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Montevideo, April 14th 2024 - 02:12 UTC

Energy & Oil

  • Monday, February 12th 2024 - 09:57 UTC

    Oil leak off Trinidad and Tobago causes national environmental emergency

    The ship's crew did not send any distress calls and remains unaccounted for. An illicit operation is not to be ruled out

    An oil leak from an unflagged overturned ship named Gulfstream off the coast of Trinidad and Tobago has led Prime Minister Keith Rowley to declare Sunday a national emergency because the situation along some 15 km of coastline in Tobago is “not under control.” The mystery vessel capsized Wednesday off the coast of the Cove Eco-Industrial Park in southern Tobago, and currents have dragged the boat shoreward.

  • Monday, February 5th 2024 - 10:53 UTC

    Falklands oil industry: UK complete support, but no financial backing for islands’ bonds

    Exploring the viability of the oil industry in the Falkland Islands is building up since its Readiness program in 2014 and has been further boosted by recent agreements among companies interested in developing potential projects, but it recently also faced an unexpected technical hurdle from the UK Treasury Department. Nevertheless, London once again ratified support for the Falkland's right to explore and exploit its natural resources.

  • Thursday, February 1st 2024 - 10:15 UTC

    Argentina: Fuel at pumps soars as gov't lifts taxation cap

    Decree 107/2024 bears the signatures of President Milei and Ministers Luis ‘Toto’ Caputo (Economy) and Guillermo Francos (Interior)

    Drivers lined up for hours Wednesday in Buenos Aires and other places across Argentina as a new increase in the price of fuel at pumps was expected to be enacted Thursday following a decision by the administration of President Javier Milei to release a liquid fuel (ICL) and carbon dioxide (IDC) tax cap in force since 2021, it was reported.

  • Friday, January 26th 2024 - 15:01 UTC

    Falklands advancing in making MPA energy sustainable with Mare Harbour Wind Farm

     MLA Pete Biggs who holds the Environment and Public Structure portfolio at the Legislative Assembly

    Following approval from ExCo on Tuesday 23 January, the Falkland Islands Government in joint working with British Forces South Atlantic will be able to proceed with “in principle approval” for Phase Two of the Mare Harbour Wind Farm.

  • Wednesday, January 24th 2024 - 10:32 UTC

    NASA acknowledges Uruguay's striking advancements in wind energy integration

    Despite being a developing nation, Uruguay's commitment to renewable energy surpasses that of many high-income countries

    In a recent article, NASA's Science Mission Directorate commends Uruguay's impressive strides in rapidly incorporating wind energy into its electricity grid, spotlighting the Peralta wind farm in Tacuarembó, in the center of the country.

  • Tuesday, January 23rd 2024 - 17:31 UTC

    Promising update for Sea Lion development and Falklands' oil industry

    According to the 2024 NSAI Independent Report, the certified gross 2C resources in the overall NFB have increased from 712 MMbbls to 791 MMbbls.

    Rockhopper Exploration PLC has released a corporate update in which it refers to the recent release published by Navitas Petroleum LP on the Sea Lion development in the North Falkland basin. The release includes an updated development plan to align with their static and dynamic reservoir models, resulting in the increase in certified resources in an updated NFB independent resource report conducted by Netherland Sewell & Associates on behalf of Navitas.

  • Tuesday, January 23rd 2024 - 10:53 UTC

    Power restored at Uruguay's Artigas Base in Antarctica

    The Artigas Base on the largest of the South Shetland Islands was founded in December 1984

    Uruguay's National Administration of Power Plants and Electrical Transmissions (UTE) has restored power supply at the South American country's Artigas Scientific Base in Antarctica, it was reported Monday in Montevideo. The service had been interrupted between Thursday at 2.28 pm and late Sunday.

  • Tuesday, January 23rd 2024 - 10:49 UTC

    Falklands applies for expansion of wind farm which supplies 35% of Stanley's energy

    The expansion of Sand Bay Wind Farm plans to include 3 by E70 Enercon wind energy converters and battery storage

    The Falklands Islands have invested heavily in green, renewable energy and protection of the environment, while at the same time having as a goal making the Islands energy independent, secure and resilient. This has meant that 90% of households in Camp use energy derived from wind and solar power, while 35% of Stanley’s energy comes from wind power, mainly three eolic turbines at Sand Bay.

  • Friday, January 19th 2024 - 10:27 UTC

    Lithium: Bolivia's YLB signs new agreement with China's CBC

    Opposition lawmakers said these announcements were mere propaganda

    A new agreement between Bolivia's state-owned Yacimientos de Litio Bolivianos (YLB) and the Chinese consortium CATL, BRUNP & CMOC (CBC) was signed Thursday to install a lithium carbonate pilot plant with Direct Lithium Extraction (DLE) technology in the Uyuni salt flat and would have a production of 2,500 tons per year after an investment worth US$ 90 million.

  • Thursday, January 18th 2024 - 10:55 UTC

    Argentina: New oil spill recorded off Bahía Blanca

    The German oil company Oiltanking was involved in both incidents a fortnight apart

    Argentine authorities in the city port of Bahía Blanca in the province of Buenos Aires said a new oil spill had been reported after the one late last month. However, this time around the damage would have been controlled in less time, it was explained.