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Montevideo, June 3rd 2023 - 12:15 UTC

Tag: blue dollar

  • Friday, April 28th 2023 - 11:15 UTC

    “Blue” dollar keeps backtracking in Argentina

    Massa secured a US$ 690 million loan with the Development Bank of Latin America (CAF) during a meeting in Uruguay. Photo: Gastón Britos / FocoUY

    The “blue” (a euphemism for “black market”) dollar dropped to AR$ 467 Thursday after further announcements and measures from Argentine authorities, after reaching an intraday record of AR$ 497 on Tuesday. It is still an AR$ 72 peso (18.2%) increase for the month of April.

  • Thursday, April 27th 2023 - 10:32 UTC

    Argentina: US dollar recoils after Minister Massa's measures

    Massa managed to calm down the market frenzy

    After the “blue” (a euphemism for “black market”) dollar reached nearly AR$ 500 on Tuesday, Superminister Sergio Massa's measures “in order to avoid speculative maneuvers” resulted in a drop to AR$ 474, it was reported in Buenos Aires.

  • Tuesday, April 25th 2023 - 19:46 UTC

    Argentine gov't losing grip: peso keeps plummeting

    ”We have been experiencing an atypical situation of rumors, versions, false reports, and their consequent impact on financial instruments linked to the dollar,” Massa explained

    By Mordechai Taji – Argentina's authorities are losing grip of the economy as the “blue” (a euphemism for “black market”) dollar hit AR$ 497 Tuesday before recoiling to AR$ 487, then bouncing back to AR$ 490, down again to AR$ 487 and back up once more to AR$ 495 amid growing unrest.

  • Tuesday, April 25th 2023 - 12:57 UTC

    “Blue” dollar hits AR$ 462 in Argentina

    In this scenario, the AR$ 300 agrodollar would be insufficient to yield the results the government expected

    The “blue” (a euphemism for “black market”) dollar went up another AR$S 20 Monday to close at AR$ 462 and somehow match inflation in other items of the country's economy, which it was lagging.

  • Friday, April 14th 2023 - 10:40 UTC

    Argentina: “Blue” dollar hits psychological AR$ 400 mark

    The devaluation of the official rate was only 0.07% to stand at AR$ 221.61

    The unofficial exchange rate known as “blue” (a euphemism for “black market”) between the Argentine peso and the US dollar crossed the psychological US$ 1 / AR$ 400 barrier Thursday just a few days after the “agro” rate was implemented in a move to curb the volatile parity.

  • Wednesday, March 29th 2023 - 10:55 UTC

    Argentina: “Blue” dollar reaches AR$ 397

    Argentine Central Bank's reserves have been draining at a growing pace throughout 2023

    The unofficial exchange rate -commonly referred to as “blue”- between the Argentine peso and the US dollar reached AR$ 393 / 397 (buy/sale) after an AR$ 7 jump Tuesday, thus hitting a new record, it was reported in Buenos Aires. The blue dollar went up over AR$ 20 since last month for an 84.6% gap with the official quotation, which is virtually off limits for over 95% of the population to buy but available for anyone wanting to export.

  • Wednesday, January 18th 2023 - 09:32 UTC

    “Blue” dollar hits new highs against Argentine peso

    The AR$ 1,000 banknote is worth less than US$ 3

    The most widely spread exchange rate between the Argentine peso and the US dollar -known as “blue” - went up AR$ 8 Tuesday hitting a new all-time high of AR$ 378 = US$ 1, it was reported in Buenos Aires.

  • Wednesday, July 27th 2022 - 09:40 UTC

    Argentine Central Bank creates “agrodollar” to boost export liquidations

    The new scheme will become available until August 31 to cover the foreign exchange gap, Central Bank (BCRA) CEO Miguel Pesce explained

    Argentina's monetary authorities Tuesday announced the creation of the “agrodollar,” a special exchange rate for agrifood exporters to liquidate their revenues through formal channels at an exchange rate closer to the parallel (“blue”) quotation.

  • Friday, July 22nd 2022 - 07:59 UTC

    Argentina creates differential exchange rate for foreign travelers

    Argentina is planning to further diversify its already prolific assortment of exchange rates between the local peso and the US dollar

    Argentina's monetary authorities Thursday launched an initiative whereby foreign tourists may sell up to US$ 5,000 through official banking channels at a rate as close as possible to the so-called “blue” dollar.

  • Thursday, July 14th 2022 - 09:30 UTC

    Argentina reshapes taxation to make up for gap between official and “blue” dollar

    The PAIS tax hides a de-facto devaluation between the Argentine peso and the US dollar

    The Government of Argentina has adjusted the so-called PAIS tax from 35% to 45% as of Thursday to equate the exchange rate between the local currency and the US dollar to that existing in the unofficial “blue” market.