Real Estate

Real Estate
Saturday, July 7th 2012 - 01:02 UTC

Europe’s tallest skyscraper the Shard opens in London with 26 floors of vacant office space

The Shard's developers are the deep-pocketed royal family of Qatar

Europe's tallest skyscraper the Shard was inaugurated in London in a dazzling sound and light show befitting its status as the capital's brashest and most controversial building.

Saturday, July 7th 2012 - 00:35 UTC

Argentine central bank announces “pesification” of real estate operations

Mercedes Marcó del Pont explained the new priorities for US dollars from exports

Following the official new curbs on US dollar purchasing for savers, the head of the Argentine Central Bank Mercedes Marcó del Pont came on stage to defend the measure and anticipate that operations in the real estate market will have to be done in Argentine Pesos.

Wednesday, June 13th 2012 - 08:21 UTC

Argentine dollar restrictions intensify malaise in real estate and the wider economy

An additional problem for the real estate market is the underdeveloped mortgage market

On June 7 the Argentine government presented a bill to require debt and new contracts are denominated in pesos, while the government is mulling the de-dollarisation of real estate contracts. This would make real estate purchases even more difficult than they currently are in a country with ever-tightening capital controls.

Saturday, June 2nd 2012 - 03:50 UTC

Argentine construction slides and could worsen because of US dollar restrictions

The US dollar the main currency in the real estate industry

Argentina's construction activity experienced a notable slowdown in April, the latest indicator pointing to a cooling of economic growth. Looking ahead prospects are not encouraging given the strict restrictions on US dollars, which is the main currency for real estate operations in Argentina.

Friday, May 25th 2012 - 21:40 UTC

Almost 19 million urban Brazilians live with no access to drinking water of sewage

The report does not include the millions living in the favelas

Almost 19 million Brazilians live in precarious housing with no running water, sewage or any basic public services, according to a report on urban infrastructure by the Brazilian Geography and Statistics Institute, IBGE.

Monday, May 21st 2012 - 01:25 UTC

Bargains forecasts in Uruguay as Argentine investors withdraw funds following new bank rules

The glamorous Punta del Este, icon of the Argentines mistrust of their government and the country’s erratic policies

By Dean Steinbeck (*) As much as it defies common sense, Uruguay entered into a tax sharing agreement that will scare off Argentine investors; the same group of people who are Uruguay’s biggest source of capital, investment, and innovation.

Thursday, April 26th 2012 - 06:10 UTC

“Land grabbing” and the concentration process in Mercosur members

The price of land in Uruguay increased seven-fold in the last 10 years

The processes of concentration, foreign ownership and land degradation came to be a central concern of supranational bodies and NGOs that warn, like the United Nations Organizations for Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), of the “negative effects of these phenomena on food security, agricultural employment and the development of family farming.”

Tuesday, April 24th 2012 - 01:45 UTC

London property boom: Asians bought 51% of new luxury homes

Central London prices expected to reach £ 1.000 a square foot

Investors from China and Southeast Asia bought one in every two new homes in central London last year as the number of wealthy individuals in the region swells, Jones Lang LaSalle Inc., said.

Saturday, April 21st 2012 - 07:31 UTC

Astori tells Spanish businesses “Uruguay, an attractive and safe” country for investors

Uruguayan Vice president Astori is a special guest of the real estate conference in Madrid

Vice president Danilo Astori currently on a business trip to Spain described Uruguay as an “attractive and safe” country to invest given its macroeconomic solidness, strength of its institutions and stimuli for investors, both domestic and from overseas.

Thursday, March 22nd 2012 - 01:39 UTC

Truman Capote home in Brooklyn Heights sells for 12.5 million dollars

Capote wrote his famous fiction novel “In cold blood” in the house

The Brooklyn Heights mansion in New York belonging to writer Truman Capote was sold in 12.5 million dollars to the creator of the successful “Grand Theft Auto” videogame, according to the New York Observer.

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