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Montevideo, June 23rd 2024 - 22:18 UTC

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  • Thursday, June 20th 2024 - 19:17 UTC

    Montevideo remains the most expensive city in the region

    The Uruguayan capital ranked 42nd in the world according to Mercer's list released this week

    Montevideo remained South America's most expensive place to live according to the Mercer Ranking released this week, closely followed by Buenos Aires, a place that has been moving up fast since President Javier Milei's Dec. 10, 2023, inauguration. The list helps multinational employers plan their strategies regarding compensations and other expenses, it was explained. Hong Kong stayed at the top, followed by Singapore, and Sitzerland's Zurich, Geneva, and Basel.

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  • Wednesday, May 15th 2024 - 16:40 UTC

    Uruguay has new rules for housing of street dwellers in Winter

    Minister Sciarra highlighted the importance of improving the quality of life of homeless people

    An initiative from Uruguay's ruling Multicolor coalition for the compulsory hospitalization of street dwellers has been signed into law, it was reported in Montevideo. The opposition Broad Front (Frente Amplio - FA) was split when voting in the Lower House.

  • Monday, April 29th 2024 - 10:50 UTC

    Unauthorized US Coast Guard ship sparks controversy in Montevideo

    Uruguay's opposition parties underlined the ruling Multicolor coalition's alleged disregard for the Constitution

    The US Coast Guard cutter James docked in the port of Montevideo Friday sparking a controversy among local politicians because the executive had forgotten to require the congressional acquiescence needed for the presence of any foreign-flagged military unit in the country.

  • Wednesday, March 20th 2024 - 02:55 UTC

    Argentine Justice seeks repatriation of plane used in Condor Plan kidnapping

    The Condor Plan was a coordination between the military dictatorships of several Latin American countries in the 1970s and 1980s to persecute and eliminate political opponents. Photo: AFP

    The Argentine justice system has requested Uruguay to repatriate a plane allegedly used in the infamous Condor Plan, a coordination effort between South American dictatorships during the 1970s and 1980s. The aircraft, a Hawker Siddeley twin-jet, is believed to have been utilized in the transfer of detainees during this dark period of political repression.

  • Friday, March 15th 2024 - 09:46 UTC

    Italy's iconic Amerigo Vespucci ship arrives in Montevideo

    Visitors may tour the 1931 ship provided they register at the Italian Embassy's website

    Italian Navy's training ship Amerigo Vespucci docked Thursday in Montevideo and will welcome visitors Friday, it was reported from the Uruguayan capital. The iconic vessel, built in 1931, is making her second round-the-world trip after setting sail from Genoa in July. Her next call will be Buenos Aires.

  • Monday, February 19th 2024 - 10:46 UTC

    Four cruise ships due in Montevideo in one day

    The ANP forecasts a 10% increase in both the number of calls and passengers from last season, Curbelo said

    The large-size Azamara Quest, Seabourn Quest, MSC Musica, and Norwegian Star cruise ships are scheduled to call on Monday in the Uruguayan port of Montevideo bringing over 6,700 passengers, thus encoring what took place on Feb. 7 and is to happen again on March 7, local authorities reported. The ships arrive from the Bahamas, Malta, and Panama, it was also explained.

  • Monday, January 15th 2024 - 10:43 UTC

    ITA Airways flight makes emergency landing in Montevideo due to passenger's death

    The flight crew called for any medical professionals among the passengers, and appropriate resuscitation measures were taken. Unfortunately, the passenger could not be revived

    An ITA Airways flight traveling from Rome to Buenos Aires had to make an emergency landing at Carrasco Airport in Montevideo this morning following the death of a passenger, according to airport sources.

  • Tuesday, January 9th 2024 - 11:29 UTC

    Montevideo wages sanitary war against mosquitoes

    People should wear long-sleeved shirts, and long pants “because we have no choice,” Rousserie said

    Montevideo City authorities are upping precautions in the presence of disease-transmitting mosquitoes. City Health Director Hugo Rousserie urged residents to take measures and explained that critical places where puddles appear, such as cemeteries, were monitored closely.

  • Wednesday, November 15th 2023 - 18:10 UTC

    Roger Waters denied hotel rooms in Buenos Aires, Montevideo for his stance on Middle East issues

    Waters said it was the work of pro-Israel lobbyists

    Former Pink Floyd frontman Roger Waters has been denied room bookings at two Montevideo hotels because of his anti-Israel stance on the ongoing Middle East conflict with the terrorist group Hamas.

  • Tuesday, July 18th 2023 - 22:55 UTC

    Four out of ten Uruguayans unaware of the reason for the holiday on Constitution Day

    Constitution Day holds deep significance for Uruguayans, marking the date when the country's first Constitution was promulgated in 1830.

    In celebration of Constitution Day, a national holiday in Uruguay, local TV program Telemundo took to the streets, traversing the bustling Avenida 18 de Julio, the most important in Montevideo's downtown, to gauge the public's awareness and engagement on this significant occasion. However, a surprising revelation emerged during their interviews with the public, as it was found that a considerable portion of Uruguayans interviewed remained uninformed about the reason for the holiday.