration...  she replied, “we wanted to organize it, but it is too onerous for the Senate”

    Argentine Vice-president Victoria Villarruel announced there will be no military parade next April 2nd. to commemorate the beginning of the 42nd anniversary of “the Malvinas historic deed before Congress, since it would represent a too high cost” in Argentina's current circumstances.

  • Monday, April 3rd 2023 - 11:01 UTC

    President calls Argentines to hold war veterans where they belong

    Argentina will recover the Malvinas through peaceful means, Alberto Fernández insisted

    President Alberto Fernández called Argentines to “feel proud” and “put the ex-combatants in their rightful place” during the celebration of the 41st anniversary of the landing in Stanley (then renamed Puerto Argentino) by the South American country's troops which kicked off the 1982 Falkland/Malvinas war.

  • Sunday, April 2nd 2023 - 19:44 UTC

    Malvinas Veterans, Fallen and Families Day

    Miguel Angel Pichetto, Argentina's National Auditor

    April 2nd is a special date in the calendar of Argentine events, the country renders homage to the Malvinas Veterans, Fallen, and Families of mostly thousands of raw Conscripts sent by the military Junta 41 years ago, in 1982 to invade and occupy the Falkland Islands. Argentina has been claiming sovereignty over the Falklands, alleging inheritance from once the Spanish empire, and later Argentine governments extended their demand to include “South Atlantic Islands and surrounding maritime spaces”.

  • Sunday, April 2nd 2023 - 11:56 UTC

    Argentines hold nationwide Veterans Day celebrations to honor the fallen

    “Malvinasization is lived here very strongly, from the heart,” Santa Cruz Governor Alicia Kirchner said

    Multiple events are to be held across Argentina Sunday marking Veterans Day 41 years after the military Junta's troops landed in Stanley (then renamed Puerto Argentino) thus kicking off the 1982 Falkland/Malvinas War with the United Kingdom.

  • Monday, September 11th 2017 - 09:47 UTC

    Malvinas Day will be remembered every 2 April in Puerto Argentino (Stanley), when sovereignty is recovered

    National Senator Julio Catalán Magni  who belongs to the Victory Front of ex president Cristina Fernandez was the sponsor of the Veterans and Fallen bill

    The Argentine Senate has approved a bill establishing the Day of the Malvinas War Veteran and Fallen, which will be remembered every April 2nd in the Tierra del Fuego city of Puerto Argentino (Stanley, Falkland Islands), once sovereignty over the Islands is recovered. Until then the event will take place in the city of Ushuaia, capital of the Tierra del Fuego, Antarctica and South Atlantic Islands province.