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  • Tuesday, January 4th 2022 - 06:54 UTC

    The Battle for Boric's Soul

    In the first round, Boric allied with a heterogeneous group comprising the Communist Party, the so-called Broad Front, and various environmental, feminist, and LGBTQ groups.

    By Jorge Castañeda - Chile has long been something of a bellwether in Latin America. So, when Chilean voters elected the left-wing Gabriel Boric, a 35-year-old former student leader, as president on Sunday, the rest of Latin America wanted to know: What does this mean for Chile – and for us?

  • Tuesday, December 28th 2021 - 09:20 UTC

    The right enemy a major asset in politics

    However Macron’s nightmare is having to face Valérie Pécresse, the new leader of Les Républicains, who is reasonable enough to compete with Macron for the center right vote

    By Gwynne Dyer – The right enemy can be a major asset in politics, as Chilean voters have just demonstrated once again. All the opinion polls had the two presidential candidates neck and neck before the election, but a few days before the runoff vote it came out that the father of far-right candidate José Antonio Kast was a Nazi.

  • Monday, December 20th 2021 - 12:55 UTC

    Boric wins runoff to become Chile's youngest ever President

    Boric, backed by a leftist coalition, brought more centrist advisers onto his team and promised that any changes would be gradual and fiscally responsible.

    Leftwing Deputy Gabriel Boric (35) beat first-round frontrunner Conservative José Antonio Kast in Sunday's presidential runoff to become Chile's youngest-ever head of state. After more than 90% of the votes were counted, Boric led by 56% against Kast's 44%.

  • Wednesday, December 15th 2021 - 21:10 UTC

    Former Chilean President Bachelet announces she will vote for Boric

    “No one can be indifferent” to Sunday's outcome, Bachelet said

    Former Chile President and current United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet Wednesday admitted she would support leftwing candidate Gabriel Boric for the Dec. 19 presidential runoff against far-right candidate José Antonio Kast.

  • Tuesday, December 14th 2021 - 09:50 UTC

    Kast closes in on Boric ahead of Chile's presidential runoff

    Boric is slightly ahead in the polls. Monday's debate made no difference

    A new survey has shown Conservative candidate José Antonio Kast has narrowed the gap between him and his leftwing opponent Gabriel Boric, who according to most polls, is expected to win the Dec. 19 presidential runoff in Chile.

  • Saturday, December 4th 2021 - 09:45 UTC

    Kast now vows to defend women's rights if elected President of Chile

    “When you make a mistake you have to apologize and I apologize,” Kast said

    Chile's far-right presidential candidate José Antonio Kast Friday apologized for previous mistakes and vowed not to terminate the Women's Ministry if he is elected on December 19.

  • Wednesday, December 1st 2021 - 09:26 UTC

    “Chile Day” in UK, British ministers and president Piñera will be attending

    Economic advisors of presidential candidates Jose Antonio Kast and Gabriel Boric will discuss the 2022/2026 agendas of their leaders

    Wednesday and Thursday, December first and second, are “Chile Day” in UK, Corporation CEOs, investors, financial institutions, politicians, officials, country experts, diplomats, journalists get together for an annual two-day event with the purpose of promoting the Chilean brand, business opportunities, tourism and export goods.

  • Monday, November 29th 2021 - 18:24 UTC

    Chile: Piñera appoints new Health Undersecretary

    Daza had first asked for 20 days of unpaid leave but gave in to pressure and resigned

    Chile's President Sebastián Piñera Monday appointed surgeon María Teresa Valenzuela to take over from pediatrician Paula Daza as Health Undersecretary. Daza turned in her resignation Sunday after announcing she was joining far-right candidate José Antonio Kast in his quest against leftist Gabriel Boric at the Dec. 19 presidential runoff.

  • Monday, November 29th 2021 - 09:49 UTC

    Pinochet's political heir not likely to win presidential runoff in Chile

    “We cannot allow Chile to backslide into authoritarianism,” Carmen Frei said

    Chilean far-left presidential hopeful Gabriel Boric from the coalition between the Broad Front and the Communist Party would easily beat his far-right opponent José Antonio Kast in the Dec. 19 presidential runoff by 53.9% of the votes against 31.2%, according to a Pulso Ciudadano survey released Sunday.

  • Wednesday, November 24th 2021 - 09:14 UTC

    Kast with better chances in the December 19 runoff, political analyst

    Sichel and Franco Parisi can be expected to vote for Kast

    Chilean political analyst Manuel Rodríguez Uribe estimates that the presidential runoff will be a different election to last Sunday's, under a different context but in a much more polarized environment, with conservative candidate Jose Antonio Kast holding better political support than his left-wing contender Gabriel Boric, currently a member of congress' Lower House in the representation of the extreme south region of Magallanes.

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