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Argentine FM denounces presence of extra-regional powers in South Atlantic

Wednesday, April 19th 2023 - 10:55 UTC
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British unilateral actions represent a contravention of Resolution 31/49, Cafiero argued in Cape Verde British unilateral actions represent a contravention of Resolution 31/49, Cafiero argued in Cape Verde

Argentine Foreign Minister Santiago Cafiero Tuesday said during a bi-continental forum in Cape Verde that the military presence“ in the South Atlantic of extra-regional powers, such as the United Kingdom, was ”not in accordance with the times and the current practices of multilateralism and international law“ and deemed the situation was ”unacceptable.” Cafiero also denounced the presence in the Malvinas/Falkland Islands of Kosovo Security Forces.

The Argentine official was participating in the VIII Ministerial Meeting of the Zone of Peace and Cooperation of the South Atlantic (ZPCAS), a forum that brings together 24 coastal states of South America and Africa, which debates defense, security, conservation, environment, and cooperation between both regions.

“The presence of extra-regional military powers in the South Atlantic is unacceptable, whose attitude is not in keeping with the times and current practices of multilateralism and international law,” Cafiero said.

“Since 1833 my country has suffered the illegal occupation of part of its territory by the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland”, he added.

“That is why we wish to draw attention to the recent deployment in the Malvinas Islands of members of the so-called 'Kosovo Security Forces',” he went on.

“This constitutes an illegal and disproportionate show of force on the part of the United Kingdom. It implies the introduction in the South Atlantic of extra-regional actors alien to the sovereignty dispute,” Cafiero stressed.

“Argentina was, is, and will always be willing to engage again in diplomatic negotiations with the United Kingdom on the Malvinas issue,” he also pointed out.

“We are a peaceful and dignified people. We highly value the pronouncement against the British unilateral actions in the disputed area. They represent a contravention of Resolution 31/49, which includes the development of illegitimate activities of exploration and exploitation of renewable and non-renewable natural resources,” Cafiero also argued.

After a decade of no ministerial meetings of the ZPCAS, the foreign ministers and high authorities of the member countries are meeting in the Cape Verdean city of Mindelo intending to achieve the reactivation of the Zone, the transfer of the Pro Tempore Presidency from Uruguay to Cape Verde, and the adoption of a Political Declaration and a new Plan of Action.


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  • Falklands-Free

    Funny how the Argentine powers never accept that the very reason there is a British military force stationed on the Islands is because Argentina refuses to accept that the Falkland Islanders want to live the lives of their choosing. Not one imposed upon them by a dictator.
    If Argentina were to drop all sovereign claims over the islands and removed the campaign from their constitutions, then Britain would reduce even further its military presence in the area. It will never totally remove its presence because we know that Argentina will always pose a threat to the welfare of the falkland island people .
    Argentina has it's own military presences in the region yet we dont see them removing that any time soon.
    Argentina has lost all trust and respect that they once had because of their aggressive actions towards a peaceful people.
    They insist on negotiations with only one final outcome and that is for Britain to give them sovereignty over our islands. That is not going to happen, so Argentina will continue to Harass us with their embargoes. No one in there right mind would think of leaving the islands exposed and vulnerable to Argentinas persistent threats.

    Apr 19th, 2023 - 01:41 pm +5
  • Pugol-H

    Stinka Winka
    Yet again a complete misrepresentation of the truth, how very Argy of you, for a Dansk.

    Maths is clearly not your strong point as there are no figures here to work with.

    The article only describes the Argy position and makes no mention of the position of the other countries.

    So, where is this ‘Twentyfour (24)’ in favour???

    Remembering how all of S. America supports the Argy blockade of the Malvinas, except ships dock in Chile (sailing through Argy Territorial waters to get there and back, not that Argentina knows WTF happens down there) and planes (military) still land in Brazil, so frequently the Argy ambassador cannot keep count without taking off his shoes and socks.

    Anyway Britain is not a signatory/member to this organisation, agreements only apply to the parties that sign them, not third parties.

    P.S. Did you check out about your house insurance???

    Brazil doesn’t have a Frigate that can go that far, Capishhhh!!!

    Apr 19th, 2023 - 11:10 pm +5
  • Pugol-H

    Let me see now, with 6 territories (5 BOTs) in the South Atlantic, stretching from the equator the S. Pole itself, the UK cannot be described as an ‘extra-regional power’.

    Where the British presence in the S. Atlantic is far older than Argentina in any form.

    The fact is Argentina are the ‘new kids on the block’ in that part of the world, not the UK.

    Nothing ‘illegal’ about a country occupying its own territory, Sr Cafiero.

    Perhaps you should be more concerned about the ‘legality’ of Argentinian occupation of Puelmapu and TDF???

    Argentina needs to be willing to ‘engage in diplomatic negotiations’ with the people most affected by this, the inhabitants, if they will talk to Argentina, wouldn’t blame them if they won’t.

    Argentina is in direct violation of every UN resolution there is Re: de-colonisation and self-determination.

    Not to mention an entire government department (with budget to match, while people starve in Argentina) replete with minister (Sr Carmona) who’s only purpose is to change the status quo by introducing unilateral modifications to the situation, seeking to exercise Argentinian control over the British territories of the S. Atlantic.

    In direct contravention of UN resolutions such as 31/49.

    They have even printed the maps and put them up in schools, like that changes anything.

    Also, UNGA resolution 1514, the De-colonisation declaration, enshrines the right of the inhabitants of the NSGTs to ‘freely dispose of their natural wealth and resources’, amongst other things.

    You can go back to sleep now Sonny, they will pull your string next time they need you to jump up and spout your Sh*t.

    Apr 19th, 2023 - 02:12 pm +4
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