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  • Monday, March 19th 2007 - 21:00 UTC

    ”Old fishing law needed updating,' says Falklands' Fisheries Director

    Falkland Island Fisheries Director John Barton said several reasons prompted the establishment of a fishery rights system.

    Government representatives from Argentina and the United Kingdom met in Buenos Aires during 14 - 15 March to analyse activities of the South Atlantic Fisheries Commission (SAFC), a request for bilateral co-operation favouring the conservation of fishing resources in that region.

  • Saturday, March 17th 2007 - 21:00 UTC

    Drastic measures in Chile for common hake conservation

    Chile decided the implementation of a conservation and recovery plan for (hubbsi) common hake following a survey which warns about the species “conservation high risk” and particularly the threat to “future renewal” in the country's main fisheries.

  • Monday, March 12th 2007 - 21:00 UTC

    Countries agree tighter port controls to combat illegal fishing

    131 countries plus the European Commission participated in COFI

    A large group of countries attending a high level meeting on world fisheries in Rome have agreed to start a process leading to the adoption of a legally binding international agreement establishing control measures in ports where fish is landed, transhipped or processed in order to combat illegal fishing, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, FAO, announced Monday.

  • Monday, March 5th 2007 - 21:00 UTC

    FAO sounds alarm on some high-seas fish stocks

    According to the last FAO report by SOFIA, 17% of their monitored species are over-fished

    The Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) on Monday voiced “serious concern” over a number of species of fish caught on the high seas and called for better monitoring and management of the stocks.

  • Thursday, March 1st 2007 - 21:00 UTC

    Chilean scientists to record blue whales “conversations”

    Scientists record whale conversations

    Marine Biologists from Chile's Blue Whale Center (CBA) have embarked on a new project to record the noises made by endangered blue whales off the coast of southern Chile. They hope to use their recordings to identify individual whales and learn more about how whales communicate with each other.

  • Wednesday, February 28th 2007 - 21:00 UTC

    Japan cuts short 2006/07 Antarctic whale hunt season

    Japanese whalers have officially called off their annual Antarctic whale hunt following a devastating fire aboard the fleet's mother ship. Japan's Institute for Cetacean Research (ICR) has released a statement saying the whaling ships were on their way home early.

  • Saturday, February 24th 2007 - 20:00 UTC

    Falklands Councillor voices human rights concerns

    As has been already reported in Penguin News, the Falkland Islands' (Malvinas) weekly newspaper, two crewmen are missing, presumed dead, after jumping into Stanley Harbour in an attempt to escape from a Taiwanese fishing boat, the Jih Da Gan. Eight companions were rescued by emergency services and have been helping local police with their enquiries.

  • Friday, February 23rd 2007 - 20:00 UTC

    Toothfish season hampered by ice

    Fifteen longliners fishing on the 3,000-tonne CCAMLR toothfish quota have all now left the fishery areas around Antarctica. Many vessels have experienced a season of difficult fishing conditions due to excessive ice.

  • Thursday, February 22nd 2007 - 20:00 UTC

    The world's largest colossus squid fished in Antarctica

     The creature, known as a colossal squid and is thought to be the largest squid ever found anywhere in the world

    An adult specimen of the world's largest known squid was hauled to the surface by a New Zealand longliner fishing for toothfish in Antarctic waters. The creature, known as a colossal squid (Mesonychoteuthis hamiltoni) and with eyes the size of a car tire weighed an estimated 450 kilograms.

  • Wednesday, February 21st 2007 - 20:00 UTC

    Chilean salmon and trout exports reach 2.2 billion in 2006

    Chilean salmon and trout exports in 2006 totaled 2.207 billion US dollars, up 28% over 2005 according to the Salmon Industry Association, (SalmonChile). United States was the main market for Chilean salmon and trout overtaking Japan.