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Stories for July 2009

  • Saturday, August 1st 2009 - 02:59 UTC

    Cruise vessel with dozens of variant H1N1 virus flu docks in France

    A flu virus surprises “Voyager of the Seas” during a Mediterranean cruise

    A Royal Caribbean cruise ship carrying dozens of victims of swine flu among its 5,000 passengers and crew has docked in the south of France, officials have said. Sixty crew members have so far been diagnosed with the H1N1 virus, while 70 of their colleagues were also showing signs of being infected, they added.

  • Saturday, August 1st 2009 - 02:57 UTC

    UK orders 40 Euro-fighter Typhoon valued in £ 3 billion

    According to the British government the purchase will create 15.000 jobs in UK

    Britain has agreed a £3 billion contract for 40 more Euro-fighter Typhoon jets for the RAF in a move the Government said will secure 15,000 British jobs. Defence equipment minister Quentin Davies joined counterparts from partner nations in Munich to sign the long-delayed deal for the fighter-bombers.

  • Saturday, August 1st 2009 - 02:47 UTC

    Magallanes region unemployment the lowest in Chile, 4.9%

    Women decided to go to work and reduced the gender jobless rate by half.

    The unemployment rate in Magallanes region, extreme south of Chile during the second quarter reached 4.9% which is more than double a year ago (2.2%). However it was down 1.4 percentage points from the previous quarter, making it Chile’s region with the lowest rate of jobless, according to the latest report from the country’s Statistics Office.

  • Saturday, August 1st 2009 - 02:41 UTC

    Fresh report says world’s depleted fisheries can be saved

    “Like a crime scene investigating for over-fishing”

    There is fresh hope that the world's depleted fisheries can be saved from collapse, says a team of researchers. They said that efforts introduced to halt over-fishing in five of the 10 large marine ecosystems they examined were showing signs of success.

  • Friday, July 31st 2009 - 12:30 UTC

    Japanese rating agency upgrades Uruguay’s debt to stable BB

    R&I underlines the drastic drop in Argentine dependency (loans and deposits) of the Uruguayan banking system, which triggered the 2002 crisis.

    The Japanese Rating and Investment agency has upgraded Uruguay’s debt rating from BB- to BB with a stable outlook according to the latest release this week. This is two slots below investment grade and recognized among other factors the light public debt service burden until 2011.

  • Friday, July 31st 2009 - 12:23 UTC

    Falkland Islands: Penguin News Update

    Lucianne Henry peers out from an igloo built in her garden in the week the Falklands became a winter wonderland.  Photo A. Henry

    Headlines: Westerners’ message to councillors: our livelihood is under threat; We’re progressing BFBS TV options Rendell assures.

  • Friday, July 31st 2009 - 12:18 UTC

    Airbus recommends changing speed sensors for US made pitots

    Apparently that was the cause of the crash of the A330 flying from Rio to Paris with the loss of 228 lives.

    Plane manufacturer Airbus has urged airlines to change the make of the majority of speed sensors on about 200 long haul aircraft. Airbus has issued a bulletin to airlines recommending that they switch the parts, also known as pitots, to those made by US manufacturer Goodrich.

  • Friday, July 31st 2009 - 12:12 UTC

    Chile, Panama with the highest rate of imprisoned population

    Mr. Elias Carranza blames inequality and poverty for much of the region’s criminality

    Chile, Panama and Salvador are the three Latinamerican countries with the highest number of imprisoned criminals per 100.000 of population, according to a report from the United Nations Latinamerican institute for crime prevention and treatment of delinquents, INALUD.

  • Friday, July 31st 2009 - 12:04 UTC

    Punta Arenas hosts next week Antarctic science programs summit

    Retamales said 26 countries are expected for the Antarctic meeting

    Chile will host the next annual meeting of the Council of Managers of Annual Antarctic Programs, CMNAP, which convenes 26 countries, reported the organizers. The host city will be Punta Arenas in the extreme south of Chile and headquarters of Chile’s Antarctic Institute.

  • Friday, July 31st 2009 - 07:56 UTC

    Wind Power Investment: Blowing Towards Chile

    Currently Argentina is only sending 10% of the agreed quantity of natural gas to its Andean neighbour, Chile. Faced with an energy crisis beginning to impact upon economic growth, Chile was forced to scour the globe for energy sources says Eugenio Chinchon, a Chilean business development manager specializing in renewable energy.