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  • Wednesday, October 4th 2023 - 10:27 UTC

    Canada picks first black House of Commons Speaker

    Fergus' first challenge will be to help Parliament turn the page on the embarrassing Hunka incident

    Following last week's resignation of Anthony Rota after inviting and honoring the 98-year-old Nazi war veteran Yaroslav Hunka who had fought for the Waffen-SS Galicia Division, or the SS 14th Waffen Division, the Quebec Liberal lawmaker Greg Fergus has been appointed as the new Speaker of Canada's House of Commons.

  • Wednesday, September 27th 2023 - 09:17 UTC

    Canada's House of Commons Speaker steps down after honoring Nazi soldier

    Rota admitted that the “public recognition” he gave to a former Nazi soldier “caused pain to individuals and communities”

    Anthony Rota Tuesday turned in his resignation as Speaker of Canada's House of Commons following the recognition as a hero of a former Ukrainian member of Germany's Nazi SS Waffen. He said he would leave his position at the end of Wednesday’s session.

  • Saturday, July 1st 2023 - 07:03 UTC

    Fearing forest fires and bad air quality, Canada cancels fireworks display.

    On Friday, cities including New York, Toronto, Montreal and Washington DC were near the top of a list of major cities with world's worst air quality.

    Persistently bad air quality over North America and worries about sparking more fires has led to the cancellation of some Canada Day firework displays. There were also concerns over air quality around next week's Fourth of July celebrations in the US.

  • Thursday, June 22nd 2023 - 11:02 UTC

    Brazilian Gov't picks Bolsonaro's last FM for Ottawa embassy

    França was Bolsonaro's Foreign Minister from April 2021 to December 2022

    With the endorsement of Acting President Geraldo Alckmin, Brazil's Government Wednesday sent the name of former Foreign Minister Carlos França to the Senate to be appointed ambassador to Canada, it was published in the Diário Oficial da União (DOU - Official Gazette).

  • Monday, June 19th 2023 - 16:00 UTC

    Submarine carrying tourists to Titanic Wreckage reported missing

    The disappearance of the submarine raises concerns about the safety of these expeditions

    A submarine transporting tourists to explore the remains of the Titanic, which sank in 1912, has disappeared off the coast of Terranova, Canada, according to the BBC. One crew member and four tourists are missing and a search operation has been launched, the U.S. Coast Guard has confirmed.

  • Saturday, June 10th 2023 - 10:43 UTC

    Canada wildfires smoke reducing solar power and New England summer heat

    Operator ISO said smoke from wildfires in Canada has significantly lowered production from solar resources in New England

    Solar power generation in the northeast United States is tumbling by more than 50% as a result of the smoke from eastern Canada wildfires. On Thursday ISO New England, the operator of the grid, said solar power generation in New England was 56% below last week during times of peak demand.

  • Thursday, May 25th 2023 - 10:00 UTC

    Canada, Saudi Arabia resume full diplomatic ties after 5 years

    It was “about time” relations were restored, said former Canadian Ambassador Horak

    Five years after Saudi Arabia expelled Canada's ambassador from Riyadh over Ottawa's remarks on women's rights activists, both countries agreed Wednesday to restore full diplomatic relations, Global Affairs Canada (Canada's foreign ministry - GAC) announced in a statement.

  • Friday, May 12th 2023 - 10:55 UTC

    On Brazil's lead, Canada and Mercosur advance trade negotiations

    Between January and April 2023, Brazil exported US$ 1.526 billion to Canada and imported US$ 1.104 billion, resulting in a surplus of US$ 421.7 million for Brazil.

    Brazil is leading efforts to increase its own and Mercosur interests in closer trade and investment relations with Canada. This week the Brazilian Foreign Trade Secretary from the Ministry of Development, Industry, Trade and Services, MDIC, Tatiana Prazeres received the Canadian ambassador in Brasilia, Emmanuel Kamarianakis and special representatives, with the purpose of strengthening trade relations between both countries and the regional block Mercosur.

  • Monday, April 10th 2023 - 10:59 UTC

    Mercosur, Canada to resume trade deal talks

    A Canadian team is due in Brasilia next month to resume the negotiations that were left aside due to the Covid-19 pandemic

    Negotiations for an agreement between Mercosur and Canada to eliminate tariffs on industrial and agricultural goods, services, intellectual property, and government purchases are to resume after more than three years, CNN Brazil reported. The initiative had been halted by the Covid-19 pandemic.

  • Monday, January 23rd 2023 - 09:06 UTC

    Canada agrees to compensation for abuses of Indigenous peoples at the hands of the Catholic Church

    Starting in the early 19th century, the Canadian government forcibly removed Indigenous children from their families to take them to residential institutions under the church's administration.

    Canada has reached a settlement agreement worth US$2.09 billion, (€1.93 billion) with representatives of Indigenous peoples, abused for nearly a century by Church residential institutions. The sum will be placed in a not-for-profit trust aimed at financing Indigenous education, culture, and language, the Canadian government announced.