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  • Tuesday, December 18th 2018 - 09:08 UTC

    US wins “dolphin safe” tuna-labeling legal battle against Mexico at WTO

    The dispute first came to the WTO in October 2008, and the ruling ended Mexico’s claim that U.S. labeling rules unfairly penalized its fishing industry

    The United States won a legal battle over “dolphin safe” tuna-labeling on Friday, when the World Trade Organization’s appeals judges dismissed Mexico’s argument that the U.S. labeling rules violated WTO rules

  • Wednesday, October 17th 2018 - 08:35 UTC

    Europol helps bust illegal bluefin tuna market in southern Europe

    Bluefin tuna shipments were being smuggled into Spain through the French harbors after being caught in Italian and Maltese waters.

    Europol have coordinated an international operation with authorities from France, Italy, Malta, Spain and Portugal to arrest 79 individuals for their involvement in Europe’s bluefin tuna market. Operation Tarantelo was launched when the Spanish Guardia Civil noted irregularities involving bluefin tuna fishing in the Mediterranean Sea.

  • Friday, January 5th 2018 - 09:44 UTC

    Galicia medium sized fish processing plants benefit with 8.3m Euros

    Contributions are intended to support investments made by SMEs that will significantly help to save energy or reduce the impact on the environment.

    A total of 50 small and medium-sized companies in Galicia were beneficiaries of the 2017 call for investments aid that result in improvements in the processing of fishery, shellfish and aquaculture products. This was announced by the Minister of Marine Affairs, Rosa Quintana, at the Pobra do Caramiñal, during a visit to the refrigeration logistics company Alimentos Cruz del Sur (Alicrusa), one of the beneficiaries.

  • Thursday, April 16th 2015 - 22:23 UTC

    Greenpeace reacts to NOAA report showing U.S. overfished stocks at all-time low

    The US tuna fleet must keep to the same standards as in US waters. Tuna fisheries kill millions of sharks annually as bycatch, and some tuna populations remain in dire shape.

    The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) released the 2014 Status of U.S. Fisheries report, which indicates that the number of US fish stocks listed as overfished or subject to overfishing has dropped to an all-time low since 1997, when NOAA began tracking stock status.

  • Monday, November 11th 2013 - 19:49 UTC

    GEF and FAO approve project to improve sustainability of tuna fisheries worldwide

    Highly migratory tuna account for about 20% of the value of all marine capture fisheries

    Global Environment Facility (GEF) CEO Naoko Ishii approved a project coordinated by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) to improve the health and sustainability of tuna fisheries worldwide by reducing illegal catch and supporting related marine ecosystems and species.

  • Friday, January 6th 2012 - 06:40 UTC

    All time record price for a 296 kilos blue-fin in Tokyo market: 712.000 dollars

    The world famous Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo

    A deep-pocketed restaurateur has paid more than 700.000 dollars for a tuna at Japan's Tsukiji fish market, smashing the record for a single blue-fin. Bidding on the 269kg fish, caught off the coast of Japan's northern Aomori prefecture, stood at an eye-popping 711.864 dollars when the hammer came down in the first auction of the year.

  • Tuesday, February 1st 2011 - 12:54 UTC

    Northeast Brazil to become “tuna hub” with support from Japan

    The goal is an annual catch of 8.000 tons of tuna

    Japan will help Brazil develop a “tuna hub” at the north of the country with the purpose of doubling tuna catches. State of the art Japanese equipment together with Brazilian personnel specially trained to operate the new logistics are at the heart of the ambitious project which plans to turn the north-eastern impoverished state of Rio Grande do Norte into a tuna hub covering an extensive zone of the Atlantic.