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Montevideo, June 11th 2023 - 00:47 UTC

Tag: Venezuela Constituent Assembly

  • Saturday, June 29th 2019 - 09:07 UTC

    The US Treasury lists the son of Nicolas Maduro in the “corrupt boys club”

    In targeting Maduro's son, the Treasury noted that he was a member of the pro-government Constituent Assembly

    The United States on Friday imposed sanctions on the son of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro for serving in his father's “illegitimate regime”. The action freezes any assets Nicolas Ernesto Maduro Guerra has in the United States and bars American individuals or institutions from doing business with the 29-year-old.

  • Thursday, March 8th 2018 - 18:51 UTC

    Venezuela: close to fraudulent elections

    Despite the accusations made by the international community, the government is heading towards an election unilaterally called.

    Venezuela's National Assembly, with opposition majority, denounced on Wednesday the “undue” use of electoral material, noting that official papers that belongs to the National Electoral Council (CNE) was found in gambling centers to print bet vouchers and presented its final report about the investigation into the case of the ex-rebel agent, Oscar Pérez.

  • Tuesday, August 1st 2017 - 08:22 UTC

    UK calls on Maduro to stop the division in the Venezuelan society

    Boris Johnson said that “the dubious Constituent Assembly vote has dramatically deepened the problems and ramped up tensions”

    British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson called on Monday on Venezuela’s government to take urgent action to stop the division in society following Sunday's the Constituent Assembly vote. “Venezuela stands on the brink of disaster and Nicholas Maduro’s government must stop before it is too late. The country is turning on itself – more than 100 have died already – and democracy and basic rights are in jeopardy”, said Boris Johnson.