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Stories for September 2nd 2016

  • Friday, September 2nd 2016 - 16:44 UTC

    Strong support for Temer and his government from China

    “China has great confidence in Brazil's development prospects, as well as confidence in cooperation between China and Brazil” said Xi

    Brazil's new president Michel Temer received strong support from Beijing when Chinese president Xi Jinping expressed confidence in Brazil's ability to maintain stability and cooperation between the two countries, during a meeting on Friday with Temer in Hangzhou, the resort that will host the G20 summit

  • Friday, September 2nd 2016 - 15:01 UTC

    Brazil reacts to Maduro's statements and calls its ambassador in Caracas

    Brazil's Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that Venezuela's attitude “is conspicuously against the principles and objectives of the Latin American integration.”

    The impeachment process that led to the removal of Dilma Rousseff from office on Wednesday, August 31, increased the gap among the continent's governments. While the U.S. said that the definite ousting of the now-former president of Brazil followed constitutional proceedings, the so-called Bolivarian governments – Venezuela, Ecuador and Bolivia – reacted by calling their ambassadors back.

  • Friday, September 2nd 2016 - 11:21 UTC

    A million Venezuelans take to the streets peacefully to protest against Maduro

    The opposition Democratic Unity coalition estimated at least 1 million people took part after protesters streamed into Caracas

    Opponents of President Nicolas Maduro flooded Venezuela's capital on Thursday in one of the biggest mass protests against socialist rule for more than a decade. Dressed in white and chanting “this government will fall,” hundreds of thousands rallied across Caracas to demand a recall referendum against Maduro and decry a deep economic crisis in the oil rich country.