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Montevideo, May 29th 2023 - 18:54 UTC

Tag: Santiago Cafiero

  • Wednesday, April 19th 2023 - 10:55 UTC

    Argentine FM denounces presence of extra-regional powers in South Atlantic

    British unilateral actions represent a contravention of Resolution 31/49, Cafiero argued in Cape Verde

    Argentine Foreign Minister Santiago Cafiero Tuesday said during a bi-continental forum in Cape Verde that the military presence“ in the South Atlantic of extra-regional powers, such as the United Kingdom, was ”not in accordance with the times and the current practices of multilateralism and international law“ and deemed the situation was ”unacceptable.” Cafiero also denounced the presence in the Malvinas/Falkland Islands of Kosovo Security Forces.

  • Saturday, April 15th 2023 - 08:12 UTC

    US Deputy Secretary of State meets with Argentine FM in BA

    “Together, Argentina and the United States can help provide fuel and food to the world,” Sherman said

    Argentine Foreign Minister and US Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman met Friday in Buenos Aires to further discuss a bilateral agenda set out during the March 29 summit at the White House between Presidents Joseph Biden and Alberto Fernández.

  • Tuesday, April 11th 2023 - 10:17 UTC

    Argentine veterans want Foradori sacked from Foreign Ministry

    Foradori was allegedly drunk when he signed th3e agreement with Alan Duncan

    A group of Argentine war veterans Monday filed a petition before Foreign Minister Santiago Cafiero to dismiss former Deputy Foreign Minister Carlos Mario Foradori from the country's diplomatic corps for “having acted recklessly” in the conclusion, in 2016, of the joint declaration known as the Foradori-Duncan agreement to the “detriment of the interests of the Argentine Republic relating to the Malvinas question.”

  • Saturday, March 18th 2023 - 09:49 UTC

    Argentina and Uruguay: Foreign Ministers agree on presidential summit next month

    The meeting between Cafiero and Bstillo was a follow-up on the one they had in Buenos Aires on Feb. 16

    Foreign Ministers Francisco Bustillo of Uruguay and Santiago Cafiero of Argentina Friday agreed to broker a bilateral presidential summit between Alberto Fernández and Luis Lacalle Pou in April, during which a joint declaration is expected to be reached regarding recent agreements between the top diplomats.

  • Wednesday, March 8th 2023 - 12:45 UTC

    Argentina's cancellation of Córdoba-Mt. Pleasant route made official

    Argentina's Foreign Ministry said the decision was taken due to the UK's reluctance to discuss other flights... and sovereignty

    The Argentine Government's decision to strike the authorization once granted to LATAM Brasil to serve Mount Pleasant in the Malvinas/Falkland Islands from Córdoba has been made official since it was published Tuesday in the Official Gazette.

  • Friday, March 3rd 2023 - 09:50 UTC

    Cleverly insists: the Falklands are British

    The Falklanders have chosen to remain a British Overseas Territory, Cleverly said after being told by Cafiero about Argentina's decision

    British Foreign Secretary James Cleverly wrote on Twitter that the Falkland “islanders have the right to decide their own future: they have chosen to remain an autonomous British Overseas Territory,” and therefore “the Falkland Islands are British.”

  • Thursday, March 2nd 2023 - 15:10 UTC

    Argentina withdraws from Foradori-Duncan Treaty

    Cafiero suggested Cleverly that Argentina and the UK sat in New York at the UN headquarters to discuss sovereignty over the Falklands and the other South Atlantic islands

    Argentine Foreign Minister Santiago Cafiero Thursday told his British colleague James Cleverly that the South American country was pulling out of the Foradori-Duncan agreement signed between both countries in 2016 and which was pivotal to the identification of bodies of soldiers known only to God buried in the Falkland Islands, among other improvements in bilateral ties.

  • Monday, February 27th 2023 - 08:10 UTC

    Argentine missions land in Bangladesh ahead of Embassy reopening

    Cafiero was joined by executives from several companies seeking further trade opportunities in a market of 170 million people

    Two Argentine missions reached Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, during the weekend. First, the one headed by Foreign Minister Santiago Cafiero and a group of business people seeking opportunities to capitalize on the reopening of the embassy in the Asian country that so openly celebrated Lionel Messi's team winning the football World Cup.

  • Wednesday, February 22nd 2023 - 10:54 UTC

    Chilean, Argentine nationalities available to Nicaraguan stateless expatriates

    Argentine Foreign Minister Cafiero insisted the first step should be taken by the interested person at the Argentine Embassy

    The Governments of Chile and Argentina are among those who would grant citizenship to the Nicaraguan expatriates who were expelled from their country earlier this month and stripped of their nationality on treason charges, it was reported Tuesday.

  • Tuesday, February 14th 2023 - 10:58 UTC

    Falklands flagged “RRS Sir David Attenborough” in Chile irks the nerves of Argentine senators

    Tierra del Fuego Senator Pablo Daniel Blanco and his peer from Santa Cruz, María Belén Tapia addressed ministers Cafiero and Taiana requesting if they were aware of the UK icebreaker

    Two Argentine opposition Senators have requested the Foreign affairs and Defense Ministries to report on the ”unrestricted movements of the UK RRS Sir David Attenborough, flying the 'illegal flag of the Falklands', and sailing between Port Stanley (Puerto Argentino) and Punta Arena (Chile), and the implicit and vital logistic support provided to the vessel by the government of Chile.”