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Health & Science

  • Monday, December 18th 2023 - 09:58 UTC

    Covid-19: First Pirola case confirmed in Ecuador

    According to the WHO, “Pirola” is circulating worldwide and is considered a variant of concern

    Ecuadorian authorities confirmed Sunday the detection of the first case of the so-called Pirola variant (BA.2.86) of the SARS-CoV-2 virus in a woman in Quito, who has been reported to be stable and “receiving outpatient treatment at home,” according to a statement from the Health Ministry, which is carrying out an epidemiological follow-up and monitoring of the patient.

  • Tuesday, December 12th 2023 - 10:51 UTC

    More than 320 cases of equine encephalomyelitis detected in 7 Argentine provinces

    Vaccines are available, Senasa said

    Argentine health authorities have confirmed the detection of over 320 cases of equine encephalomyelitis, a malady that is transmitted through mosquito bites and is spreading rapidly nationwide and also onto neighboring Uruguay.

  • Tuesday, December 12th 2023 - 10:44 UTC

    UK and Chile signed a five year Antarctica Cooperation Agreement

    The Letter of Intent ensures closer co-operation

    Foreign Office minister for the Americas, the Caribbean, and British Overseas Territories, David Rutley, has been quite busy in his areas of influence. At the end of October, he visited Peru to commemorate two hundred years of close relations between Britain and the Andean country. Rutley later travelled to Santiago, where he also had a busy agenda given UK's and the Royal Navy strong alliance with Chile.

  • Sunday, December 10th 2023 - 11:31 UTC

    Bird flu expanding in Antarctica, high mortality among elephant seals

    Health experts say that even penguins are vulnerable to the bird-borne virus since they cluster together during the onset of the breeding season

    Mass elephant seal deaths have been reported in the Antarctic region after a high level of mortality has been detected among elephant seal pups at three sites around South Georgia. Animals have shown symptoms that are consistent with Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI), and the outbreak affects particularly the southern elephant seal species (Mirounga leonine).

  • Saturday, December 9th 2023 - 08:32 UTC

    Case of type 4 dengue reported in Rio de Janeiro

    More than 6,000 dengue viral identifications have been made this year, with only one type 4 case

    Health officials in the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro have confirmed a case of type 4 dengue fever, which has not been seen in the area since 2018, Agencia Brasil reported. In response, measures are being considered to control the spread of the mosquitoes that transmit the disease (Aedes aegypti). More than 6,000 dengue virus cases have been identified this year, with 5,532 type 1 cases, 820 type 2 cases, and only one type 4 case.

  • Tuesday, December 5th 2023 - 10:40 UTC

    RRS Sir David Attenborough meets mega iceberg A23a drifting towards South Georgia

    New video footage shows the enormous iceberg, some 3,900km2 and 400m tall, twice the size of Greater London stretching out into the distance

    Scientists aboard the Falklands flagged RRS Sir David Attenborough collected samples of seawater around the A23a mega iceberg, the largest iceberg in the world. New video footage shows the enormous iceberg, some 3,900km2 and 400m tall, twice the size of Greater London stretching out into the distance beyond the research vessel.

  • Tuesday, December 5th 2023 - 10:39 UTC

    Unforeseen changes unravel Argentine mystery ‘submarine’ expedition

    Eslabon Perdido / Stahlwolf is a dedicated expedition focused on investigating Argentine coastal 'submarine' wrecks, including some U-Boats allegedly used for covertly transporting people and cargo

    In an unexpected turn of events, the highly anticipated expedition Eslabon Perdido / Ultra Mar Sur, aimed at unraveling the mysteries surrounding Argentine coastal 'submarine' wrecks, has encountered a twist of its own.

  • Tuesday, December 5th 2023 - 09:54 UTC

    Uruguayan football club wants mental health help as yet another player commits suicide

    Galo joined the list of Uruguayan players who committed suicide over the past few years

    The suicide of 29-year-old footballer Diego Galo of Amateur First Division club Sportivo Bella Italia prompted calls for mental health assistance to players nationwide following a string of similar events over the past few years, it was reported in Montevideo.

  • Monday, December 4th 2023 - 08:03 UTC

    Equine encephalomyelitis, Argentina declares sanitary emergency; Uruguay reports first case

    Equine encephalomyelitis is highly contagious and can affect humans

    Argentina has finally declared a sanitary emergency in all of its territory, following an increase in equine encephalomyelitis, EE, and anticipates “immediate, extraordinary, exceptional measures to contain further outbreaks of the virus disease”.

  • Friday, December 1st 2023 - 09:46 UTC

    Uruguayan scientific, military team flies to Antarctica

    Uruguay's deployment in Antarctica will deepen cooperation with Spain, Colombia, The Netherlands, Ecuador, Germany, Argentina, the United Kingdom, and Chile, among others

    A group of over 40 Uruguayan military and scientific personnel were flown to Antarctica aboard an Ururuguayan Air Force Lockheed C-130 Hercules transport aircraft in a move to promote 14 projects in the areas of geosciences, life sciences, social and human sciences, as well as environmental monitoring, it was reported Thursday in Montevideo.