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Montevideo, February 29th 2024 - 15:31 UTC

Tag: Essequibo

  • Tuesday, February 27th 2024 - 10:54 UTC

    US endorses Guyana's stance on Essequibo but no military base

    Guyana's role on the UN Security Council is the reason for increasing diplomatic links, Thomas-Greenfield explained

    US Ambassador to the United Nations (UN) Linda Thomas-Greenfield insisted Monday that her country supported Guyana's stance in the dispute over the oil-rich Essequibo region with Venezuela but denied that the President Joseph Biden administration was eyeing any military settlement in the region.

  • Saturday, February 10th 2024 - 11:07 UTC

    Guyana to restructure its Defense Force

    Ali acknowledged that renewing the country's defense forces does not mean overstretching “our financial resources”

    Guyanese authorities have allocated US$ 201 million to update the South American country's military equipment as tensions with Venezuela over the oil-rich Essequibo mount. Helicopters, maritime surveillance vessels, and at least one drone will be acquired, President Irfaan Ali announced. Ali said his government would focus on technology items for the Guyana Defense Force (GDF) and on cooperation with allied countries.

  • Monday, February 5th 2024 - 10:50 UTC

    Brazil reinforcing military presence in Roraima bordering Venezuela and Guyana

    The deployment of troops and military equipment to Roraima began after tensions escalated between Venezuela and Guyana over the Essequibo

    A total of 28 armored vehicles have been deployed to the State of Roraima as the government of President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva takes additional precautions amid mounting tension between Venezuela and Guyana over the oil-rich Essequibo region, Agencia Brasil reported.

  • Friday, January 26th 2024 - 11:24 UTC

    Venezuela and Guyana to keep discussing Essequibo issue peacefully

    No significant progress was achieved on Thursday, although none was expected

    After more than five hours of conversations, diplomatic delegations from Venezuela and Guyana agreed on Thursday in Brasilia to discuss the dispute over the oil-rich Essequibo territory peacefully. The gathering at the Itamaraty Palace resulted from talks between Presidents Nicolás Maduro and Irfaan Ali on December 14 in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

  • Thursday, January 25th 2024 - 15:45 UTC

    Guyana and Venezuela discussing Essequibo in Brazil

    Foreign Ministers Yvan Gil (Venezuela) and Hugh Hilton Todd (Guyana) will be heading their respective delegations

    Diplomatic teams from Venezuela and Guyana are to discuss Thursday in Brazil the dispute over the oil-rich Essequibo area in control of the latter since the 1890s.

  • Wednesday, January 17th 2024 - 10:05 UTC

    Essequibo about to become military conflict, Colombia's Petro tells WEF

    “We have to compensate Guyana and Venezuela so that” the Essequibo oil is not exploited out of environmental considerations, said Petro

    Colombian President Gustavo Petro Tuesday said during his appearance at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland, that oil- extracting in the Essequibo area held by Guyana but claimed by Venezuela should not go on. He also reckoned the dispute was on the verge of becoming a military conflict.

  • Thursday, January 4th 2024 - 10:23 UTC

    Venezuela supports Argentina's claim to Malvinas

    “Just as the Essequibo is Venezuelan, the Malvinas are Argentine,” Gil insisted

    Despite criticizing a judge's decision to hand over to the United States the Emtrasur Boeing 747-300 freighter aircraft seized in Buenos Aires, Venezuela's Foreign Ministry also issued Wednesday a declaration insisting that the Malvinas [Falkland] Islands were Argentine.

  • Saturday, December 30th 2023 - 10:38 UTC

    UK says Venezuela's military maneuvers “unjustified”

    The UK sent the HMS Trent in support of its former colony “for a series of routine engagements in the region”

    The United Kingdom said Venezuelan President Nicolàs Maduro's decision to up his country's military readiness over the Essequibo dispute with Guyana was “unjustified.” The Bolivarian forces deployed over 5,000 troops in response to the arrival in the area of the Royal Navy's HMS Trent.

  • Friday, December 29th 2023 - 10:45 UTC

    Essequibo crisis: Venezuela launches defensive military operation

    The Trent's presence in the area has been “synchronized with actions by the United States Southern Command,” Maduro's government also pointed out

    Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro ordered preventive measures be taken as the Royal Navy's HMS Trent was reaching the area to side with Guyana amid tensions over the disputed oil-rich Essequibo area.

  • Wednesday, December 20th 2023 - 09:55 UTC

    Essequibo conflict means higher insurance costs for Guyana

    Oil drilling will entail higher premiums, it was explained

    Amid escalating concerns about the Essequibo crisis with neighboring Venezuela, Guyana has been included in the list of greatest risk for maritime transport drafted by insurers Lloyd's Market Association for vessels visiting offshore facilities in the former British colony's Exclusive Economic Zone, beyond “territorial waters.”

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