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Stories for January 11th 2022

  • Tuesday, January 11th 2022 - 20:19 UTC

    Consecutive fires hit Chilean town of Iquique

    There were no fatalities but the first fire did leave some 15 people injured

    A fire in Iquique, in the Tarapacá region, has left some 400 Chileans homeless, including 15 injured Monday, but no fatalities were reported. But when things seemed to be getting back to normal, a second fire not far from the previous one added to the locals' nightmare.

  • Tuesday, January 11th 2022 - 20:10 UTC

    No change in sight for downspouts – particularly of the Paraná river

    “For us to have an improvement in the situation, rains would have to be higher than normal,” Borús explained

    The Paraná River Tuesday recorded once again a minus 46 centimeters downspout in front of the capital of the Argentine Province of Entre Ríos, thus repeating Aug. 18's all-time low, Argentine Coast Guard (Prefectura Naval) confirmed, as the entire country goes through an unprecedented heatwave.

  • Tuesday, January 11th 2022 - 20:06 UTC

    Chile: Boric wants pardon for all those prosecuted for 2019 Social Outbreak

    “We are trying to reach the best possible agreement,” Boric explained

    Chile's President-elect Gabriel Boric has asked his country's Parliament to approve a general pardon for all those still detained or facing criminal charges for their involvement in the Social Outbreak of 2019.

  • Tuesday, January 11th 2022 - 20:02 UTC

    Argentina: No more isolation for asymptomatic people with booster doses

    Vizzotti also highlighted that avoiding isolation implied a high degree of social responsibility

    Argentine Health Authorities have decided Tuesday that from now on, people who have taken three doses of a COVID-19 vaccine and remain asymptomatic following close contact with a positive case of the disease shall no longer be required to isolate themselves.

  • Tuesday, January 11th 2022 - 13:53 UTC

    Brazilian car industry expanded 11% last year but still below 2018/19 potential

    This year ANFAVEA estimates a production increase of 9,4% equivalent overall to 2,46 million units

    Brazil's National Association of Automotive Vehicle Manufacturers, ANFAVEA said that the 2021 market had a significant improvement to the critical production level of 2020, but was still short of the potential of the industry both in domestic and foreign markets. Nevertheless, Brazilian exports of automobiles reach US$ 7,6 billion.

  • Tuesday, January 11th 2022 - 13:51 UTC

    Heart of a genetically modified pig implanted to a human in Maryland

    Bennett had been connected for months to a heart-lung bypass machine to keep him alive since he was not apt for a traditional organ transplant.

    A team of surgeons at the University of Maryland Medical School announced on Monday they had implanted the heart of a genetically modified pig into a human being. Considered a world first, doctors hailed the transplant a “historic milestone”.

  • Tuesday, January 11th 2022 - 13:50 UTC

    Argentina's covid Miracle

    Professor Stiglitz with Argentine economy minister Martin Guzmán

    By Joseph Stiglitz – Unlike the United States, which could spend one-quarter of its GDP protecting its economy from the COVID-19 fallout, Argentina entered the pandemic with the deck stacked against it. Yet, thanks to the current government’s policies to strengthen the real economy, the country has been enjoying a remarkable recovery.

  • Tuesday, January 11th 2022 - 13:45 UTC

    Emerging Economies Must Prepare for Fed Policy Tightening

    Prices are rising at the fastest pace in almost four decades and the tight labor market has started to feed into wage increases

    IMF Blog by Stephan Danninger, Kenneth Kang and Helene Poirson (*) – For most of last year, investors priced in a temporary rise in inflation in the United States given the unsteady economic recovery and a slow unraveling of supply bottlenecks.

  • Tuesday, January 11th 2022 - 13:41 UTC

    North Sea Oil Operators Set For Near Record Cash Flows

    The UK government is not willing to shut down the sector that provides 73% of the UK’s energy and meets 47% of its natural gas demand.

    By Tsvetana Paraskova for – UK North Sea operators will see near-record cash margins and profits this year as they will look to extend field lives amid high oil and gas prices in a “now or never” regulatory environment, energy consultancy Wood Mackenzie says.

  • Tuesday, January 11th 2022 - 13:37 UTC

    Norwegian and Royal Caribbean announce canceling of scheduled cruises

    All “Norwegian Star” cruises with embarkation dates through and including March 19, 2022 have been cancelled

    Norwegian Cruise Line which this week was expected to begin trips along with the Argentine and Chilean coasts, as well as Antarctica cruises, has surprisingly announced it was cancelling its South American operations this season because of covid-19 related circumstances which have forced the company to reschedule its global plans.

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