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Tag: Oil and gas

  • Wednesday, January 15th 2014 - 07:11 UTC

    New EPA rule requires chemical disclosure for offshore fracking

    Governor Jerry Brown does not support a ban on fracking and insists the new law is rigorous.

    By. Nick Cunningham of - The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency published a rule on January 9, 2014 requiring oil and gas companies using hydraulic fracturing off the coast of California to disclose the chemicals they discharge into the ocean. Oil and gas companies have been fracking offshore California for perhaps as long as two decades, but they largely flew under the radar until recently.

  • Monday, September 30th 2013 - 21:40 UTC

    The Shale Boom, Just Getting Started: Interview with Tyler Cowen

    The Great Stagnation first shows up in the data in 1973, when income growth slows and productivity growth falters

    Thanks to the shale boom, markets already perceive the trade balance optimizing, energy prices are cheaper than they would otherwise be and we've even cut carbon emissions. And we are only getting started, according Tyler Cowen, New York Times best-selling author and one of the most influential economists of the decade.

  • Monday, April 16th 2012 - 21:48 UTC

    Argentina sends bill to takeover control of YPF from Spain’s Repsol

    Cristina Fernandez said that her government focuses “on recovering our resources, not promoting nationalizations”

    Argentine President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner sent to Congress a draft bill to expropriate Spain’s Repsol’s holdings of YPF oil and gas company. The announcement was made on Monday at the Government House during a sudden meeting with officials, political leaders, unionists and businessmen.

  • Saturday, March 17th 2012 - 07:21 UTC

    YPF is an Argentine asset run by Spanish investors, De Vido tells Madrid

    De Vido: the National government supports the oil provinces

    Argentine Planning Minister Julio de Vido lashed out at Spanish Industry Minister José Manuel Soria by saying that oil company YPF is an Argentine corporation run by Spanish investors and should not be considered an asset of the European country.